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Cool idea, setting traps instead of attacking, but I found it to be too restrictive, and the camera always felt it was in the wrong place

Good idea, great execution. Love the art style, the music is great for this game. The audible "Lucky" at the end of every stage was a tiny bit weird, but it still fits with the overall theme. The puzzles were clever, and my only real complaint was the blocks sometimes not doing what they should be, like glitching into the Lucky Guy, or through him.

Cool concept, and decent execution. It's immediately apparent what to do and how to get points, so kudos there. There is occasionally a glitch where 1 enemy (bread?) will become invulnerable to the barrier and remains that way no matter how many times you hit it. I think it happens when the barrier comes up while one of them is touching you, but I'm not sure. Other nitpicks, the UI and general visual style need some improvement (even though the choice of jam was a nice pun) along with a longer or less repetitive soundtrack, the Highscore just shows the most recent score - not the highest, and some more depth in the future could go a long way. 

Oh yeah, now I hear the sounds, but they're extreeeeemeeelly quiet :)

English isn't your native language?? I wouldn't have guessed, you're really good! :) About the game: towards the end of the first level a lot of soldiers walk up to the castle, lose health, and die. There is no feedback, like arrows flying from the castle, etc. to show what's happening. About the gameplay, a large portion is either staring at the screen and waiting or clicking 2 buttons. I would prefer if maybe we choose which soldiers to send out, or which path they take. Overall, keep up the good work 

Aside from the lack of an ending screen, which leaves me feeling unsatisfied as a player, most features seem half baked. The acceleration goes up exponentially at times, the signs don't pop enough, the score is almost invisible... A lot of testing and improving was clearly not done. This isn't an attack of course, it was a very tight schedule, but I am saying the drawbacks from the time limit are apparent

Too fast paced with too little control

Although it is truly a pretty game, it is very much incomplete feeling. Not sure if it's just my copmuter glitching, but I didn't get an end screen. 

Incredibly clever game, took me a while to understand how to kill the blue enemies (Thanks Sprawl). An in-game hint, or some feedback to hint at what to do would've been nice, but keep up the good work

Half baked, but great idea. More depth, more time to use, and some background music would definitely help this game

Good idea, but I'd prefer more hands-on gameplay, and more feedback for the user is a must

I love the idea, but the execution is so shaky. Literally. That purple pickup that shakes the screen is too disorienting, and having the ground tilt so much so quickly obstructs my view more. If more work is done, though, I think there's a great game here

The levels didn't feel like they were designed for the controls, I couldn't enjoy them as well as they deserved to be