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That was AWESOME!! I scored $1,010,500, this was a lot of fun!

I've used it before, on my Ludum Dare 41 game so I'm familiar with it, but I'm actually using Construct 2.

I can send you a link to a video of what I've done so far with the game, I call it "Make Haste!" at the moment :)

Would love to collaborate though, I can do a bit of everything honestly, which basically means I'm not "great" at one given thing, but decent in a few areas, but working on progressing :)

Also, for some reason when I did get to play it, it wouldn't work right on my last computer for some reason. I just tried it on my new one though and it worked very well! Thanks for helping inspire me on the game I'm currently working on!!

I didn't get a chance to play and rate this during the jam, but it inspired me to watch the X-Men movies with Quiksilver in them(I hadn't seen them yet), then  after that, I realized how much I enjoy the power of super speed so I started working on my own game with a character that has super speed. Hope you are still working at this! :)

Wow, I'm honored and watching it right now, thank you  very much!! :)

I think you have a great start here, the controls feel  very nice, I can't explain it, but the way you have the movement, scrolls, etc.., it just feels so natural. Character is very cute, and I like your overall artwork too :) . Can't wait to see what more you do with this!!

This was a lot of fun, I think you have a really awesome character with Hot Dog Boy, a lot of personality. I'm glad I joined this jam, even though I had to drop out, I still remembered Hot Dog Boy from the Discord chat, so I had to play none the less. Great job, and hope you do some more with this character in the future!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially you awesome devs who made it to the top 3!! This was like my 7th jam, and every time I do a jam(which seems to be every week), I not only have a good time, but I always learn from it!! Looking forward to Mini Jam 4!!

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Okay, I went back and played, and figured it out, sorry for the comment earlier!!
That was fun! Honestly, this would be really cool for a long term game with some more work, and a bit of polish. It's got an addictive nature to it right off the bat, but with some work this would be an amazing game that could be easily adapted to smart phones. Excellent job!!

Thanks for the feedback, especially pertaining to the mac! If you have an XBOX 360 controller that you can plug in to the Mac, it should work, but I don't know how Mac treats those kind of controllers. I use to have a Mac, if I still did I would test my games on them as well to make sure they were okay.

Enemies definitely could be a pain, I just got too use to them and their patterns over the weekend and didn't have any testers before uploading, so I will have to agree that at least slowing them down would have been good and possibly adjusting their jumping.

Definitely original, fun(once I got the hang of the double jump and shooting) and I'll say it again, original. Lack of music hurt it, but that's something that could be easily remedy. A sound effect for the bad guy's fireball would have been a cool warning as well. Unique though, and one of the first games I've played in a jam made with Construct 3 as well, I'm still using 2 myself but I will probably give 3 a shot soon, especially if it can export to Windows easily like other engines I've used.

Great job! I honestly hope to see some post-jam work done on this, because it is really cool!

That was really good, I'm very impressed, ESPECIALLY seeing someone else do some boss fights aside from myself. My only complaint honestly was getting hit immediately when coming into another screen, kind of like what Pandaik said, but I did managed to beat the boss after a couple tries, just had to get use to the controls, timing, etc.. Very impressed though, great job!!! 

Also, if you are ever interested in collaborating some time, let me know, I have experience with GameMaker even though I use Construct mostly, I'm also learning Unity. I've been working a lone on basically all of my games, and it's time I start getting some practice working with others.

Lighting effect, smooth scrolling, fireball attack, screen shakes, you went all out on this man, I wasn't expecting this honestly, I'm glad I got home in time to rate! Great job! So far my only complaint is lack of music, but the feel is good, I'm really impressed. Great job dude!! I'm going to have to agree with Gilby, best entry I've played, but I'm a big platformer guy, so I may be biased. Great job!!

I appreciate it, and yes, I agree with you on the enemies,  gauging difficulty is tough when developing though, because you play the game so much you just master it, I should have had it tested. Ah, yeah, the Roblox guy, I got a good laugh out of that. I would have probably actually downloaded Roblox to play his game had he not ripped on mine like that, plus I saw  him ripping on other people. I'm 33 years old, I can handle constructive criticism. Also, Red Riding Hood is totally not immature, I mean, we all know what happens in that story, it's pretty R rated stuff if you really think about it!! Can't wait to play your game, I hope I'm in time to still rate it, I had to leave for awhile to do some business, ugh.

Do you have an executable or HTML5 version? Because having to download Roblox Studio just to play this game is a major inconvenience to people, and if you want your games to be played, they should be more accessible. 

You did really good on the "underwater" mechanics, and laid the graphics out really well. I don't know if I was doing something wrong honestly though, but I couldn't really get into the game, I collect a few coins, but nothing really happened, so it was kind of slow paced for my taste, but I still like what you did here, I think you could definitely build on to this. I know how these time constraints during jams make it difficult, lol.

Could you be specific?

Thanks!! This is my second MiniJam in a row, I'm really enjoying these, looking forward to MiniJam 4th Edition for sure!!

Thanks! Yeah, I was originally intending on health power-ups, but I was worried about the game being too easy. Which difficulty is hard to gauge for me because I end up memorizing all the patterns and have to remind myself constantly, that it's not going to be the same way for other people playing.

That was amazing!! A lot of originality, good use of the tiles/sprites, and a cool story-line to go with it. Great job!!

Tough game, really tested my ability to make quick decisions. The audio was a little bland, but that didn't even really occur to me because I had to use so much concentration on playing the game that I didn't even think about it, so the game play compensated for that. Great job man, this one had me yelling curse words at my computer!

Lack of audio hurt it a bit for me, but I did enjoy the game from start to end without stopping. You did the theme really well, and put an emphasis on the mechanics/gameplay as opposed to spending a ton of time on  graphics and all that, which is very understandable. 

Super well made, very polished, did a great job on the theme, sound, graphics, feel, everything basically. Original too, you guys did a wonderful job, congratulations!! Only 3 days to make this, I would love to see what could come of this with more time!!

This is probably the second or third game I've played made with PICO-8, and I have to say, I'm very impressed and am sold on trying that software some time to make a game. This was definitely a lot of fun, challenging, but not over frustrating for me.

I was able to beat it the first time through without any game overs. I was definitely compelled to try to finish the game without stopping, just like the last game I played, luckily it wasn't endless with the levels, it was just the right amount! It also felt like the difficulty kind of went up and down throughout the game, as opposed to just increasing consistently level by level. I liked that honestly.

That was awesome, kept me hooked till the very end, I was starting to worry at some point that I was never going to finish! Great job, fun game, very creative and original, nailed the theme perfectly!! :)

The minute I saw the David Bowie poster in one of the screenshots I was sold(I'm a HUGE Bowie fan), can't wait to play!!

That was super challenging, very original and fun! I still can't beat it though, not yet at least. Great job!!

Smooth controls, cool graphics and really good movement and melee attacking. My only complaint is not really getting any feedback when getting hit or hitting the monster(sound effect, slight screen shake, sprite flashing, etc..), but that is something easy to remedy.

Your melee mechanic and just the smooth movement in general is so good, I'm inspired heavily by this game to make some improvements on my jumping/melee sword attacks for my long term project I'm working on, you did really good! Did you literally code this from scratch in Java or use an engine? Either way, great job!! 

Also, if you have an XBOX360 game controller, it works better than keyboard with this game. :)

This was legit NES style game, it felt, looked and sounded like a legit NES game, you did a great job! Very fun and challenging too. Music would have been nice, but not necessary, sometimes lack of music can create an atmosphere within itself.. I have to agree with Maxmoon's comment below as well. Excellent job!!

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Thanks!! I will take note of that for the post jam "full game" I make this into. I'm still very new to making games so I was trying something different with the enemy AI this time. I could probably come up with a difficulty system that will alter their health, line of sight, and speed according to the difficulty level.

That was excellent! Really polished, and fun to play! Pretty good enemy variety and AI as well! Smooth controls too! Great job!!

I had a lot of fun with this game!! That music made me feel like it was 1988 all over again! Can't really say anything bad about it honestly, the jumps were kind of tough at times, but I'm not one to complain about a challenge honestly. Great job dude!! This was the first game in the jam I played, so you set the bar high!!

Could have really used some sound, but even without it, this one kept me playing until the end and had me very hooked on beating the game, I just had to, couldn't stop until I did. Very challenging. You have an amazing foundation for a full game with this. Excellent job man!!

That was pretty awesome! 

You did a really good job with the theme, and just originality in general! I can honestly say I've never played a space shooter like this, it took me a minute to get use to how it worked as well. I got a high score of like 9262 or something.

Seemed like it was getting more fast paced as well as throwing the more "uncommon" colors at me, but that could have just been in my head. I really like the fact you made this with Godot too, I don't see that engine very often in game jams.

Would definitely love to see this game expanded on post jam. 

I've never played a game quite like this before, very unique! The color palette makes me think of candy for some reason, it's really juicy! The artwork is great, downright hilarious animations too!! Great job!!