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I did for your heart jam submission :)

Yeah fair enough, I wasn't try to offend you or call you guys out,  I understand wanting to get as many eyes on it to help keep improving the game.

I've seen this game submitted to three separate game Jams now, is that allowed? Seems a bit against the spirit of game jams in general to me, or is this standard practice? I might be wrong (game jams are new to me) but I really don't know where this falls on the ethical spectrum :S No offense intended.

Thanks for playing my game! Really happy you found it fun (:

Thanks alot! Appreciate it :)

Haha, thanks for your feedback, I definitely see where you're coming from :P

yeah I agree :)

Looks great, hard as balls though! Great job, I really dig the style.

Nice :) tower defense games... my only weakness!!!

This is a really really cool concept, great job. The music is perfect for this game.

Any chance you'd be able to upload this as a zip file please? :)

Hit the nail on the head for theme, I didn't find it particularly fun, but I don't think that's the point of this experience, at least, that's the way I interpreted it. The art is great, Alexa's voice is a bit loud. That's my only real criticism, really well done :)

This is really well polished, I wish it had controller support though. I love the art style and the city folk are pretty funny. Very impressive submission, I had noticed a couple of your posts during development so I was looking forward to seeing what you came up with. The only thing I can complain about is the amount of vibrato on the lead synth in the music, it's just not pleasant to listen to (to my ears).

I really like the concept and I enjoyed playing it :) I couldn't get past level 4 either, maybe it's broken?  This would be the perfect sort of puzzle game for mobile!

Could you please post the game as a zip file?

This is a solid game and I may have to actually change my pants. 8/10 would poo myself again. Seriously though, well done  :) I had no idea what the hell I was doing at first. But I think that's the point?

Like I said mate, thinking of things for you guys to improve on is like getting blood out of a stone, you should all be really proud :)

Cracking game man, a lot of fun to play and there's loads of depth with that gun, the only thing I wish is that the respawn happened faster and took you back to level 1 instead of the main menu. if you get the time I'd love to see what you think to my game.

Great visuals, great level design, really great game. Definitely a good example of something that's very simple in concept executed really well.

It's a cool concept, but I just pressed 'W' continuously and appeared to make it to the end (of the poor blokes life).

This is a really promising engine, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it in the future, great job. The animations are really good and the art is great too :)

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No worries :) I found the game a bit easy, "difficult" and "impossible" were a bit misleading. The sound effects were good for the most part and the audio balances well (the track that plays at the end (the good ending) is really awesome, so props to whoever did that), but the sound effect for getting the golden egg at the end of the platformer back to the beginning doesn't gel well with the music at that moment in time. I'd personally just cut out the music entirely when you trigger that particular sound. The only other thing I can mention is I didn't really understand how the game tied into the theme of the jam, in fact if you think about it, this would be the perfect game for the theme 'abundance' as the amount of content is staggering in the context of a 3 day jam. I'm guessing the amount of time you have to complete each mini game is where the 'scarcity' comes in? All of these points i'm raising though are just nit picks, they're things I'm commenting on that I really have to think about, nothing sticks out that's so obvious it's off putting so please don't take anything I'm saying here to heart, you guys made a really impressive game :)

Really nicely presentation, the animation on the boss is really sweet, great job on that. The level design needs some work though, adding more sound effects would have greatly added to the scary factor of the game as I felt like I was hunting the enemies down as opposed to them hunting down me. Other than that this is a really promising game, I hope you guys keep developing it :)

Looks great, the air mechanic fits the theme well, there were a couple of really tense moments where I felt like I wasn't going to make it!

It genuinely blows my mind that you managed to cram all of this content in for a 72 hour jam, well done guys, any criticisms that I could make, are completely unfair to mention  considering what you've managed to accomplish in the time frame.

Hit the nail on the head with scarcity! Great job on this, do you plan on continuing to work on it? I think it would work really well on mobile :) Can't say anything regarding constructive feedback that hasn't already been said, solid submission :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Thanks for your kind words and your feedback, really happy you like the game! :D

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it :) and yeah it can be a bit hectic haha, I had a bit of tunnel vision on the difficulty curve, of course when you're developing something you naturally get better at the game as you play it, to the point where I thought it was a bit easy so I cranked it up a notch. Thanks again for taking a look I really appreciate it :)

I like it man, it is a bit easy though, I found it really fun to navigate through the asteroids without actually shooting rather than blasting my way through, the theme made me laugh... you're a heart collecting jam, love it. The ship feels really good to control, great job :)

Do you have to rapidly alternate press z + x to get out of bed at the start or was I doing something wrong? If so I honestly couldn't do it, I had to cheat using a macro as I was excited to see the rest of the game, the platforming section in the store is quite difficult as the jumping isn't very forgiving, perhaps that's intentional though. I like the art style and the explosion animation is really cool, great job :)