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Well done!! Basically protecting love from all those negativity "monsters". That ending though, it took me by surprise!! Great UI as well, that is something I struggle with myself!! :)

Thanks! Yeah, as far as like mechanics go, totally doesn't fit the theme, that's something I've always struggled with!
My partner and I were even joking about it ahead of time, which is why we put the blindfold on the kid in comic and kind of
hinted on his "love" for chocolate, lol.

But the good news is, I'm taking this game idea, and building it into a full game during the next few months. I have the Behavior
Designer asset now for my AI, so that will help a lot. One of the struggles for me in this was AI for the enemies.

Did you submit a game to the jam? I would love to check it out if so, I've been so busy with school work and many other things, it's
been hard for me to play games from the jam yet :(



This game caused me to have a mental breakdown! Thanks!! <3

Thanks!! That was Jerrtato who did that, and now we are working together on starting from scratch, I would consider this the "classic" version, as well as the catalyst that magically formed this team.

We are currently working on a platformer/Action RPG style. Not sure if I will go procgen, aside from possibly on underground levels. Working on the combat mechanics tonight basically, which includes the AI for a basic "ground" monsters.

FANTASTIC!! Worked very well as a WebGL build too :)

I just started trying to make WebGL builds, but they always seem to have issues, would love to hear you had any tips or tricks to making a proper WebGL build!

This is a really awesome game, and I'm glad I woke up in time to play it before the ratings were over. My favorite is the attack mechanic being a dash mechanic at the same time. It can be a little tricky to tame it at first, but you really put a lot of effort into putting good control over everything in this game including the jump!!

No problem! You ever have any issues with anything involving Construct 2, feel free to get  a hold of me, even though I don't really use it anymore, I used it quite a bit, so I may still be able to  help!

I honestly don't have any feedback or constructive criticisms, to me this game was overall well balanced and very well polished! Great job!!

Excellent job, I would keep working on this if I was you. I'm pretty familiar with Construct 2, so from what I saw you must have had some default control on the platform behavior for the skeletons because when I hit up, they all jump.

The skeletons are way too hard to kill. But the attacks and animation for the pharoah feel SOOO damned good. I really hope you plan on doing more with this, this game has a lot of potential!! Great job!

Really good job! I just played on livestream actually, but if I'm still streaming later when you are around I'd be happy to play it again!! I really loved the ability to basically possess the last enemy to shoot you before you die. Genius!!

You guys are pretty aware of all this issues at this point, but I love it! Knowing that you guys are still working on it post jam definitely reassures me that I will get to play an amazingly polished demo of this in the near future and I'm looking forward to it!! Great job!!

This game drops frame rates like their hot, but it really suits it!! For less than the price of take out you can play this masterpiece!!

Very nice game! My only recommendations would be to work on the jump mechanic a little, but that is more of a personal preference(I'm a fan of jump mechanics in which you can control how high you jump depending on how long you hold down the button to the limit set on the jump strength).

Amazing, definitely on point with the theme and I actually learned a bit about the story of Jormungandr recently in my big mythology book that was kindly left in the house I bought.  It was short, but very sweet, you did a great job!! <3

Super creative mechanic and game, I got stuck on the 3rd level though, but I'm not one to complain about a challenge. Has anyone else made it past level 3?

This was really, really well done. Some more feedback in combat would go a long way with this amazing game. I especially love your art style :)

This is pretty fucked up.. I LOVE IT!! :) <3

Thanks! Yeah, T. did all that magic with the atmosphere and destructiveness! I've already started on better mechanics that I will be using for my big FPS project, but I plan on using them to go back and improve this game as well.  :)

Those poor little worlds never knew what hit them.. Good job man!

Love the artwork(very cute), but I will definitely have to agree with everyone else when it comes to sound effects and the boundary. Putting a volume slider on the pause menu though was really nice, you don't see that very often in a game jam, but that is professional in my opinion!

Got a jump scare at the beginning! Despite lack of music though, this was a very fun and challenging game that kept me on my seat. I was lucky to make it to level 5 or 6, I'm not sure which, but at that point when the spinning swords were introduced, I'd tapped out. Great job!

Thanks! He was implemented in such a pinch, my partner was like "We need a boss! Even if he's just a big enemy with more hitpoints" or something a long the lines of that, so I just went to the Asset store and the rest was history..

Thank! I was going to make it a laser gun, but I had trouble with laser blaster projectiles with Unity so I just went a head and ended up with a fireball gun, which is absurd. I'm not proud of the movement, it's Unity Standard Asset FPS controller, I'm going to work on building my own controller from scratch.

Yeah, I have to agree on lowering their hp!

Thanks! Yeah, sprint was something I should have added, I also think I did something wrong in the code somewhere, should have used FixedUpdate possibly!

Thank you very much! I had to go with humor, being that FPS is out of my comfort zone.
That is the music by the way, I can't take credit for it! Sadly, I'm a musician, but I have
trouble with composing. I know a lot of local musicians that I shall be working with
on future projects at least!

Gracias! I'd only made 2d platforms up till now, mostly in Construct 2, but I've basically migrated to Unity lately and I'm loving it!
I'm doing Jim Jam #2 this weekend, and I'm going to put way more time and effort, most likely an FPS as well. I only put like 12 hours into this game, learned a lot!

Amazing, I've been in a lot of game jams too and this is hands down one of the most polished and well made 3d game I've yet to play! Love it!! :)

Best game you've put out so far the past couple days! Love it!!

This is actually pretty fun, it was quite challenging to figure out how to get hits on the yellow square while dodging it! Amazing job for 1 hour of work!!! :D

I had a blast with this game! Very challenging, but not unfair as far as difficulty either. I had a good time also watching you make this on live stream as well! Great job!!

No problem! I honestly really didn't see anything as far as problems went either, but I've yet to play it all the way through(after submitting my game I was pretty well burnt out after the week of hell in doing my first Unity game), so I was pretty tired, but since you had gave pretty good feedback for my game(which made hindsight kick in for me, lol) I had to go at least check yours out right quick! 

Works!! Could have been possibly that my fresh Windows install(not much over 24 hours ago), didn't have all the proper DirectX components yet,  because your installer got them up. I love it so far honestly, I wasn't able to beat it first try, but I'm going to keep playing it! Great job, good respect for the theme(light as a weapon will probably be used in this jam a lot, but in that case it will still come down to how well the mechanics of said weapon is made). Is the amount of damage you do to enemies random? Like almost RPG style? Controls are very smooth, pixel art all fits well, music and sound effects are solid.

Guess I hadn't left the comment yet because it's still here, I made it to level 2. Very challenging, but not unfair too(the occasional health drops come in handy). Really well balanced, fun game so far. Great job man!

I tried to play, but first I had to disable my Anti-virus(which is no big deal, that happens sometimes), but now I'm getting a FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation when I click the left mouse button. :(

 Probably would have been better off making the timer, the other way around.

I've only been making games a couple months, and this is my first with Unity, so I'm not sweating it.

Themes have always been my weak point  in jams to be honest though regardless of the engine I use, so it's something I'm trying to work on.

Thanks for the feed back!

Haven't had a chance to play it 2 player yet, hopefully I can get a friend or at least my wife to play it with me soon, but I couldn't help but check it out one player. I can already tell it's going to be a lot of fun! Just had to let you know, I will get back to you again after I get a 2nd player in!

I hope you are planning on doing a 1 player version too, that would be killer!

Randomized the pitch eh!? I was just advised to do that yesterday during the last couple hours of my game by a friend for my explosions, but I ended up just going with different explosions sounds. I should have done the same with the "jump grunt" noise, but I was running out of time and really burnt out, lol.

Still haven't yet, I had a game breaking bug I forgot to tell you about on like level 3. I'm going to give it another go though.