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Thank you Sinci1, I appreciate you playing :)

thanks so much for playing my game live on your stream. It was really nice to see your reactions and feedback mid-gameplay. Im quite shocked at the positive feedback ive had so far, and appreciate you taking the time.  Sorry i couldnt stay on stream, i ran out of a party to catch those few minutes :)

I really appreciate your feedback. I agree that it's easy at the moment and needs to be more dynamic. Glad you liked the audio/visual style too, I'm happy with how it came out. 

I don't have much experience my friend, I only just started creating games. This jam is my first one. I encourage you to keep practising and most importantly, finishing projects. Good luck with it all! 

What do you mean by somebody like me out of curiosity? But you're more than welcome! You deserve more ratings

you did a great job with the art! I was in the same boat, and this was my first attempt at putting any art or sound into a game project. Congratulations :)

Really nice and addictive game mechanics. I liked the enemy variations, and would love to see more, plus power-ups etc. if you ever develop this game. The bouncing angles etc. felt spot on and really playable. Could see this being a really fun developed app.

Kept flying off the screen too quickly, the controls are a bit tricky for sure. I do love the aesthetic, and would love to see some ambient ocean sounds or music added too. 

I like the mechanic, and I could see this evolving into a necrodancer-esque rhythm game if it had music and proper beats/notes when planning the movements. Speed increases/decreases and level design could make this feel nice to play. The restart mechanic needs work somehow, and maybe the hitboxes are slightly out, but I feel like I had to wait until just after the right moment to press the command. It just feels ever so slightly out, but I believe it has potential. Thanks for the fun interesting submission

This is a lot of fun to play! Reminds me of the old sonic games in a way, with a very different pace of course. Simple mechanics, but a fluid experience that made me smile. A very nice submission

Really liked the special abilities that I could take over. I can see this being great fun with some bigger attacks and maybe weapon and more enemy variety. A very nice wave game concept :) 

A very underrated gem. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the first level with the 'power' block, the gate just flickered and I couldn't pass through it even though the block was in the right place - maybe I was doing something wrong. The graphical style was wonderful and characteristic, and the puzzles were addictive and satisfying to complete. I loved being able to hit R to restart quickly, and I replayed some of the levels several times before I completed them - which was a lovely challenge that kept me coming back for more. The puzzles and style are very well designed. I would only change the 'Next level' button being a mouse click. It was a little annoying having to take my hands off the keyboard to move the mouse. Try and keep it 100% keyboard control - again, I may have missed something here. A really nice entry! 

You know what, even without graphics and simple level design, I liked the idea of being able to lock yourself in a corner to quickly align yourself with a passage. I liked the quick restarts too, and not having to re-do the pickups you've already completed. I could see this game being fun with a bit of music, some visuals, more levels, and especially a timer. I quite enjoyed this little gem, thanks! 

Ammo regenerates with kill is quite fun - forces you to time your shots and be accurate. I thought the jump was a little too slow, or it needed more 'gravity' force. Difficult but nice simple arena shooter.

Hey! This is a nice game. I like the movement mechanics and level progression. It gets quite difficult, but it's not harsh. The only criticism I can find is that the powerups are too hard to get in time. The shooting sound effect could have been a bit broader too. The clouds were very well rendered, and I had fun playing. Lots of little subtle things, like the orientation of the spheres in the characters tail changing according to direction. Good job :) 

Thanks so much jerrtato! that's some great feedback! I am very much looking forward to adapting this game with more variation and incentives to play for longer. I was briefly looking up cell-types but didn't have time to implement much. This cells at work thing is not something I'm familiar with, but what a great source of research that I could do! Thanks for all of your suggestions and I'm glad you enjoyed it

I'd have to play a bit more to quite grasp that, sorry that I missed it. It's games like this that remind me how videos games are a powerful medium for sending subtle, yet powerful messages. Again, I'd truly love to see this develop.

As a result of playing this game, I have been admitted to the local psychiatric unit with post traumatic stress disorder. They say that I won't leave for a long time, but... it's okay, because making friends here is easier than you think. 

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Very clever proc-gen algorithm and pleasant movement and feedback. I noticed that there were times where I didn't have any choice but to take a route the apples that would result in my picking up a green/bad item. The visuals, sound and level generation really sells this. Great work!!

EDIT: I just realised after watching the stream that you can indeed back-up in physics capable situations. I take back this criticism. This is incredibly impressive technical work! 

I really like the feedback on this, and I'll happily look over the camera shake as I know it was left in almost accidently for the most part ;) The knockback was really satisfying, and the pro-gen was really impressive. Love the clean graphical style and your take on the theme too. Fluid controls and fun to play, great submission! 

The pace was a little bit slow for my liking, but I loved the breathing, creepy environment. I got that the arrows were supposed to direct you back and forth around a seemingly infinite loop, but a bit more incentive to follow them would be good. Maybe a smaller loop or a sprint in which you can see that you're making no progress... until you spot the clue, turn around, and realise that in reverse the loop changes appearance. The ending could have been a bit more climactic too, but for 48 hours this is impressive!

This hit deep! Really loved how you portrayed such a philosophical and powerful story, I welled up a little. Such a wonderful submission. It could have been improved slightly at the end, with the transition back to the egg, and the demon mechanic. Really tied together nicely. Thanks for sharing this.

I actually liked the music a lot! The character animations were great, and the level was designed well with a functional minimap. I liked the level progression, and could see this being fun with more enemy hit feedback and more abilities that unlock as you level up. Great work! 

I didn't catch that my bad! Nice feature!

I had a couple of performance issues which made this harder to play, but it may be down to using the non-installer version. I liked the sound, and the intro music got me hyped! Really nice submission! Good job ibraM! 

I loved the lighting and the player character model. The movement felt good, and there was an mechanical eerie atmosphere about the environment that I really liked. Great work on the art! I did struggle with the gameplay a bit though, and couldn't work out how to get it for a while. The sound was great, but I think confused me a bit when I was trying to catch the audio queues. I really like this submission, thanks for sharing! 

I absolutely loved this. I knew I would as soon as I saw the title screen transition into gameplay - very clever. I was confused at first, not being able to control direction, and thought I was just going to die helplessly... and then the shift into encouragement and rebirth... it hit some feels! For such a simple visual style, it really pulled off a serious atmosphere. I think I played this game longer than I've played any others. The gradual power upgrades were super interesting and kept me wanting more, the movement was really satisfying, and there's a zen-like quality to it. The only faults I could find were... maybe it's not quite challenging enough, and that once the enemies lock onto you and charge, there's nothing you can do to avoid them. I'd love to see this creature keep evolving into something even more powerful. It reminds me of the game 'flow', but somehow.. with more substance. One of the best so far, thanks for the experience. 

Clever solution! I didn't realise it was infinite exactly! Great work again :)

I liked the inertia when moving a lot. Something really satisfying about being able to catch the edge of a platform and 'roll over' it if you don't quite make it. Air control as somebody else said would be great, i'd like to be able to jump the one cube platforms without having to go back and forth for the momentum. I really liked the graphical work too! That parallax :) Would also be nice to go and backtrack to a previous section. Bit more of an invincibility window after death would be good too. Great submission! 

The visual style of this game was awesome, as other people have said however, I did find that not being able to collide with a wall and slide down it was a little bit frustrating. The lighting was great, the sound and music were spot on! Particularly impressive UI, and the fuel mechanics were engaging and required strategic movement through the levels. I enjoyed this a lot :)

I really liked the fluidity of the animation and movement. The theme interpretation was unique, and the colour palette was beautiful. The sound fits perfectly. I had a bit of trouble clearing certain gaps, and I feel the level design could have used a little bit more work and nuance. A very fun game to play and pleasing to the eyeballs. Wonderful submission! 

A really unique twist on snake with some fun power-ups! Sound effects gave me a good grin as I was playing, and I love the level progression. Really fluid movement which is easy to learn and a little harder to master - a fun game, good submission! 

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I love that you want to keep playing! I need to create more incentive for players to do this, and power ups would be a great addition. I have other things in mind too that will come with time.

Very fair critique on the wall graphics too, it was a quick hack to have something delete a node as it moves off screen and reconnect a new one on the other side (to save resources and create an infinite space)

Thanks so much for playing and rating, some very inspiring words :)

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Yes this is my first game. Thank you for your kind words and good feedback. These are all things that have been considered for future updates and the sound bug is due to be fixed in the next version. It only appeared in the last 30 minutes :)

Appreciate you playing and rating!!

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Thanks for the feedback CameronOtten! I'm sorry that some goals were not clear.

Changing colour increases your speed/decreases the virus speed.
Not changing colour means the virus will gradually speed up until it catches you.
If you continue changing colour and keep focused, you'll be able to avoid the virus for longer. 

I agree with the addition of pickups being good. Time constraints meant this wasn't possible. I'd also like to add a combo-count and some other abilities etc. if I decide to continue dev on this game. 

This is a nice suggestion, I'm going to try and work through some of these tomorrow when i'm doing my ratings

This is lovely feedback, thanks so much Extrone. I started designing a proper tutorial, and then with an hour left, had to find a really fast visual way of explaining the mechanic. I'm glad you got it eventually :) 

Thanks for the great feedback! I really do appreciate it

I'm sorry that you had a hard time understanding the game at first, I've updated the description to hopefully account for this. Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the great feedback Doulous. I really appreciate it!