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Alexa is alone and hungry. She must find some food. [Made for the Heart Jam]
Submitted by Sílvia Cavadas — 4 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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This was wonderful. The visual style here is my favorite that I've seen so far in this jam. Very unique and full of personality and style. My favorite parts of the visuals were the animation of Alexa walking with her doll, and how the music box would spin while it played.

The theme is dead on. It genuinely makes you think of the real world scarcity that so many people have to face on a daily basis. Anxiously scrounging for discarded bags of chips, only to discover that the one you found is empty...

The gameplay is overall pretty simple. The fact that there's no real "win" condition makes it a bit more interesting, however, and it amplifies the theme a lot. The two special items, as well as the little messages that accompany their discovery, add a ton to the emotional connection you have with Alexa, and makes you want to keep her alive (and makes it that much more painful when you can't). 

My only complaint here is the collisions would sometimes block Alexa from moving. Specifically, I couldn't get close enough to the couch to get the bag of chips that were sitting on top of it. 

Very beautiful little game here :)


Thank you for the feedback!  

In principle it should be possible getting the bag on the couch just by standing in front of it, but you're right that the pathing is not the best - Alexa simply moves in a straight line until the target point, stopping if there's an obstacle, so one must "manually" turn around the obstacles. Hopefully I will improve this in a future version.


Hit the nail on the head for theme, I didn't find it particularly fun, but I don't think that's the point of this experience, at least, that's the way I interpreted it. The art is great, Alexa's voice is a bit loud. That's my only real criticism, really well done :)


Thanks! :) You're right, it wasn't meant to be fun, more like some sort of emotional experience /something to encourage reflection, and I'm glad it has struck a cord with so many people. I will maybe decrease the voice volume in a future version then.


Great music! 

I had some trouble moving around, even when moving things out of the way. And never found any food, only a music box.


Glad you liked the music choice! There's no need to move things out of the way to move; just click outside of the circle (inside = interact, outside = move). It's true that this might be a bit confusing and it's hard to adjust the position precisely, so not sure if this is the best system. There is definitely some food scattered around, plus two special items. Not sure if the time amount is enough to explore around properly though. I will have to adjust these things in a post jam version :)


Really great game here. Amazing how such a short and simple experience can make me feel emotions like this.


Uou, thank you for the feedback! I'm really glad that the game accomplishes its goal of reaching the player emotionally, even if there's still a lot of details to improve.


This has incorporated the theme extremely well, a clear understanding of what scarcity actually is. Brilliant visuals, emphasises the mess left behind. Just needs more SFX for the different objects you interact with and player pathing could be better but it hardly detracted from the experience.


Glad you liked it, and thank you for the nice words! You're totally right about the pathing and the effects. It was the  first time I implemented this sort of pathing / switching between being in front and behind of an object, and only after the jam did I realize that I had probably overly complicated things and followed a totally wrong approach. I would  also have liked to have added more special objects to interact with, but only had time  for two. Definitely improving these things in the post jam version!


personally, I think this is the standout game of this whole jam. the story and goal are directly relevant to the theme, and very emotionally impactful. I also really liked the art style and use of music. everyone should play this!


Uou, thank you for the nice words! I'm really glad that the game manages to convey the emotion I had imagined, even in spite of some technical flaws.


One of my favorites so far. This game has great visuals, music, and simple game play that work to create a depressing theme in regards to food scarcity. Great work, keep it up!


It's very messy and i guess that the point.I didn't knew what to look for but i've found a lot things but at the end no more food.The game is very captivating and original it doesn't really give a precise objective so we have to understand fast and play .I love the artistic side of it and it's in the theme ,nice game .

The game was a great, albeit short, experience, the graphics really went well with the music choice and did a great job to tell Alexa's story.