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The scarcity of the health packs makes you worry even though you already know you have enough time, you get them with fractions of a second to spare. Despite being a small game, the music was fun and seemed to fit the lighthearted space exploration game. The art was great and the first time I played I ran right into the first enemy as he looked so friendly. The little faces and the light music made this a fun game and despite its brevity i managed to play it for nearly a half hour. 

This was a really well made game. The enemies weren't too hard, nor were they easy. The boss put up a good fight, I really liked how the bombs would explode in your face if they were shot. I only had one issue which was the inability to jump while on the mountain rock things at the beginning. Nicely done.

I like it a lot. It is hard to find bugs, but I did manage to eat one. 

Nice tissues.

This game is hella creamy.