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The FallView game page

A platformer in which you can't jump on your own!
Submitted by 43ther (@43_ther), Fatal-Exit (@fatalexit) — 1 hour, 13 minutes before the deadline

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Sound / Music#63.2943.294

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you us any pre-existing assets in this game? If so which ones?

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Great fun game, great job


Thank you! :D


fun game that introduce every game mechanic at a peaceful rate. it took me a while to finish the last level. but I see there is more into this game I hope you will continue to make more levels.


The last level was a bit hard I agree, would be interested to hear myself if the lead dev has plans to continue the game. Thanks for the comment :)


I had a lot of fun with this one. The music is very atmospheric and it fits the theme very well. 

I love how the them is not only incorporated into the story, but also into the game play.

The last level I felt tested the player's understanding of the mechanics pretty well. 


Thanks very much for the comment :) I made the music for this game I am really glad you liked it. Also glad to hear you enjoyed the game-play, the last level can be rather hard depending on how you think to approach it! We'd have preferred if we'd had time to implement more levels and mechanics, but it didn't work out.


Cool game, it really would be nice to see some more animations on trampolines and player.


Thanks for the comment, :) I had no part in the art production on this so I couldn't really influence that (outside of the title text and cover screen. I made the music for the game and as the actual dev hasn't seen this yet I thought I'd better reply :) Thanks again.

  • really intresting mechanics
  • good scope for a game jam game
  • would have liked the camera zoomed out some, game was more of a memory game/restart retry focused.  You were basically expected to fail a few times at some of the later levels until you could learn enough of the map to actually get through.
  • Fairly original
  • Nice little story related to the situation
  • graphics worked ok, but were missing something.  Even some squash/stretch and some particle effects on the bounce/launches would have really taken the graphics up a notch.

As the musician and cover art designer I feel your pains regarding the camera issues. I had them while testing the game and we decided we might have to remake the levels (while we were running out of time) and so we left it there. If I had part in the graphics side of things (and knew unity better) I might have tried to help implement some of those things you mentioned. Anyway thanks for your comment :)


Really interesting mechanics, chill atmosphere and lovely music. Good job guys!


Thanks Refraction I loved your entry <3 !


Thanks man! 


Love the mechanics, something original as far as I'm concerned


Thanks very much for your comments FMProductions! <3 Glad you enjoyed the game!


Very nice 2D game. If can add more levels That's would be more cool. Hopes see you next level later~


Thanks for your comments BeaverJoe, as the musician and cover art designer (I had no input on levels aside from testing)  on this game I agree with you once you know how to pass all the levels it is very short. I have no idea if the main dev has any plans to continue the project, I might ask him to respond to some of these comments later! Thank you again <3 !


Looking forward to you guys to make great game again~