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A tower defense game where you attack instead of defend.
Submitted by Fenderbate, KovagoD — 2 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline

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Castle requires feedback on progress, currently it's just "some large amount of health".


Yea I know, I'll add it in the post-jam version for future players :D

Works well, and the style although basic makes everything quite pleasing to the eye.
It remains to be seen if the "reverse Gameplay" corresponds to the theme. Despite this, congratulations.


All the glory goas to KovagoD for the graphisc he ded an awesome job :D

As for the theme it wasn't strictly specified that the game has to be missing a mechanic, but I do hope it's acceptable.

Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoyed the game :D

Good idea, but I'd prefer more hands-on gameplay, and more feedback for the user is a must


What kind of feedback are you thinking about?

Also could you explain what you mean by hands-on gameplay? English isn't my native language so I don't know what that means :P

English isn't your native language?? I wouldn't have guessed, you're really good! :) About the game: towards the end of the first level a lot of soldiers walk up to the castle, lose health, and die. There is no feedback, like arrows flying from the castle, etc. to show what's happening. About the gameplay, a large portion is either staring at the screen and waiting or clicking 2 buttons. I would prefer if maybe we choose which soldiers to send out, or which path they take. Overall, keep up the good work 


I don't think I understand how this fits the theme. Other than that it could be cool, attacking and the towers giving buffs is nice idea in itself. It just need some tweaking because right now you just have to shield and speed up your army and you win easily.


Well instead of defending you attack in a tower defense game. It's wasn't strictly specified that a mechanic has to be missing from the game.

I know it's really easy to play, I didn't really have time to tweak the gameplay, but that's what happens when the idea is big and the time is short. I'm happy that at least it's playable :P

Thanks for the feedbeck it's good to know that it's not exactly clear how the game fits the theme.


Nice idea, loved it. The game looks really pretty, and I thought the fact that you can destroy towers and make them heal your units was great. I won, but I'm not sure how the castles hitpoints worked. 

Other than that I really appreciated the beginning tutorial! GJ!


Yea I was very pleased with the graphics too KovagoD worked hard on it and it shows :D

I know the tower's healthbar is a little wierd, I didn't have the time to polish it.

I'm glad you liked the game thank you for the feedback :D


Nice idea, the game is really fun to play.
Great job!


Glad you liked it :D


It is a really nice idea that can go very far, but it needs a whole lot more to REALLY shine.

I felt like I just made stuff go more smoothly rather then me and my actions deciding the battle, which is a core feeling to the tower defence genre (and games in general).

Would love to see a more polished version of this where you have more choices and different kind of obstacles in my way (:


I wish I could add more stuff, but I had no time. Considering that this was my first strategy oriented game I'm happy how it turned out and I know it could be a lot better still.

If work doesn't get too much in the way, we'll do a post-jam version and if we still have some motivation after that maybe make it a proper game too :D

Despite it being too easy and simple, I hope you still enjoyed it :D


I did! Looking forward to seeing an improved version in the future (:


Nice twist, but to be honest this feels more like a reversal of a genre than a genre without a mechanic.


The theme wasn't strictly limited to a genre missing a mechanic, so we tried to instead reverse the mechanic.

Fun twist on Tower Defence. Could see the concept really ramping up as more complexities are added. 


We may make this into a proper game, if we'll still have the motivation to do so :P

I'm glad you liked he game :D

Nice game (sorry for my broken English)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you! :)  (Sorry for my bad England)


Thank you (sorry for my broken Reply)


Fun twist on the tower defense genre 


Glad you liked it :D