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It is a really nice idea that can go very far, but it needs a whole lot more to REALLY shine.

I felt like I just made stuff go more smoothly rather then me and my actions deciding the battle, which is a core feeling to the tower defence genre (and games in general).

Would love to see a more polished version of this where you have more choices and different kind of obstacles in my way (:


I wish I could add more stuff, but I had no time. Considering that this was my first strategy oriented game I'm happy how it turned out and I know it could be a lot better still.

If work doesn't get too much in the way, we'll do a post-jam version and if we still have some motivation after that maybe make it a proper game too :D

Despite it being too easy and simple, I hope you still enjoyed it :D

I did! Looking forward to seeing an improved version in the future (: