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He was testing Mac and Linux builds so hopefully :) I think he's possibly just postponing that until all the serious bugs people find are out of the way so he doesn't have to keep building it.

Sorry for the late reply, just got around to playing it!

Man that was tough xD I liked the puzzle element of having to kill yourself to get to the goal using your dead bodies, that was cool.  I did have a couple of issues with the game though which would be something to consider, on the first level, when you have to get your dead body stuck to the side, because the respawn was instant I kept going straight in to the spikes on the floor on spawn, so a delay there would be good.  The other issue was the controls were a bit cramped, it would have been nicer to have the jump on space, or M or something so it wasn't underneath.   Just something to keep in mind with your keys layout too, for users which have the AZERTY keyboard layout (generally French gamers), the position of A Q Z is really awkward for them to use, so it's good to provide an alternative keyboard control like the arrow keys :)

Good job though dude, really liked the idea!

Awesome thanks! I'll give it a shot tomorrow and report back with my thoughts :)

That's cool dude, just let me know when you've got it :)

Have you got a version which doesn't require an installer? I don't like using installers.

Cool little platformer, the controls were on point. The difficulty ramped up to an impossible level though! That level where you drop and there's just spikes below you to either side so you have to go left and right really quick, I couldn't get past that after many attempts! So maybe dial that bit back a bit if you're gonna continue working on it, at least that early on in the game :P Overall, good music and soundfx, the graphics were a nice style and as said the controls were cool, good job!

Cool little game, the action is very satisfying and the soundfx are really cool.  The only thing I wasn't overly happy with was the movement, it was very slidey, like you are on ice. I did get used to it but I kept flying off in to rooms when I didn't want to lol.  Great Job!

Holy cow my fingers are tired xD The difficulty definitely ramps up quickly! I don't think I'd be able to click fast enough for a full bar lol.  Makes for a different take on a clicker game for sure! The art was really nice, the controls were simple (of course :P ) and the music was a funky loop. Probably not something I'll personally come back to, clicker games aren't really my thing, but it was an interesting idea on the theme :) +1 for doggos!

That got it working due to Josh's suggestion, thanks!

Interesting idea for a game, it seems very like it's completely luck based as there's no clue to the answer to the puzzle.  I did try a puzzle and when i hit the switch nothing happened? I assumed as I didn't get attacked that I did it right (since the instructions say that if you get it wrong enemies will come for you) but the door didn't open, so I'm stumped lol.  Nice idea for a game though, graphics were nice, sound fx were on point and the shooting felt satisfying.  Nice job.

Thank you Stella! xD

My best was 2:47 with 2 reincarnations xD Great little game, I love the mechanic of jumping up the shurikens to get up the wall, that was really nice!  If I was to offer feedback I'd say the character feels a bit slow when running, not by a lot, but it could possibly do with some tweaking. Other than that the controls are solid, the sound fx are good old 8bit ones and the music is pretty rockin'. Good job dude!

Thanks dude xD 

Fair enough :) Well done!

I had to upload this to to get it to work, since I can't just load Unity WebGL games straight in to my browser. That was a nice little adventure! One weird thing was when I put the potions in the boxes, they didn't seem to get used up? It would also have been nice to have a "tooltip" popup when you mouse over stuff too, i mean health potions are usually red, but had to work out it was the green one :P  Kinda had a "Oregon Trail" Vibe to it, but without the dysentery, which we can all be thankful for! Good job dude!

In future upload your game as a zip and choose "browser" as the type (i think that's right), that will make it a web game playable through itch :)

lol love the Memification of Jim in this :P Very funny! Graphics were cool and the sound was awesome. The only criticism I really have is the controls.  In my case I just found them to be quite cramped and using W for jump just feels...weird.  The other problem is only having WSAD means anybody using the AZERTY keyboard layout (The French for example) are gonna have a really hard time playing your game, so it's good to consider alternate controls when making your game.  Nice job :)

Very reminiscent of Arkanoid, pretty well done.  Your bounce sound effect on the snake seemed to be cut a little short as there was often a "click" after the sample played. Game seemed to work pretty well though, graphics were nice and felt very egyptian! Good work!

Works as a snake game in space! Would love to have had some soundfx but I'm guessing you ran out of time. I did come across a weird bug where I was going up and tried to move left and the whole snake just froze until I pressed up again. I would also recommend putting a "restart" button on the death screen so you don't have to close the game and reopen it to play again, it's very uninviting to the player if they have to quit and load it back up, they might just decide not to load it up again. Graphics were nice and clean and it was pretty playable. Well done

Not a bad whack a mole game, the music provided didn't seem to play though? You could do with a restart button at the end and maybe a bit of polish on the visuals, but other than that it's a servicable whack a mole game.  I'm really unsure what this had to do with the theme though.

Sorry dude, I can't play this, flash is pretty much dead and my browser doesn't support it :(

The controls feel quite nice and the jump is pretty good, I understand you didn't have time for much else.  When I saw the menu I was expecting a completely different game to what we got lol.  It would be nice if you actually listed the controls somewhere, at least for keyboard, I spent a while having to guess what they were, especially for the crouch button.  Also after you go through the crouchy bits and the jumpy bit, it tells you to go down, but down is infinitely falling, so I'm not sure if you meant that as part of a theme or bad instructions for the player (since you're trying to teach mechanics without text).  Lastly I'm gonna tell you what I've been telling all the UE4 users, when you make your project, make sure you don't include the VR stuff in the project, when I start the game up it keeps trying to start my Vive headset up :P  Would be interested in seeing what this becomes.

Cool little game, it was fun eating all those zombies and I love how your dino evolves in to an armoured beast as you go along!  It felt a little wrong that you couldn't move the camera with your mouse though, i kept trying to move it so i could see where I was going but couldn't, so that might be something to consider.  The only other thing I will mention is something I've had to say to like 90% of the UE4 users, make sure you exclude the VR stuff from your project because when I start the game it tries to start my Vive headset up :P Nice job though!

Interesting idea for a game. Liked the graphics and music (although it stopped after a while and didn't come back) and the combining different stuff together was interesting.  I did have an issue however.  Selecting and deselecting elements you have on your table was really finicky, sometimes it just didn't respond to mouse clicks. It would also be nice if it just said what new element you discovered, not overly important but feels more exciting to see it.  Oh and another thing which a lot of you Unreal guys fall for, make sure you exclude all the VR stuff when making your project, because it tried to start my Vive up ;)
Clean up your UX a little bit and that won't be a bad little game, good job!

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Really like the concept of the game, akin to the classic side scrolling shooters and the music kicks ass, also I loved how you built up your weapon in to a mega weapon for a short period of time, that felt super rewarding! As Sinci mentioned, the player does move a bit too slow which kinda spoils the fun a little bit.  Also when you instantiate new bullets, you shouldn't parent them to the player so they continue along the path they were fired from rather than moving with the player.  Are the skulls supposed to move along towards the player at all, or just build up on the right side of the screen? Other than that, not a bad effort, well done!

Game showed the godot screen then closed itself. Using Windows 64bit with an OpenGL 4.5 compatible card, so it's not that problem as listed below.  Sorry :( Really wanted to test this.  You really should upload a fixed copy to either dropbox or google drive and put a link in your description page.

Oh i see what you mean! Yeah I left the colliders set to discrete as it seemed to work okay, I guess I could set the one on the snake to continuous to improve the detection of the ground. Thanks :)

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That was a cool little take on the old game Reflection I think it was called? With the twist of being "ancient" to fit the theme, you did a nice job! There was a bit of a bug where clicking didn't always seem to turn the mirrors, but did make the noise which was a little odd, I was also expecting the guys to die as soon as you lined up the right one, not all of them lol, though to be honest that probably makes sense, just wasn't expecting it :P Good job dude! You should certainly consider continuing this.

Wow, thanks bud! Means a lot! :D which glitch platforming bug do you mean? do you have an example? I may try and patch up the game and add a few features post jam :)

There is a lot of promise there, with some work it could be a lovely little game :) It's good that you've learnt stuff from this! That's the main thing with jams! :)

You did good!

That was a funky little game! I love the stealth aspect of it, trying to avoid the ghosts. The "pranksters" were a bit of a dick though, they kinda swarm you, it would have been good to see that reduced slightly. But that aside, I enjoyed it!

Nice little earth defense game! My only criticisms are the music is a bit repetitive and gets irritating after a while, the other one is it would have been nice to have the arrow keys as an option since the controls feel cramped all  being on the left hand, also the A & D options are not nice for people with AZERTY keyboards, but aside from that, the soundfx were good, the movement was solid and the game felt very fair.  Good job!

Really chill game, loved the atmosphere and the intro was great, it was really a look in to our human emotions!  Graphics were simple but did the job, I didn't like the limited field of vision at the start, it made it really difficult to find any of the blue or green dots.  Music was fitting and the soundfx were limited but effective :) Nice job bud.

Thanks dude xD

That was a really cool little experience! Music was very chill and I really enjoyed the humour of it! The first puzzle didn't really make a lot of sense, but managed to solve it out of my point and click instincts of "try everything even if it's stupid" :P Really nice drawn graphics and as I said the music was chill. Good job!

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Yeah xD The entire level is being prog gen'd from 6 premade chunks, so as you move forward in the level, it randomly spawns in another piece of level and the oldest one gets destroyed :) That was part of my "theme" having an infinite level xD

Really cool concept for the game, of course as you are aware there are a few issues with the game.  Having 4 enemies at the start is really harsh for somebody entering the game, I wouldn't pile on the enemies until further in to the dungeon, and of course as you know they are too difficult to kill.  I kinda didn't have a clue where I needed to go and I wandered around for a while, even used the evade button to get around quicker :P But the timer really made the game impossible.  The graphics were really nice, although the player character kind of stood out from the rest of the art, would look nicer if the character shared more of the palette of the rest of the dungoen (possibly the yellow that didn't go).  Nice effort though guys! Would love to see this continued!

It's a different idea having a sort of rock paper scissors fighting game, unfortunately due to the 5 second timer and the ai doing the same move repeatedly (guy on the first floor seemed ok tho?), it did get a bit boring by stage 5 or 6.  The graphics are good for something modelled in a weekend and the sound was very appropriate, I liked the knawing off of your limbs too, that was an interesting mechanic.  Not a bad effort :)

Thanks for your feedback dude! Appreciated :) I agree with your comments too!  The "going back" thing was kinda done on purpose as I'm actually destroying the level as you move along to stop the performance bottoming out, since the level is infinite, if you do well it could get slower as you go along xD