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A 2d platformer without jumping that uses an Oroboros roll mechanic to navigate the world.
Submitted by FlashViper (@flashvipergames) — 2 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Effects#942.1673.250

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This is a lot of fun to play! Reminds me of the old sonic games in a way, with a very different pace of course. Simple mechanics, but a fluid experience that made me smile. A very nice submission

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the feedback! I feel the same way; the game does feel a lot like sonic, with a bit of Mario mixed in. Again, thanks for playing!


This is such a simple concept, but yet it's so fun to play, and the art is awesome :D although I did notice 3 bugs, this is just in case you make a post jam version, so that you can fix these bugs
1. when you die, the coins re-spawn, but you still have the same amount of coins, so essentially  you can have infinite coins [I'm sure you noticed this, but didn't have the time to fix it]
2. It appears that these coins are unreachable without dying, since once I drop down, I can't go back up, and there is a lava pit the other way so I can't go back that way
3. Once you die in the lava in the cave, you re-spawn here, but the problem is that there is a blue snake there, so once you re-spawn, you die, and you re-spawn again, and it loops forever [maybe that's part of the theme :P], the only way to get out of this loop is to restart the game.
But these bugs didn't make the experience worse, I still love the game, good job on #finishingit


Thanks for the feedback! As for the bugs:

1: As you predicted, I noticed this. It's a side effect of the fact that I completely reset each level when you die, and I didn't see it as a problem. I never thought of making the coins vanish once collected though. Nice idea.

2: The link to the picture isn't working, so I can't pass judgement here. If you can get it up and running however, I can take a look.

3: This bug infuriates me. Long story short, I'm too good at the game. When I playtested all of the levels, I was so good that I never died. As a result, I never thought of this bug until after the deadline, when I saw someone else playing the game. And the fix would have been so simple too! This is just another example why you should always have others playtest before you publish a final build.

Overall, this game was about as fun to make as it is to play. Thanks for the feedback!


yeah sure, I'm not sure why it didn't upload the first time, but here it is, reuploaded :


Yeah, I was playing it earlier and thought you might be talking about that. Ill fix they soon. BTW, I fixed bug number one. Literally as simple as moving an object a couple units to the right. :(

Submitted (3 edits)

Fun game! The cheery music, bouncing and smiling snakes makes the atmosphere really good! That's quite a bit of levels for a 2-day game, nice!

(A tip: The credits text could be less blurry if you increase the font-size and decrease the scale instead)


I didn't know about the font size trick. Thanks for the compliments and advice!