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Sendoff - Survival / Resource ManagementView game page

Submitted by TimRuswick (@timruswick)

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Sound / Music#14.0504.050

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Did you us any pre-existing assets in this game? If so which ones?

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same as the otters got multiple times stuck into doors. but the game idea is good sometime also confusion what the game actuality ask what you want to do like I can liftoff with my son but at other hand I have to use the space station for something but feels that like that is unnecessary.  

Submitted (1 edit)

 Got stuck here. But had quite a bit of fun before this, Goodjob! 

Edit: Really fun game but I keep finding myself getting stuck on doors.

(1 edit) (+1)

Got stuck on a corner in the Air and Fuel generation room, but I had fun before then. I love the art style, and the art in general. Game mechanics are simple to figure out.

Really like this one :)

EDIT: Ah, it's randomized. The room in question would be the one to the left of spawn. I got stuck on the left side corner at the end of where the hallway enters the room.


The game sucks but the art is BRILLIANT! 5 star rating given for ar.. oh wait NEVERMIND!

Seriously tho, I like the game, just feels a bit short and easy to complete.  It has potential to be a good 60 Parsecs type game, but it just falls a bit short, but what there was there was fun! Good job Tim and Kindred.

Submitted (1 edit)

Kickass graphics, great atmosphere, cool voiceovers. It would be such a waste if you won't use it in bigger or another game. Yeah, mechanics could be better but one  cannot  make everything in a two days. Overall a plesure experience. 


I really enjoyed this, played through successfully on my first try with a minute to spare, (without watching you develop it either so i know nothing of the struggles you guys went through beyond mentions now) 

i think it's just a quality puzzle game that doesn't necessarily spoon-feed the way to win, but i felt like everything was clearly communicated. the detail level of the art made me wish there was more to play just to see different ships/scenes, and i would've loved the ability to click-and-hold to move.


I dug the game, it felt a little slow at times but was an interesting concept. I honestly believe it could be a solid concept with some time and attention. Graphics are nice and lent itself to the atmosphere. The resource stations need a little hinting to get them more clarity but overall I liked it.

  • I got to all 4 nodes on the space path and node 4 just kept repeating until I died... also didn't seem to have anything to do at node 4
  • graphics are top notch for a jam
  • game play look wasn't really clear going into the game, the play loop really changed between the first 'get off the station' bit and the node part, the node part didn't really make a whole lot of sense.
(4 edits) (+1)

the art was 10/10 , too bad there is no section to rate art despite the pain and suffering the artist went through, however the gameplay was a 3/10  and they didn't even meet the deadline by 10 seconds , Music was ok

theme was on point, they pulled off many points of no return