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The graphics and sounds made in the game are wonderful. But the game is extremely lacking in the game component, the gameplay. You can watch my gaming experience in the video.

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This was a fun game with deep thouths inside good job!

This game has very beautiful music and graphics, but a lot of bugs, I hope they will be fixed!

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Brutal game. I noticed that you can jump away from the walls.

Thank you for playing our game. I will consider your comment in future projects!

1) At least a few sounds and music would make the game much better.

2) Description of the control at the beginning would be cool to break apart and show in the course of the game if necessary. For example, while the diver in the boat shows E. When in the water AD and the left mouse button.

3) I got a rope bug when I jumped into a deep cleft.

I really liked the shark, and the fact that the body breaks into parts, a cool effect, the very mechanics of the game is quite good. Good job!

Thank you so much for the feedback and for playing the game!

Cool game, it really would be nice to see some more animations on trampolines and player.

I'm glad you liked our game!

Great game!

1) The music at defeat is very loud
2) It would not hurt to restart if you lose, so that you do not have to restart the game

Cool game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks for the feedback! Really forgot to write about the fuel.

Thanks for the feedback! It was an interesting first development experience for me.

I will remove the password as it will be the deadline to send the game, for now I correct it.

Cool game, a bit confusing at the start but pretty interesting when you got basics mechanics of the game, good job!


Very diverse and interesting game. I really liked it!

Cool game!

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked my game!

Cool game! Nice visuals and music. Not completed it yet but definitely will be. Good job!

Hi, can I'm sending you my game for the closed alpha test? If I'm can how I'm can contact you?

I liked the game, at the beginning of the game it would not be bad to write a hint with the controls, a bit not clear. In the middle the boss of the battle threw me into the menu, I did not understand.

Gorgeous work, I'm amazed at how much you managed to create in 2 days. The gameplay is varied and balanced. The only thing that is frustrating is that there are no checkpoints to start the next level at least with the 10th at the next start.

Если игра была создана с целью передать посыл, то всё ок.

Графика сделана на достаточно высоком уровне, но честно говоря, мне интересно возможно ли победить в этой игре?

Потому что у игры должно быть начало и конец, а играть всю жизнь в игру нажимая на пробел пока моё сердце остановится я не хочу :)

И это главный минус этой игры, когда игрок однообразно выполняет одно и то же действие, в течении долгого времени, становится невыносимо скучно, игры должны дарить обратное, удивлять дарить отдых и радость, т. е. я хочу сказать что идея которую пытается передать игра, передаётся уже тогда когда человек раздражён и потратил кучу времени, надеясь увидеть что-то интересное, не могу сказать что это хорошее время и место для подачи посыла игроку.

Возможно стоило преподнести это как-то более изящно, чтобы у игры было логическое начало и конец.

Nice work, gameplay looks solid.

Meet the dark blood temple, explore deeps and escape to the surface, and solve deadly puzzles.

This is my second 1GAM game, this time I'm have a lot more time, so did much more better than last time.



Мне понравилась игра, но можно было чуть лучше настроить аниматоры главного персонажа, с выходом из анимации. Неприятно когда ты двигаешься вправо с анимацией ходьбы влево. А так в целом достойно для второй игры на 1GAM. Молодец.

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In this small android game, you lead snake to become a huge monster, walls the worst enemy in this game.

Trailer: YouTube

Link: Download from