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Best game you've put out so far the past couple days! Love it!!

This is actually pretty fun, it was quite challenging to figure out how to get hits on the yellow square while dodging it! Amazing job for 1 hour of work!!! :D

I had a blast with this game! Very challenging, but not unfair as far as difficulty either. I had a good time also watching you make this on live stream as well! Great job!!

No problem! I honestly really didn't see anything as far as problems went either, but I've yet to play it all the way through(after submitting my game I was pretty well burnt out after the week of hell in doing my first Unity game), so I was pretty tired, but since you had gave pretty good feedback for my game(which made hindsight kick in for me, lol) I had to go at least check yours out right quick! 

Works!! Could have been possibly that my fresh Windows install(not much over 24 hours ago), didn't have all the proper DirectX components yet,  because your installer got them up. I love it so far honestly, I wasn't able to beat it first try, but I'm going to keep playing it! Great job, good respect for the theme(light as a weapon will probably be used in this jam a lot, but in that case it will still come down to how well the mechanics of said weapon is made). Is the amount of damage you do to enemies random? Like almost RPG style? Controls are very smooth, pixel art all fits well, music and sound effects are solid.

Guess I hadn't left the comment yet because it's still here, I made it to level 2. Very challenging, but not unfair too(the occasional health drops come in handy). Really well balanced, fun game so far. Great job man!

I tried to play, but first I had to disable my Anti-virus(which is no big deal, that happens sometimes), but now I'm getting a FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation when I click the left mouse button. :(

 Probably would have been better off making the timer, the other way around.

I've only been making games a couple months, and this is my first with Unity, so I'm not sweating it.

Themes have always been my weak point  in jams to be honest though regardless of the engine I use, so it's something I'm trying to work on.

Thanks for the feed back!

Haven't had a chance to play it 2 player yet, hopefully I can get a friend or at least my wife to play it with me soon, but I couldn't help but check it out one player. I can already tell it's going to be a lot of fun! Just had to let you know, I will get back to you again after I get a 2nd player in!

I hope you are planning on doing a 1 player version too, that would be killer!

Randomized the pitch eh!? I was just advised to do that yesterday during the last couple hours of my game by a friend for my explosions, but I ended up just going with different explosions sounds. I should have done the same with the "jump grunt" noise, but I was running out of time and really burnt out, lol.

Still haven't yet, I had a game breaking bug I forgot to tell you about on like level 3. I'm going to give it another go though.

Are there any alternatives for controls? When I hit space to shoot, it just keeps scrolling down, making it impossible to play. I love the concept though and the graphics, the title is awesome too!!

At first I was thrown off by the mechanic, but once I got use to it, I found it to be very innovative and challenging!! And I love squirrels! I own 5 acres of forest, so  I have tons of them, and they are just awesome!! Awesome, just like this game!! Great job!! <3 I still haven't been able to beat it yet though, but I'm improving!! :)

Took me some time to figure out the first level, but after that, I was just so impressed by how well put together, polished and original this game is. I'm an absolute sucker for pixel art, retro and even low palette pixel art when done right, and you nailed it! Music is awesome too :) <3

You even took the time to have two separate "jump" sounds as to not get too monotonous. This definitely isn't your first game, and it shows, great job!! <3

Took me some time to figure out the first level, but after that, I was just so impressed by how well put together, polished and original this game is. I'm an absolute sucker for pixel art, retro and even low palette pixel art when done right, and you nailed it! Music is awesome too :) <3

You even took the time to have two separate "jump" sounds as to not get too monotonous. This definitely isn't your first game, and it shows, great job!! <3

Eerily soothing, this is the kind of game I can play to relieve stress after long hours of game development and stress inducing bouts of "Binding of Isaacs"! The hamster dance is classic too! I'm 34 years old, so that was kind of nostalgic!! <3 Awesome!!

Thanks! What I ended up doing is finding a library called Pizzacato.js and it isn't very big, like 35kb. Then I use functions from it and functions I'm writing in my program to make very primitive music, like practically Atari 2600 era, lol. I'm having to use a frequency to note chart to work with this right now, for instance, A4 = 440hz, C#5 is roughly 554hz, and so on.

I'm about to upload my latest Devlog and source to the page here. I'm sticking with Atari level sound for now(basic clean sine wave notes),
but I may be able to work my way up to C64/NES level chiptune at some point. I was considering MIDI too, but I looked it up and it just seemed like it was complicated, libraries looked big, etc.. I'm very new to programming too, I dabbled in some QuickBasic like 20 years ago is about it.

Thanks!! Calling it a "non-engine" may not be the most proper term considering I'm using libraries to handle the physics, graphics, audio and input, but I've only made games using Game Maker and Construct.

I'm keeping a Devlog as I make this though, as well as putting the source code up on this page :)

So far I just have a placeholder square sprite that moves left & right, & jumps.  I'm working on music, but having trouble with audio formats, so it's going to take some work. It won't load my ogg files for some reason, just wav, and I can't afford the space for wav files. There may be a better way though... :)

Working out pretty well, so far with the phaser.min.js along with gamepad.js, and a few graphics assets, I've got about 700kb left for this. This will be my first "non-engine" entry in a game jam, I'm excited. Best of luck to everyone!

Intéressant, Original,  Court mais doux, GG :)

Nostalgique ! GG :)

Merveilleux jeu !

Magnifique! :)

Très amusant ! Bon travail !

Musique et pixel art. J'adore le style rétro ! Super !


That was AWESOME!! I scored $1,010,500, this was a lot of fun!

I've used it before, on my Ludum Dare 41 game so I'm familiar with it, but I'm actually using Construct 2.

I can send you a link to a video of what I've done so far with the game, I call it "Make Haste!" at the moment :)

Would love to collaborate though, I can do a bit of everything honestly, which basically means I'm not "great" at one given thing, but decent in a few areas, but working on progressing :)

Also, for some reason when I did get to play it, it wouldn't work right on my last computer for some reason. I just tried it on my new one though and it worked very well! Thanks for helping inspire me on the game I'm currently working on!!

I didn't get a chance to play and rate this during the jam, but it inspired me to watch the X-Men movies with Quiksilver in them(I hadn't seen them yet), then  after that, I realized how much I enjoy the power of super speed so I started working on my own game with a character that has super speed. Hope you are still working at this! :)

Wow, I'm honored and watching it right now, thank you  very much!! :)

I think you have a great start here, the controls feel  very nice, I can't explain it, but the way you have the movement, scrolls, etc.., it just feels so natural. Character is very cute, and I like your overall artwork too :) . Can't wait to see what more you do with this!!

This was a lot of fun, I think you have a really awesome character with Hot Dog Boy, a lot of personality. I'm glad I joined this jam, even though I had to drop out, I still remembered Hot Dog Boy from the Discord chat, so I had to play none the less. Great job, and hope you do some more with this character in the future!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially you awesome devs who made it to the top 3!! This was like my 7th jam, and every time I do a jam(which seems to be every week), I not only have a good time, but I always learn from it!! Looking forward to Mini Jam 4!!

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Okay, I went back and played, and figured it out, sorry for the comment earlier!!
That was fun! Honestly, this would be really cool for a long term game with some more work, and a bit of polish. It's got an addictive nature to it right off the bat, but with some work this would be an amazing game that could be easily adapted to smart phones. Excellent job!!

Thanks for the feedback, especially pertaining to the mac! If you have an XBOX 360 controller that you can plug in to the Mac, it should work, but I don't know how Mac treats those kind of controllers. I use to have a Mac, if I still did I would test my games on them as well to make sure they were okay.

Enemies definitely could be a pain, I just got too use to them and their patterns over the weekend and didn't have any testers before uploading, so I will have to agree that at least slowing them down would have been good and possibly adjusting their jumping.

Definitely original, fun(once I got the hang of the double jump and shooting) and I'll say it again, original. Lack of music hurt it, but that's something that could be easily remedy. A sound effect for the bad guy's fireball would have been a cool warning as well. Unique though, and one of the first games I've played in a jam made with Construct 3 as well, I'm still using 2 myself but I will probably give 3 a shot soon, especially if it can export to Windows easily like other engines I've used.

Great job! I honestly hope to see some post-jam work done on this, because it is really cool!

That was really good, I'm very impressed, ESPECIALLY seeing someone else do some boss fights aside from myself. My only complaint honestly was getting hit immediately when coming into another screen, kind of like what Pandaik said, but I did managed to beat the boss after a couple tries, just had to get use to the controls, timing, etc.. Very impressed though, great job!!! 

Also, if you are ever interested in collaborating some time, let me know, I have experience with GameMaker even though I use Construct mostly, I'm also learning Unity. I've been working a lone on basically all of my games, and it's time I start getting some practice working with others.