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Hello. Interesting prototype. I think the game is currently missing a couple of things to make it more enjoyable. Game miss frames of invulnerability after taking damage by the character. Also, after generating a level at the start of a new floor, enemies can instantly start attacking you, it would be very nice to give the player the opportunity to inspect the level before the enemies begin to act. In general, an interesting concept may come out of this.

Thank you for your feedback! We are really appreciate your opinion! :D

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Thanks for the review, At the end of the development, we were already extremely tired and did not notice the incorrect name, I'm not repeating this mistake again :D

Great voice acting, good game, well done!

Audio and music great, graphic amazing, shooting is useless. :D

Thank you for your feedback!

Ha ha, thanks! 


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The only problem with the game is the lack of musical accompaniment, otherwise, everything is perfect. Nice implementation of the jam theme.

During the game, I constantly lose sight of the pistol when it flies off the enemy, it's a little annoying. I liked the surroundings and the music! Good job.

Cool game, I didn't like 2 things, vertical speed in the air is too slow for maneuvering. And there are no clues of what lies ahead because of this, the 4th level turned into a memory game. But overall the implementation is not a bad good job!

I liked a very funny and original game. The only thing that I didn’t like was not to turn from the cell on which the head is located.

I tried as best I could but gave up on platform three, the jump delay is too huge.

Very stylish simple game. Good job!

32 seconds 3 tries. Fun little game.

Nice game! Cool art and mood, well done!

Thank you!


Cool game :)

A cool idea to use snake mechanics in your game. The only thing that upset me on my weak computer was the game was very slow, because of this it was unpleasant to control the main character. In general, I liked the game, keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool game. Sad that it doesn't have any sound :(

Thanks you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks you! I played your game, I liked it!

Thanks you!

Thanks you!

I liked the game! But it seems to me that the car does not have enough reverse gear in case it unfolds. And there is something wrong with the buttons in the main menu :P

I liked the creative approach to the levels. But here are invisible platforms that honestly gave me a lot of problems ... Please see my game if there is time! : D

For 3 days very well done! I liked the game!

Good game for the first jam! The game lacks animations and sounds very much, just as I did not understand the purpose of the game at the beginning. Good luck Rate my game if there is time =)

Very fun and creative game, I really liked it!

A very interesting idea for the game! I liked everything! But in the beginning I didn’t understand what to do with the cards.

I already did it 3 days ago :D

 Thanks you!  I'm will make it better next time :)

Pretty cool game! I'm like how are you make the effect of breaking things in the game and atari looking style! But at the start I'm was really confused about what to do with the hummer.

Hello! I liked the game, but with visual effects it’s obviously a bust, after about 15 minutes the game starts to ripple in my eyes. I liked the gameplay, but it seems to me that it is loosely connected with the theme of jam. Glitches do not affect the gameplay of the game, or I did not get to this point, for the above reason.

Thanks you!

Thank you I liked your game too!

Good game and visual. You can put items on the different physical layers. To avoid bullets player and enemy bullets. Well done!

Pretty fun game! Good classic touch here. Some squashed bugs after death would be nice to see.