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Antoine "Nitraw" Lugnier

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Thank you for your contribution.

We are glad that you enjoyed the "artistic" side of the game.

However, it is true that we made a big mistake by leaving out all the "Game Design" part. We are aware that our game is confused during the first approach and we need to rework everything related to UI / UX.

As they say, it's the mistakes that make us progress. Our next game should be better and better finished. Thank you !

Works well, and the style although basic makes everything quite pleasing to the eye.
It remains to be seen if the "reverse Gameplay" corresponds to the theme. Despite this, congratulations.

Easy to take in hand. Interesting concept instantly making one think of VVVVVV. I guess it's in the theme. Congratulations.

The game is nice even if quite frustrating (especially when we are about to click on a letter and it is projected by another) but what makes it really cool is the voiceover. Really fun ! Congratulations !

After passing the "13h", I feel more like playing a clicker with fewer clicks.

The concept is nice but could be improved with a limit of 5 for each ingredient forcing the player to watch his stocks more frequently. It would also be good to penalize the fact that the player does not have more ingredients in stock to avoid waiting for 0 that the food becomes cheaper.

In spite of that, the game is rather nice for a game realized in 48h. Congratulations!

This kind of gameplay would work perfectly in a rogue like Isaac style. It would then be necessary in each room to find a way to kill the enemies either by taking them in traps or via other mechanics like bouncing shots or a timer at the end of which the enemies of the room would disappear.

And it is not easy to correctly estimate the time needed to make a game. At least the rendering is perfectly playable. Congratulations!

Really nice. It's original.

It is true that it quickly becomes hard because it is not usual and not intuitive to type with the mouse.
The "Typing without keyboard" is in the theme according to me, so congratulations

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It's very cute and quite fun. This mixture of second degree and very happy colors reminds me of Fat Princess.

It may be missing something for now, or different maps. But you only had 48 hours like all of us, and it's a great game for that time.


This concept is really exciting.I have been tempted since the first Gif posted on the Discord of the GJ.

This game proves that only one mechanic can give a soul to a game. And the bat is really cute.

Congratulation. This is currently my favorite of the GJ !

Good game.

There are indeed possible improvements in terms of speed but overall it is an extremely pleasant game to take in hand for something done in 48h.

Just a proposal:
- The main element of the last level could have a hitbox and there could be several ways to reach the finish line of this last level.

Congratulations anyway.