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I like the art! The only thing I would say for the game play would be when you get ingredients, I think you get them when an enemy dies(maybe), but even then you sometimes don't get some, and I find myself  running out of ingredients fairly quickly. Or that's just my fault as a player and I need to find a strategy. Great Job!

PS: Maybe you could also make some small sword sounds when they are fighting ;)


Yeah, sound is a big hole in my gamedev arsenal u.u I'm working on it but I'm so bad at it, nothing sounds right.

How you get ingredients was a big design decision. i wanted the gameplay to be about making the most of what you got, and to align with the "scarcity" theme. You get them randomly when enemies die, and sometimes it's too punishing.

I know that with some luck and some knowledge you can reach the 150ish points.

I'm glad you played and liked it! :D