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Thanks for letting me know! I've seen this happen to a YouTuber as well, and I honestly have no clue what causes it. I don't really have any plans to update the game right now, but if I end up figuring out what causes this bug, I will definitely wrap it up with a few other fixes and update it.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing my game, along with all the other great jam games!

Funnily enough, the camera "bug" isn't a bug at all. In fact, the other people who have played my game encountered a bug that made it NOT happen! The TV has the power of hypnotism, so once it locks onto you, you cannot look away. The challenge is making sure you know how to get back to the elevator while being chased down. 

As for the other issues, there are graphics options in the settings menu. The control issues you had are due to having the graphics options set too high, which causes lag and input stuttering. In the event that you set them in the main menu but they didn't work in game, they likely got reset upon loading the game, and you simply have to change them from within the game (this would be a bug I'm aware of, but cannot update due to the nature of the Game Jam). Other people have had a similar issue, some much worse than what you experienced.

Like you said at the start, it's my first attempt at horror, AND practically my first attempt at using Unity 3D. It was all a learning process, so I'm just surprised it turned out as decent as it did!

Thank you again,
- PixelDough :)

Thanks! The music is by Rolemusic by the way, they make some really great chiptunes! I specifically limited my color palette to 3 colors, to be like the classic Gameboy.

Thank you! I was inspired a lot by a good number of classic platformer games, and tried to make the art feel retro :) I hope you enjoy what's in store!

Have a merry Christmas!

I just wrote a blog post about everything that's been going on. Expect the levels to be completed in the following few days :)

Thank you so much! :D It's been a lot of work, and I've put a lot of my heart into it, and it's honestly so nice hearing such kind words about it! I hope you enjoy this Christmas season, God bless you!

Glad you like it :D We're working diligently on it, and we hope to bring much more to our fans in the future ;)

Really glad you enjoyed the update ^0^ We love giving our players new and exciting things to discover and play!
(Also, thanks for the videos :D We love seeing 'em!)

It's a very unexplored genre :) I really enjoy using genres that are more obscure because it give you more room for creativity!

Thanks! If you want to see more done with this game, then you're in luck! We've got plenty in store for more updates ;)

We'll look into the issue you had with the DDR stage, thanks for letting us know about it!

Thanks for playing :) Trust me when I say we try and watch every let's play of our game, and use things from them as feedback and insight into what needs to be fixed, and things like that :D

We submitted it to 3 Jams :)

Thanks! Most of the music is made by OCRemix, and all credit goes to them for it :)

Also, we're already working on some new bosses and additions to the game in general coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our store page for that update :D

And we love you! ;) Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! Even if it's criticism, it helps us to know what the users want more, and what they have problems with! Also, we're currently thinking of ideas to make the end of the boss stage more satisfying / more fluid (no pun intended). 

As for the "scarcity" theme, it plays a part in the story along with how much time you have in each minigame. The ducks are scarce on money which is why they do the odd jobs (the minigames) :)

Please! Tell us your criticisms! Tell us what parts you enjoyed most! We crave it!

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I really enjoyed the art and music! I'm jamming out to the music right now! 

However, I think you made one mistake (albeit an easy to fix one if you choose to do so): The hit detection. I know some people have commented about it already, so instead of critiquing it harshly, let me give you a tip about hit detection. ALWAYS make enemy hitboxes SMALLER than their sprite. Often times 2-3 pixels in on each side works wonders. This is because the player will often times be making close calls, and with how the human mind works and such, many hits will seem quite unfair, even if they are realistic. As a game developer, always remember to develop the game with the user in mind. Don't be afraid of feedback, even if it's very harsh. :)

I really enjoyed your game, and I'd love love love to see a full verison, with the problems fixed and many more levels :D

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team

That was lovely :) However, I think something that frustrated me very much was how large the enemy hitboxes are... In general, enemy hitboxes should ALWAYS be smaller than their sprite is, so as to help the player and give a bit of grace. Other than that, the art made me laugh at each planet's expression :3 The distance between health packs seemed a bit too long sometimes, but I think part of that plays into how large the enemy hitboxes are, and how much I hade to swerve to avoid them.

Keep up the good work! :D

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team

I'm not quite sure I understand how to play :( 

I feel like, although it's already submitted, I'd like to see where you were going with this idea! :) Work on it little by little, and try and plan out what you're going to do. Look at your plan, and be VERY critical of whether or not you can actually accomplish it.

First off, I really enjoy the concept! I love turn based civ building games, and I love RTS, and this seems to do a great job at combining them :) It seems to have lots of untapped potential, so keep working on it :D

However, it does pose a slightly big difficulty curve, as I barely got started before numerous enemies appeared. It took me a couple tries before I could get somewhere, but once I did, I felt like it was cool how there were secret things like ores in the corners of the world. 

If I could make some suggestion: Enemy tribes, which start off in the same place as you. They could be much further off the map. There could be a fog-of-war coupled with this that would require explorers maybe to be able to see more. If you conquer an enemy tribe, it becomes your own.

Anyways, keep up the good work! It might be unfinished, but what you put out makes me excited to see where you will take it ;)

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

P.S.) Yes, we are strong supporters of duck equality. Every duck species should have equal representation in the court of law, and should have equal rights :)

No matter who wins, I think we all enjoyed simply making the game and working as a team. What's important is that you try, and submit the best try you can! It is better to try and fail than it is to not try at all <3

Thanks! We put a lot of heart into making the game come together :D We'll be updating it here and in the other page, posted by Zen00.

BTW: What minigame was it that you had just finished when you encountered this problem? It most likely has to do with the minigame itself, so if you can remember, we can check it out! Thank you!

I’m glad you enjoyed it :) each of us has our own talents and special skills, and we were able to work together as well as independently on it, which helped capture that unique bizzare style! Thanks for the feedback about the jumping minigame (I’m assuming that’s the boss stage, with the golden egg and wave ride). We’ll try and make it more interesting :D

P.S. - The ducks are scarce on money, and the player is scarce on time.

Thank you very much! We wanted all of the mini-games to feel fresh and unique (And certainly very bizarre!) If there were any problems you encountered, or moments that felt unbalanced, please let us know, so that we can improve upon it ;D

Thanks! We hope to be able to update the game on the non-jam game page ( :D Keep your eyes out for changes there!

The update now makes my computer detect it as a Trojan virus :(

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Percy the Penguin is a platformer designed to mimic old arcade games, such as "Mario Bros." and "Bubble Bobble". Throw snowballs at rogue Christmas toys to stun them, and touch them to wrap them in a present. Once every enemy is wrapped up, continue on to the next level! For 1-2 players.


Please let me know ANY bugs you might happen to find while playing! That way I can try to barter with them and see if they could bug somebody else! ;)