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on a separate note I agree with all the critiques. I have an optimized build stripped of all the fat ready to go that drops the file size by 70% but can't post it before voting is over. The shadow im actually researching. I was forced to switch to dynamic lighting project wide and for some reason shadows are not rendering correctly. It's really odd

I dare you to play again and hit E :)

I got you fam

Replayed after figuring out the controls. I really dug the concept and was looking forward to playing from your posts in discord. I had a fun time trying to figure out how to fling my dot into the wormhole. I never did figure out the supernovas and would often have a hard time figuring exactly when to accelerate. Maybe work in some form of indicator for what direction you are going to be goin, like a short range line that shows how the gravity field is going to warp your trajectory. Either way, i dug the mechanic and found it pretty fun.

nice little design, simple and thematic. My only complaint is the enemies being too dark to see and the powerups seem really rare.

I agree, theres a lot of good games in here getting very few ratings. It seems most of the ratings are on the browser based games but some of the downloads are solid. Give them some love. Ive got about 20 more games to go and i'll have rated them all :)

Very cool atmosphere and I like the echolocation (but it is a little hard to click off, you have to look at the ground). I was unable to pick up books though. Really like the particle effect and would love to know how you pulled that off.

Yeah, i was worried about the balloons, they are indeed bad to hit and deduct points. Thanks for the feedback :)

Gameplay was decent once i realized I had to use a gamepad. The bullets needed a little larger collision or at least a larger mesh. It was kind of hard to see where you were firing and get a good aim.

Yeah, I hear you. Last day I was working on trying to fix it and found out the way I was doing lighting wasn't drawing the shadow (had to use dynamic lightning due to the size of the landscape and amount of meshes being drawn on screen at once). I'm not sure how to accomplish the shadow from a technical standpoint but i think being able to orient the camera manually while your chute is deployed would have helped a bunch. Thanks for playing :)

Walmart worker eh?

I dug the game, it felt a little slow at times but was an interesting concept. I honestly believe it could be a solid concept with some time and attention. Graphics are nice and lent itself to the atmosphere. The resource stations need a little hinting to get them more clarity but overall I liked it.

update to the latest version, fixes the bug

Picking this up this weekend, I'm so happy its finally launched!

I fear nothing... except those damn hearts that chomp you out of nowhere. Can't wait to play this game.