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Interesting rea.

You made a fun Game to play. I should also give some feedback what you can do better.

-start with the Collision detection. I know you use GameMaker engine.In gamemaker you can make a collision bounding box this will help you so that the character is not stuck in the floor or walls.

-Out of bounds: in level 5 I can go out of bounds when I go to the top left.

-Controlls. I know first platformer mistake happens to me too when I started. 
Lookup how  players move in platformers. 

Sometime if the player don't hold the button to the right or left anymore the character move sometime a little bit futher.

-Show me how much lifes I have not for a brief moment when I collect crystals. 

But you shooting works good. You have basic enemies sounds and music and, you explain the game how it works. 

So that is a win.

Keep up the good work.


the art looks good and the sound fit perfectly. but the story is short and I am still puzzling if there is more to it.

same as the otters got multiple times stuck into doors. but the game idea is good sometime also confusion what the game actuality ask what you want to do like I can liftoff with my son but at other hand I have to use the space station for something but feels that like that is unnecessary.  

it is a nice defense game but like everybody else on this list I have the same question where are the enemy's?

fun game. easy to play. Too bad there is no sound around.

fun game that introduce every game mechanic at a peaceful rate. it took me a while to finish the last level. but I see there is more into this game I hope you will continue to make more levels.

Hack and slash with the only outcome is death. I didn't make it so far. I died with only 270 points.

second wave got a dragon me (****). the game need a little bit more balance but still a good entry that is complete with everything what you would expect from a dungeon defender.

It is a short game. but also hard to master with the mouse because I don't know how far player gets. maybe you should explain or give the player some feedback back when drag the mouse backwards.

Well your are the better player i was defeated 2 times before i could win with 5 : 3. but I will try to play this one time with my friends.

plays fun and you need to time right and think about your next step before you launch your dot.

fun game i can recommend it. it has a good pacing and smooth controls.

cool game, you also need to be fast to defeat the Ai. it took me a while to finish but I did it

fun game I like arcade games like these. my high score is 6440 of total points

I had to read in comments to find out what the controls are.

but it is a good game to play. whit some good graphics. there are some moments that i get hit without touch the enemy sword or other attributes. i don't know how far the boss go. I didn't reach further then his second stage.

there is not much in this game beside good graphics and some game concepts. but I believe you can make something out of this.

the game look in graphics wise awesome. but I miss some gameplay.  All i do is destroying asteroids and use them to build up my base. 

But there is also some food and energy level that aren't being used. I hope I can see more of the development of this concept and see what you have made after this jam is over. 

But it looks good

Easy by driving the car out of the city and drive back at the end of the arrow. some levels have open city exits. and some levels if your really creative you car fit perfectly through the alleyway and drive in a other alleyway back in to the exit point. I hope this have helped you.

(R)for restart so I can adjust the frog its power. the idea is good for a fun experience.

boy did I cheat a lot in this game. :D the graphics look awesome and the car works a little bit wierd sometimes. but this is also a good entry

I agree on the minimap and the tutorial and the player input for improving. I am thinking of that right now what i can do better for this game. and thanks for playing my game. 

I think this game works really well as concept. it took me a while to understand how the game works and what to-do. you can even add some penalty if you pick the wrong wire to give the player some extra stress. maybe with life's or chances. 

It is a short game but functional and easy to understand towards the player after some trial and error. and it has the base to expand if needed because of your level editor.

good game and a good scope for this type of gamejam.

great job. I still didn't finished long is that level. but the game works good can you also wall jump in this game sometimes if i jump a wall it keeps jumping on.

game is easy to control. the music is great. the UI was also clear to me what does what but in some level I could not see the UI clearly because some of the tiles had the same color as some of these resources. but overall it is a good entry.

the game looks plays fun but there is a way to cheat in this game. 

[Spoilers]  you can sit behind the tables and barrels when shooting the zombies bullets will just fly through it also the zombie AI isn't very smart it only attack you when it see you and if you jump.

hey thanks for playing my game. and of course for the feedback too.

I will look into the tutorial if I can make it better after the jam as well making it a little bit easier. I maybe planning for some more features for this game.

the game is fun but sometimes the level can be too bright to see were my enemies are. got a good run tough killed 10 enemies.

The game works great and the graphics are ok and understandable. but some shadows from the player can help hem were to land better.

I am a little bit stuck in level 3. i cant see when to jump in the game.

fun game take me a moment how to play this sometimes the controls didn't work for me that is because it i pointed my mouse off screen. but is fun. hopefully will put music and sounds in after the jam.

Took me a while to understand how this game works. but it is fun once you know what to-do. beside that I think your main character could be a little bit faster.

Good game to play smooth controls and easy to understand how it works.

What am I doing with my life?

Like the game idea that you can recover yourself after a few strikes.

like the game and it's idea in it. the controls are a little bit weird because I am use the with the Z and (.) key like in space cadet.

I like to play some chess. but I need somebody else to play with me. Still the game works and it play by the rules of chess.