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A game made for the 72 hrs HEART JAM on scarcity by LYD Studio.
Submitted by namelesswastaken — 3 hours, 40 seconds before the deadline
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Fun visuals and music, I like to think this astronaut is tripping out due to oxygen deprivation.


Any chance you'd be able to upload this as a zip file please? :)

That was lovely :) However, I think something that frustrated me very much was how large the enemy hitboxes are... In general, enemy hitboxes should ALWAYS be smaller than their sprite is, so as to help the player and give a bit of grace. Other than that, the art made me laugh at each planet's expression :3 The distance between health packs seemed a bit too long sometimes, but I think part of that plays into how large the enemy hitboxes are, and how much I hade to swerve to avoid them.

Keep up the good work! :D

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team


Thanks for playing and commenting:)) Currently working on that issue should be fixed soon!

The scarcity of the health packs makes you worry even though you already know you have enough time, you get them with fractions of a second to spare. Despite being a small game, the music was fun and seemed to fit the lighthearted space exploration game. The art was great and the first time I played I ran right into the first enemy as he looked so friendly. The little faces and the light music made this a fun game and despite its brevity i managed to play it for nearly a half hour. 


Thank you for playing!!

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You uploaded the installer, please upload the .exe or .zip version.

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