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Thanks for playing bud! Yeah the jump was fixed, and that sucks a bit, but I didn't really have time, I'd love to do that in the future.  Thanks! :)

Thank you for your feedback! And thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 

I would defo love to have another go on this once you add new features :)

Thanks for playing! Was it that loud? I thought the sound of the rocks falling was louder, strange! Sorry about that!

Thanks! Yeah it is brutal, the game is only 45 seconds long so I had to increase the playtime somehow ;) Oh and that jumping off walls is totally a feature, it wasn't a bug that I couldn't solve without breaking the game so totally left it in anyway, honest :P

Thanks buddy! Really appreciate it and glad you liked it! :)

Thanks dude! Appreciated! :)

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Thanks for the feedback dude! I will certainly work on those things :) the movement thing was an annoying problem due to the physics updates, it was either as it is and the screen feels a bit jerky or I interpolate the physics and the screen is smoother but the guy is jerky lol, so I couldn't fix it in the time frame :) thank you for your comments and for playing! 

tbh I found the shop early on, but I didn't really earn coins very fast and kinda forgot about the shop lol

I've followed you so I get notification when you release an update :) I'll give it another bash then!

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Your game is absolutely beautiful, as for the gameplay I wasn't sure what I was doing/shooting at beyond the little blue sattelite type things. I tried doing some crafting (after I eventually found it) and it didn't seem to do anything?  Also as I moved around the laser slowly disappeared until I couldn't see it anymore lol.  So there's a few bugs and it could really benefit from a tutorial or at least some instructions on what to do. Good effort though!

Oh and when you're building a UE4 game, if it's not VR turn off the SteamVR plugin, cos it opens SteamVR on peoples systems who have VR headsets and it's annoying lol

I like the idea, I feel it would benefit from either letting you fire missiles more often or reducing the density of black holes as I found myself running in to them quite easily even though i was trying not to, going faster is just suicide as it stands.  Give it some polish and it'll be quite a cool little game :)

Thanks for responding, that's a fair comment on the controls :) It was kinda where you introduced the controls with a jump which was kind of useless in that stage, it might be worth holding that one back and bringing it in later when jump is actually usable :)

Cool little vertical type asteroids game, I'm glad you put arrow keys in as controls (even though you forgot to list them in game) as it feels more natural for me in this type of game than doing everything with my left hand (I'm right handed too so my left hand sucks lol).  Cool effort dude! Only criticism is the movement of the ship looked a bit jittery and some music would have been cool. Well done :)

You're welcome :D

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Good job making your game in a weekend dude, I didn't actually get past the sea bacteria type bit, the collecting food got a bit monotonous and the controls felt a little clunky, plus the enemies popping out of nowhere was a bit unfair, it would have been nicer if they came from the side of the screen or at least gave a "tell" when and where they were going to appear so you had time to get out of the way, that was a little unfair.  The art was really nice though, I liked that! Kudos.

That's a cool little platformer, that slide of spikes was a bit evil, then when I got to the bottom I couldn't jump high enough to get on the second platform, so I decided to go via the floor, that turned out to be a dead end, then I couldn't get back up on the ledge so I was stuck.  Good game, no real criticism, just make sure you play test and do stupid things because players will :P Nice job!

I like the idea, there were a few technical issues, I actually got stuck in the floor and also got stuck floating above my boat, plus I managed to murder sharks after I died lol.  This could be a fun little game if the issues get ironed out and you add some sound :) Nice job!

Nifty little game, you've gotta think about where you're going so you don't run out of fuel! My only criticism was for me because the shapes of all the ore were the same they kinda blended together, would have been nice to see some different shapes, aside from that, the game is as advertised! Nice job :)

I think my best was 43 seconds xD Fun little game, the only real critisism I have was the star things didn't look threatening, I thought you were supposed to pick them up for bonuses or something.  Nice little game!

I liked the neony look of this game! The shooting is a little unsatisfying, the gun sound is pretty weedy and theres no feedback that you hit the enemy, that would be beneficial. Also the headbob could use a larger deadzone as you can be pretty much stopped and you're still bouncing up and down, maybe adjust the bob to how fast you are going? 

Cool game though, good job for just a weekend!

Oh the shrubbery was definitely green! I saw a dead one later and it looked nothing like that lol. I dunno what happened, I assume the game just glitched somehow xD  Oh there was another small issue which wasn't much of note, if you deny or refund before the guy has finished talking it shows the text briefly for "sorry my mistake" or whatever before it quickly disappears, then reappears when it should :)

I did enjoy the game for sure! Thanks for the experience :)

I didn't really understand what I was doing, the game started and I died, THEN I saw the controls (needs to be the other way around really), but when I did know the controls, I realised you could teleport, but only once, then you get sucked in, couldn't seem to recover from it.  Good try dude, but could use some balancing and instruction :)

I like the concept, the punch feels a bit slow though and when you keep spamming space to try and punch lots it resets the punch, which is a bit annoying.  Maybe with some polish this game could be pretty good, but at the moment it just feels a bit clunky in the mechanics.  Well done for getting your game out!

Yeah it was totally weird! I haven't had any issues with other games and my keyboard doesn't randomly type A's or D's xD So no idea what was going on! Good luck with your game!

got 156,702 xD Cool little game, but agree with other critique about the lack of shadow when you're landing, that would really help, the depth perception is very difficult when you don't know how high up you are, other than that, it would have been nice to have a "Dive" button to do some quite manoeuvres, but that's just me.  No other real complains except you could do with cutting down what you have in your project (581mb compressed for that game is a little excessive) also please make sure you don't have the SteamVR stuff enabled if your game isn't VR, us VR owners get the annoyance of SteamVR launching when we start your game else :P
Nice job dude!

That's a tough game with just one arrow to shoot everything with xD I feel like the arrow should have been faster, the game just felt it was a bit like it was in treacle. Nice concept though! I did experience one problem when I died and restarted the game it didn't reset my score or the level, so I couldn't go anywhere or fight anything, i was stuck in purgatory, so you might wanna fix that for future versions :) Good job!

Interesting idea making the player choose their power, never seen that done before like that! What would have been nice would have been a restart button though so I could try a different value without having to quit the game.  Nice little effort :)

Gave me Papers Please vibes! Could have done with a time limit to make you work quicker as after a while you just know what to look for and you have time to do so, so it becomes very easy and dull, but it had me going for a good few minutes (had a score of 52!).  At one point I had a shrubbery returned which looked fine and it was on the reciept, but apparently refunding was wrong? Very strange.  You could certainly expand this idea in to a proper game, if you haven't played Papers Please I recommend you check it out for inspiration :)

I kinda cheated cos I watched Tim play it first :P It would be nice to have a tell where the key is, or a hint or something cos not being able to see it in a sea of trees is a bit mean.  Also control your volumes dude, I know it's your thing but quit it :P 

Loved the art style of this game, quite tough but fun to play too. Are the levels randomly/procedurally generated? Shame it had no sound, but I enjoyed the game :) Good job!

That's a cool little game, really hard to keep track of all the bullets and not screw yourself over xD I did get the hang of it after a few rounds though! Nice little game dude!

Cool graphics and music (even though it's blatantly Hollow Knight :P ) the game is hard as hell tho, I couldn't beat him. Where are you supposed to stand when all the spikes come up through the floor?  Good effort though dude!

Sounds like a good idea :) You will only get better with practice.  You did a good job for not being able to code, well done!

Hey dude, congrats on your first Jam!  Weird thing, I had no music?? I'm not sure what's going on there, I'm sure it's just WebGL spooning out, wouldn't be the first time! Relaxing experience, would love to see you make a game from it out of the confines of the Jam :) Congrats dude :)

This is a great little game, the only disappointing thing was there wasn't more of it lol. I hope you continue this and flesh the game out, it's a great little puzzler :)