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Thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚

So, "Yay, I won won but I have no use for the prizes" ?

Where does it say that "it focuses on one?"

Am I missing something here. They doesn't state that this is a "Unity focused Jam"

Also this doesn't support that it is a Unity focused jam : "All game engines and frameworks are allowed."

That's not what I meant, when it's a fully open competition, the prizes should be adaptable not focused on a single tool!

I need some clarification on the prizes. I know that the jam prizes are sponsored by Unity and that's why all of the prizes are focused around unity.

But I don't use unity and if I win, these prizes are no use to me! (I am not gonna win but!)

Since all engines are allowed, shouldn't the jam prizes be universal to all engines?

Thank You πŸ™‚, Glad you loved it.

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Saw that the prizes were all unity assets, what about prizes that can be used on other game engines?

Oh, I should've moved the bullet spawner closer to the player πŸ˜…. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing dude, you can only use the knife again after the first animation is finished, so there is like a delay between attacks. That might be the issue with the knife. Disn't really think about adding those to the keyboard controls, will consider doing it future games, thanks for the advice :D

Why is there no keyboard controls ?

That was a really good experience.

This is really Fun and nice looking game. Handling of the car was a bit weird. Also noticed the car was switching gears, which was really impressive.

Thanks LOL, I will not be surprised if it's 0/10 I didn't even balance the levels, built all of it in a hurry. Focused too much on other stuff, which I shouldn't have. Thanks for playing :D

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Thanks for the heads up :D, Unlisted the game from Browse and Search.

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This was made as a learning exercise for unity. the games was uploaded so that I can give it to my friends. 

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Thanks :D

It was a really cool little game, Really enjoyed it. 

Just a tiny suggestion - Move the ammo count to the left side of the screen. Since the player is mostly looking at the left side, it will be easier to notice

It never dropped a single frame for me, and ran really smooth, but now I can't hear a anything other than "coding your own games"

I really like this game, I really do. that squishy cube is really adorable, also the the art is simple and elegent but functional. Nice Job

Thanks : )

That was really nice experience, nice mechanics and feel, the only thing I had a little hard time was seeing the level clearly, the visuals were a little hard on my eyes maybe a bit too contrasty. other than that I really enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for taking your time and playing my game, I am really happy that you like it πŸ˜„

Thanks for the suggestions, I am planning to release a similar game for mobile platform, so every suggestions and feedback is really valuble

Also, I really wanted to implement the health/damage system, so I attempted to do it ( that's why the HUD has a health Bar ). but i didn't had the time to complete it ( typical game jam situation πŸ˜…).

Again thanks for playing πŸ˜„

Thanks Dude, I am really  happy that you like it, I kinda fixed the collision, but it's not that smooth to upload a bug fix. Gonna do better next time :D

Really enjoyed it, the walking sound is on point. Never played Doom or Wolfenstien, So i don't know anything about that aspect of the game : )

Thanks dude πŸ˜„, The whole level was made of individual cubes. I think that’s what causing the collision issue. I am gonna make a similar (polished πŸ˜…) game real soon. Oh and Dudemy guy will be in the game too. Glad you enjoyed playing it πŸ˜ƒ

Will do : )

Thanks for playing dude, Glad you liked it. I might make a similar game for mobile soon.

That was a Intende game, really enjoyed playing. Reached level 30, but died with about 60 enemies remaining. great game, one of the best games I have played so far. Good job

I really like the concept, art work, music, basiclaly everything. It was a bit hard to understand what I should do at first, but I got it soon after staring at the help screen for 5 seconds. also it fits the theme really good in my opinion. Overall Great game really enjoyed it.

Thanks :D

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Thanks for playing the game and giving valuable feedback πŸ˜„. I am also not sure if it fits the theme, I was too obsessed with the Udemy Guy πŸ™ƒ.  So happy to hear you liked it.

Really good for a weekend game jam, there is no shaders for the tree leaves for me, It has really good sound effects and music.  Personally I think the particles are a bit too much and somewhat causes hitch and lag. Other than that it's a really good game :D

That story is really funny, And fit's the theme really well, Awesome Game :D

Nice game dude but That snake needs to see a doctor real soon :P.   is there music in the game? can't seem to hear it though

This is the best game I have played so far, Good job 

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Yeah it’s a bit too easy mode, but it’s fun when the void comes close to you. 

Nice game, scored 960  :

Thanks for playing the game, and giving feedback : D