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Really cool concept. Using a soundscape works really well, giving a great feeling of immersion and horror. Shows how reliant on sight we really are. Only thing is that I wish turning produced a small sound so you can tell when you've moved beyond the sounds in your ears changing. 
Definitely play this one with headphones.

Very cool idea. Only main issue I have is that the bounds aren't represented at all, so sometimes when you're making an interesting way around the puzzle you're knocked out by an invisible wall. You should definitely polish this one up and release it somewhere in a more complete version.

Quite a cool concept. Feels a bit too frantic for the genre, but is an interesting twist none the less.

Fun twist on Tower Defence. Could see the concept really ramping up as more complexities are added. 

Pretty cool concept. Felt very natural to control and extremely responsive. The screen shake upon dying or hitting a crystal was a bit much however, and made me feel quite ill after a level or two...You could have probably done without it, or toned it down a little, with the level rocking being enough. Still, amazing effort in 48 hours, would like to see more.

A clever twist on the genre. As WojWorks said you removed a concept rather than a mechanic, but it plays well and feels like there's no "perfect choices" which gives it the survival feel for me. Would be interesting to see this polished up a bit more and filled out.

Interesting conversation simulator. Little bit opaque about how well the conversation is going, but the varied dialogue choices kept me entertained for a bit. Well done :)