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INFECTIOUS - Viral PursuitView game page

Spread resistance. Avoid the plague.
Submitted by Daniel W — 17 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#83.6253.625

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is a really fun endless runner, my highscore is 7628, and honestly, I don't have any feedback, it's just really good :D good job :D


Thank you Sinci1, I appreciate you playing :)


I honestly don't have any feedback or constructive criticisms, to me this game was overall well balanced and very well polished! Great job!!


thanks so much for playing my game live on your stream. It was really nice to see your reactions and feedback mid-gameplay. Im quite shocked at the positive feedback ive had so far, and appreciate you taking the time.  Sorry i couldnt stay on stream, i ran out of a party to catch those few minutes :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very good for a first game. Controls are simple and gameplay is maybe too easy for an "endless runner".  In my opinion the game has more to offer on the atmosphere, sounds/music and graphics, which are really great for gamejam game. Some kind of evolving system and battling against the infection would be awesome. 


I really appreciate your feedback. I agree that it's easy at the moment and needs to be more dynamic. Glad you liked the audio/visual style too, I'm happy with how it came out. 


It's pretty sick that the map goes on forever and I'm a big fan of the drum 'n' bass kind of beat that happens, really builds the hype up.  It has this cool "run from certain death catching up" kind of mortal feeling.  Would be cool to have levels or if you've seen the anime show (Cells at Work) there are other variants of cells like NK cells, T cells, Eosinophil, Macrophage.. that could be boosters or maybe freeze the virus.


Thanks so much jerrtato! that's some great feedback! I am very much looking forward to adapting this game with more variation and incentives to play for longer. I was briefly looking up cell-types but didn't have time to implement much. This cells at work thing is not something I'm familiar with, but what a great source of research that I could do! Thanks for all of your suggestions and I'm glad you enjoyed it


This has been great fun, simple but effective game idea with a ton of polishing. I couldn't get as high of a score as others but it's very tempting to train on my movement and get better score. I can imagine many ways this game could be expanded more, such as having powerups to slow down the virus, a special kind of cell that any other cell can transfer to/from, etc. My only nitpicking comment is that the look of the boundaries is not up there with the rest of the game. Otherwise, a very solid entry with lots of potential! Well done Daniel!

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

I love that you want to keep playing! I need to create more incentive for players to do this, and power ups would be a great addition. I have other things in mind too that will come with time.

Very fair critique on the wall graphics too, it was a quick hack to have something delete a node as it moves off screen and reconnect a new one on the other side (to save resources and create an infinite space)

Thanks so much for playing and rating, some very inspiring words :)


I believe this was your first game? Absolutely stunning effort! Only complaints, basically what Tim said on the stream about the blood cells looking like something to avoid (although I knew to avoid them because of the stream) and the feedback when you hit the wrong one doesn't feel like much of a penalty, maybe some kind of screenshake or moving the camera in such a way it feels like you've slowed down a lot would be better.  Only issue I came across is sometimes the sound didn't fire when I swapped between cells, but that's a minor issue.  Loved the atmosphere and the music and the game was really fun. Well done!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Yes this is my first game. Thank you for your kind words and good feedback. These are all things that have been considered for future updates and the sound bug is due to be fixed in the next version. It only appeared in the last 30 minutes :)

Appreciate you playing and rating!!


Cool idea, though it could definitely be expanded upon, maybe another goal to the game like something to collect or something. Maybe a collectible that would only be able to be picked up under a certain color. The goal was a bit broken though, as there wasnt a penalty, at least that i saw, for not changing color, great work on the soundtrack, loved the subtle ambientish dnb

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for the feedback CameronOtten! I'm sorry that some goals were not clear.

Changing colour increases your speed/decreases the virus speed.
Not changing colour means the virus will gradually speed up until it catches you.
If you continue changing colour and keep focused, you'll be able to avoid the virus for longer. 

I agree with the addition of pickups being good. Time constraints meant this wasn't possible. I'd also like to add a combo-count and some other abilities etc. if I decide to continue dev on this game. 


I really like the concept, art work, music, basiclaly everything. It was a bit hard to understand what I should do at first, but I got it soon after staring at the help screen for 5 seconds. also it fits the theme really good in my opinion. Overall Great game really enjoyed it.


This is lovely feedback, thanks so much Extrone. I started designing a proper tutorial, and then with an hour left, had to find a really fast visual way of explaining the mechanic. I'm glad you got it eventually :) 


Awesome game, graphics and music, my high score was 22k! Great job!


Thanks for the great feedback! I really do appreciate it


Intro music is good, and creepy.  Thematic to the blood flow somehow.

Sound effects seem there, but not overpowering.  I want to say that blending in, great.  But mess up, and you notice.  Even a text pops up.

Simple to follow instructions.  With a tutorial.

Graphics are game studio worthy.

Post this to an app store.


Thanks for the great feedback Doulous. I really appreciate it! 


Tutorial is lacking but i love the graphics!


I'm sorry that you had a hard time understanding the game at first, I've updated the description to hopefully account for this. Thanks for the feedback!