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Buried PharoahView game page

Hack 'n' Slash based on Egyptian monsters
Submitted by shyjvh — 6 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#313.1723.172

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Hey jerrtato finally played your game, as you know, i love it! Tho i would love some more feedback on enemy hits, some particles on death, etc. Maybe damage text pop up, or experience gain? Finished it on easy.


thanks sachosdev, yi I've got some plans for improving combat against enemies and especially a level up! animation xD.  Post-jam I've got a lot of plans to add what's missing and also feedback from everyone.  


Excellent job, I would keep working on this if I was you. I'm pretty familiar with Construct 2, so from what I saw you must have had some default control on the platform behavior for the skeletons because when I hit up, they all jump.

The skeletons are way too hard to kill. But the attacks and animation for the pharoah feel SOOO damned good. I really hope you plan on doing more with this, this game has a lot of potential!! Great job!


Holy fooooo I always leave default controls on xD.  Glad you catched that, I appreciate it XD.  

Yea from the comments (and from Tim's roasting) they want the enemies to get knocked back

or stunned, anything like that.  I been thinking about extending the levels and the game.

Thank you for the feedback!


No problem! You ever have any issues with anything involving Construct 2, feel free to get  a hold of me, even though I don't really use it anymore, I used it quite a bit, so I may still be able to  help!


+1 to the Art. Pharoah's design is awesome and the animation is fluid. I'm sure if the dev had more time, the enemies would be just as fluid! I dig the music. The mechanics are awesome as well! For a jam, this is well done!


Thanks tastydew, your art is also awesome and I'm hella hyped from your concepts.  I'll see if I can improve this game post-jam (or post-jam jam, week-long right now), +69 for your 2 cents.  XD


I liked how the music changed as I made it to this one part where I had to take out 100 enemies. It really set the mood that I need to kick butt. I liked all the different moves.  At first I thought there was only one enemy type but got to see the 2nd enemy type.  Pretty cool overall I like the main character 


lol xD ye, it seems buried pharoah would need to undergo a serious overhaul before it's satisfying, a lot of the same enemy is in just one area.  Thanks for your feedback Barret, I appreciate it!


Realy love the character art! Gave a like to Daniel W's comment, who already said everything i wanted to say. Nice work.


Danke >/u


I actually liked the music a lot! The character animations were great, and the level was designed well with a functional minimap. I liked the level progression, and could see this being fun with more enemy hit feedback and more abilities that unlock as you level up. Great work! 


Thanks!  Yup that's my next big goal in how to make killing enemies more satisfying.  

And definitely more abilities!  XD Tim doesn't mind me extending it to level 99 :FeelsGoodMan:

I'll play your game tomorrow when I wake up, hope I can provide you some good feedback.

p.s. Doing >w> lol 


*Note to self have enemies stunned on hit


Not a bad effort! I wasn't a huge fan of the music, Pharaoh Dubstep isn't really my thing though xD There could be better feedback for when you get hit and maybe some knockback on the enemies to stop them dogpiling you.  But other than that, nice little game, well done!


Omg you made my day XD Pharoah Dubstep, I tried to make it drum and bass >w> 

ye, I will figure out some time how to knock enemies back and stun them.  

Thanks for your feedback!  <3


a furious clic the attack button on stack of ennemies non stop game :D (at least in easy mode)

played through in easy mode (after a fast death in normal), finished it :)

the last fight with the flighing heads that target you was a bit long; but they seems to give tons of souls, so was always able to recharge my health - kinda the disavantage of lvl30, while before you just wait for the level up to replenish the health :p

enough fun to keep me going on until the end

very nice music&ambiance


xD Thank you for the feedback!  I do have plans post-jam to extend the levels

and the AI/abilities of the enemies.  I'm hoping maybe I could make a demo and then

sell the full game, maybe.  I appreciate your words!


NICE! bad game... 10/10!


You're too kind sir!  69/10


That was one intense game!  Very well made and very responsive.


Thanks Jay!  XD


That was a Intende game, really enjoyed playing. Reached level 30, but died with about 60 enemies remaining. great game, one of the best games I have played so far. Good job


Ty Extrone, if you're interested in the game do follow,

as it's high chance BP will receive post-updates :wave:


Awesome game, played till past level 20 on easy (died ridiculously quick on hell lol) The graphics were pretty good, same with the music, the level design was interesting. Only issues I found were sometimes I'd not reach a ledge on a jump, until i'd tried it like 10 times, and the enemy stacking issue that was listed by someone else. However that issue seems to make the game easier on lower difficulties as you can just hit loads of enemies at the same time, kill big groups and level up insanely fast. All in all good job and nice to see someone else making a game with construct!


xD lulchamp Thank you Fatal-Exit, Idk how I would go

about fixing the stacking problem but I thought it feels

cool to be able to slash through everything at once.

Fellow Construct User :thumbsup:!


This was a ton of fun to play through. A couple of things I had trouble with was:

- Feedback when hitting enemies. Sure there's a sound effect when you hit them, but nothing visual and I definitely don't know how much health they have. It seems important to know when an enemy is almost dead because you seem to regain health when killing one.

- Sometimes enemies get stacked together very tightly and it's tough to tell whether an enemy is actually 1 or 20 enemies since none of them animate and all follow the same path. 

- I couldn't quite see how the theme was being used here.

- Drawing the camera away because I reached a certain level, while in the middle of a group of enemies is a bit distracting and breaks the flow a bit. I think it should wait until nearby enemies have been cleared.

Some things that were great about your game however;

- Graphics: the pixel art was clean and things were easy to read (except spiders, they seem to be a similar colour to the background)

- Music: I particularly like how you sped the music up for more intense situations.

- Atmosphere: It looks like a lot of work was put into making the game look a feel dramatically haunting with an Egyptian vibe.


Thank you for all of the feedback Raymoclaus, I tend to get that

bit of trouble with healthbars over enemies without every health bar

only being on 1 enemy, and the theme I thought snake.. egypt xD

I first put the music together, then vested a time sink into the tilemap,

afterwards slowly building up the character and gameplay.  I didn't quite

reach story explanations by the end of the jam time.

I'll keep your feedback in mind for future updates/hack and slash games. :pogchamp:


Loved the pixel art animation!


Thanks m8! <3


Good work for just a short time. Mechanics are solid, the character animation is very good and I like the ascent Egypt theme. Great menu, it has multiple difficulties and even saves your progress!

Overall a great game and I enjoyed it 4/5


Thank you Jon50, your kind words taches my soul <3


I guess you interpeted the theme like: "The ouroboros has some connections with egypt". If that's not the case then please describe how you really fitted it in the game :D

The game itself is nice, the only thing i'm missing is some kind of fedback when I hit the enemies, maybe a healthbar or something, because I don't know when I'm about to kill them.

Other than that it's a nice game good job. :D


xD yea, I ran out of time to explain the story, but it's that the pharoah girl was betrayed by her brother, and she wants to use the power of Ouroboros to seal his soul away.  When you hit the enemies the camera does shake a bit but ye, they have no animations so can't tell if they're wounded or hit as you mention.  Thank you for the feedback!


Nice graphics and good gamefeel !


Right?!  XD


Good job on Menus with in game instructions.  and multiple difficulty levels.

Strong mechanics I think.  Multiple attacks, doulble jump, short 'cut scenes' to open new sections.

Theme is on point.  With music that seems appropriate.

Was fun enough to play to the end.


Thank you Doulos, that means a lot <3

I will continue to seek out better!