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I added the link, if you're still interested :P

Yeah, I just didn't sleep and was tired so I forgot about it :P

Thanks for linking it! I was tired and fordot to add it... 😅

More like don't let the bedgubs erase your existence

I kept landing on glitches just as they turned into a spike or enemy but eventually I got it. :D Great game! 

Fun idea! :D The collision of the pickup could've been a bit bigger. It would be a lot more satisfying.

I'm guessing this is what making lemon juice feels like.

Really awesome game! 😀 It was quite challenging but I'm not sure if there was a clue for the power demand so I just brute forced it 😋

It took me 14 tries but I FINALLY BEAT IT! It was hard and a lot of fun! Loved it! :D

Tried to spare the poeple but killed the king anyway... :( nice game! :D

I got dizzy from the screenshake but enjoyed the game a lot! :D

Really well made I enjoyed it a lot!

The idea is really good and I liked it, however I stuggled a lot. The visuals made it really difficult for me to understand where am I and where I can go.

For some reason I thought i did...
Thanks for reminding me! :D

I'm best at programming (with the Godot Engine to be specific) BUT I can make 3D models and 2D pixel art and also simple music and sound effects.

If anyone is interested write here or @ me on Discord!

To answer your question: it's not endless. There are 14 random attacks which you need to survive to complete the game.

Originally, I wanted to make the game so the player fought back, but i later dropped it so I had more time to finish what I already had.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

The scales were hard? Personally I found the tail swipe the hardest :P (I don't know if you encountered the tail swiping, the attacks are random)

Thank you for the nice words, I hope you enjoyed it. :D

Cool game! A bit hard, but cool. :D

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Really awesome idea I liked it a lot :D

I had no clue what i had to do at the beggining, but suprisingly, I figued it out quite quickly. The game is nice and cute and the idea is great! Good job! :D

Pretty cute game, didn't have any problem with it. :D

You probably didn't get hit sometimes is most likely because I messed up the game as always :P But even with that bug in the game, I hope you could still enjoy it :D

Ps.: I'm glad you liked the death animation, that's the best one I made so far  :D

Very good game, I have no complaints except for one: It seems (for me) that the game doesn't really have an end, it just loops around endlessly (and now that I wrote it down, that actually fits the theme perfectly :P)

Game's good, graphics's good, sound, a bit annoying, but is still good, no bugs (at least for me), an ecxelent game, good job :D

Also, it's nice to see a fellow Godot developer :P

I'm too lazy to make sense of this game and actually play it all the way through, but it's well done. At first it wasn't obvious for me that I need to go through the hole the snake left in the wall but eventually I got it. There are many zombies and they're hard to kill for my taste.

The game is a bit buggy, but it comes bundled with jam games so I didn't mind. :D

Really nice idea I liked it a lot! :D

Nice little game, the only thing I noticed:

  • Sometimes the character doesn't jump when I'm on the tiny platforms
  • If I touch the wall I can jump forever

Other than that I liked the game, the graphics are simplistic and the music & sounds are nice, well done :D

Did you play the web version and if so, did you play in chrome? The game doesn't like google chrome so if you can, you should play in firefox. As far as I know, games made with Godot Engine suffer this problem.

If you downloaded the game then what OS are you using?

Despite the glitches I hope you somewhat enjoed the game :D

I'm glad you liked it :D

I guess you interpeted the theme like: "The ouroboros has some connections with egypt". If that's not the case then please describe how you really fitted it in the game :D

The game itself is nice, the only thing i'm missing is some kind of fedback when I hit the enemies, maybe a healthbar or something, because I don't know when I'm about to kill them.

Other than that it's a nice game good job. :D

I know the "defeat the castle" objective isn't that abvious because it has no health bar (which I'm working on and it'll be added to the post-jam version), but I don't know how I could make the camera control move obvious then literally writing  it in the controls.

I know it's not original, but my friend insisted on making a reverse tower defense game and it's a gamejam entry afterall we didn't want to waste too much time on coming up with an idea :P

Yea I know, I'll add it in the post-jam version for future players :D

All the glory goas to KovagoD for the graphisc he ded an awesome job :D

As for the theme it wasn't strictly specified that the game has to be missing a mechanic, but I do hope it's acceptable.

Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoyed the game :D

What kind of feedback are you thinking about?

Also could you explain what you mean by hands-on gameplay? English isn't my native language so I don't know what that means :P

Yes I forgot to add the health bar and attack animation to the castle sorry about that.

Yea the "Defeat the castle at the end" objective isn't really clear, I didn't have too much time to finish it up and I forgot to add an attack animation and health bar to the castle soo... yeah sorry about that :P

I'm also quite bad at making tutorials and sadly, this is the best one a made so far :'D

If this gets made into a full game, I'll make some tutorial mission, that should be good for an explaination.

Also, thank you for taking your time trying to understand the game, we really appreciate your effort :D

Glad you liked it :D

Thank you (sorry for my broken Reply)

We may make this into a proper game, if we'll still have the motivation to do so :P

I'm glad you liked he game :D