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Thanks :) I'll try it.

Just fixed it for the post jam version. Thanks again, glad you loved it :)

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Thank you :)

And thanks for the report, I probably forgot to check if the portal was active before allowing players to use it 😅. 

Thank you, really happy to hear that :)

Glad you love it :). Forgot to remove the settings button, didn't have time to fully implement it 😅

That was fun, felt like the correct amount of difficulty. And it fit's the theme really well. 👏👏

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing 😄. Hoping I will have the motivation to finish making it after the jam 😅

Thanks 😄

Thank You 😊

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GameSparks is an online service that provides Leaderboards and player registration and login systems.

It's unfortunate that Piskel is shutting down accounts too.I hope you can retain all your current data and find a new sprite editor.

I'm sad that it came to this too. I could probably remake this again, but currently don't have the time. I don't know, hopefully someday I'll remake it.

8 Jam Games made in UE4 for $2.99

These are some of the games I made through out the last 2-3 years for different Game Jams using Unreal Engine 4. These are not amazing games, but short [5 minutes max] little games that are fun to play when you want to pass some time.

Here's the Sale Link :

And this is my latest and most favorite game I made :

haha, nice 😄

Thank you, will check it out 😄

Wow. that's amazing. Never thought someone would draw like an actual drawing with this, but this so cool to see. Thanks for playing and creating this really cool art 😀. Really glad you liked the experience 😄

Yes, changing the size (like the color) is doable. I'll add that in after the ratings are over.

Thanks 😄

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That's unfortunate, can I get some info on the crash like, when did it crash? while opening it or after it loaded?

Edit : I've just added 'UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe' to the downloads, if your willing to give it a try again, please install it and run the game again. It has some dependencies like DirectX and other stuff that Unreal Engine games require. It should fix most crashes.

Thanks 🙂

Thanks for playing and glad you had fun 😄. I'll make sure to add that in the post jam version.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, glad you liked the Visuals and the Settings 😄.

Haha, Thanks 😄. This is like my 15th jam game during the last 3-4 years, so I think I've become really efficient at doing this 😅.

Really glad you liked it. and I will try to release it as a full game, no promises though 😅. I have a couple other game modes in mind, which I will add for the post jam version.

There's an option in Settings -> Game to toggle the FPS counter.

Thanks for playing, glad you had fun 😄.

A counter for the missed shots would be really nice, I'll make sure to add that in the post jam version.

Thank you ☺️

Haha thanks 😀, And Thanks for playing it again 😁

haha, Thanks 😄

Thanks for the detailed feedback, 😄

I have little to no experience with VR Development. So, no 😅

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I would like to submit these two games, hope it helps.



glad it interests you 🙂. But the game is not available on steam.

Thanks for playing and making the video, really glad you liked it. And also thanks for the amazing feedback 😄

Wow, that was really good. It was really fun to play, the concept was simple to understand the game feel was great.

It was fun to play. It had a lot of features and stuff which was cool. The sounds were good, the art was cool.

Certain things I noticed that could improve the game:

  • Q and E to rotate the player is really had, using the mouse to rotate the player would make it sou much for easier to control.
  • When the game starts, the player is displayed in a rotating motion, I noticed that he can also be rotated by dragging the mouse. The problem is when I try to rotate by dragging, the other rotation motion tries to counter it by rotating the other way. maybe you could turn off the automatic rotation while dragging and turn it back on when the drag is finished. (same with the map in the help menu)

Other than that this was a cool game, which was fun to play.

I guess I'll try it, but I can't rate it since there is no option to rate it for the jam in the page.