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Point of No ReturnsView game page

Submitted by Snow Fox (@SnowFoxGames) — 6 minutes, 51 seconds before the deadline

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Sound / Music#312.3752.375

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you us any pre-existing assets in this game? If so which ones?
Yes, Main Music is Royalty Free.

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Gave me Papers Please vibes! Could have done with a time limit to make you work quicker as after a while you just know what to look for and you have time to do so, so it becomes very easy and dull, but it had me going for a good few minutes (had a score of 52!).  At one point I had a shrubbery returned which looked fine and it was on the reciept, but apparently refunding was wrong? Very strange.  You could certainly expand this idea in to a proper game, if you haven't played Papers Please I recommend you check it out for inspiration :)


Hey! Thanks for playing!:)

Yes! I have played “Papers, Please”. In my short dev log I mention how it was a part of my inspiration for the game. 

As for the shrub, that is very strange.  Was the Shrubery green or was it just branches? The image of the branches was supposed to imply it was dead, lol. 

I do intend to further this idea with more challenges and an actual goal.  

Thank you very much for your critique, and thank you for playing! 


Oh the shrubbery was definitely green! I saw a dead one later and it looked nothing like that lol. I dunno what happened, I assume the game just glitched somehow xD  Oh there was another small issue which wasn't much of note, if you deny or refund before the guy has finished talking it shows the text briefly for "sorry my mistake" or whatever before it quickly disappears, then reappears when it should :)


Hmm that is odd. Something to figure out later.

And Yes!  I did notice that. I had to shortcut the dialogue codes a bit, but it's something I can easily fix in later editions. Thanks for letting me know!


game mechanic seems broken, unless it is meant to be 'always click no' which takes away any game play.


I'm not sure what you mean by broken. Are you saying that clicking Deny nets you points no matter what?


yes, clicking deny always nets points and clicking refund always nets points lots, even if the displayed image is clearly on the receipt.


I see. That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve played it again and it seems to be working as intended.

What I think might be the issue is the difference between Good items and Broken items is not very distinct. 

For example, they might have a Rubber Duck in their receipt, but the item itself is dirty and used, so you would have to deny that refund. Each item has a broken or used image that needs to be denied if shown.

This is my bad. I neglected to put any kind of instruction in my game, or even an image index for reference. 

Thank you for playing despite its flaws. Your input has been very useful! 


Walmart worker eh?


Haha! Any customer service job really.