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I had so much fun with it, amazing experience! And I am amazed about how you could pull that off for the compo, because the graphics and animations are so well done. Keep it up! 

Was good for a 1 hour jam, I didn't find a way to kill enemies or to get far though, but the mechanics were working (moving, health, respawn). 

Sadly I didn't learn anything about zombies ^^

Good effort. 

I didn't participate in the LD, but I have to admit, I love the way the tutorial is presented: the mechanic is drawn on the screen + the game forces you to use it. Good job. 

Great effort! Amazing what your team can do in just 2 days. 

I'm glad I saw this today, your work is amazing! And seeing how fast you made "You left me" was even more incredible. This was an interesting way to present a story, and it would be a great fir for mobile devices. Sadly I played on the PC. The story was very moving and I can't help but wonder if this is something that happened to you or is happening to you at the moment? Because the first girl could be you I could imagine. If you, I hope you either find a closure or maybe better, another chance. Keep up the good work! 

fantastic game idea! A mix between strategic round based combat and action based combat. good job

Hey, excellent work! I wanted to ask if jump animations will get added too, but then noticed that the other packs already have them added. I guess this will too eventually? Either way, the quality is top notch, I grab all 3 monster packs on this halloween sale. I also want to use your Adventurer asset, it is just too good for a free asset! 

I'd love to see some jump animations if you choose to add them still for this pack, if not that is okay too. Keep up the great work! 

Do you know these games that have you on the edge of your seat? So intriguing and interesting that you simply can't stop playing until you finished the game? I can tell you, I had this experience with Witcher 2, Undertale and yet again with this game. You might think that it is just a short experience and the gameplay is very bland, but let me tell you: If you think that, you clearly don't see the bigger picture. 

This game reflects the very complexity we face in our daily lives, our daily struggles. You try to set goals for yourself, you pursue them and fail repeatedly. But what do you do? Do you simply give up? or do you try again and again until you finally succeed? Wasn't it Einstein who said  “You never fail until you stop trying.”? This game reminded me of the importance of the concept again and made me reflect some of my recent life decisions. Now I have a new energy and motivation to work on myself again! 

Thank you! 

Absolute madlad! Maybe I should have released my take on it before, but mine will be a little different. Great job! 

great. I like the simplistic graphics and it is actually a full little game with a whole play through. 

At the end I wasn't really sure where to go, but you can just try all paths. hitting a wall will reset your jump which was probably not intended but it made the game really fun. got to the second playthrough but the game won't be reset. so that is the furthest one can go. The jump sound might be too loud compared to the music. Overall though, I quite enjoyed it. 


if you have troubles with the game and get a black screen, try "medium" quality settings! We don't really know what caused the issue and don't have a fix yet sadly. 

Had fun with the game! cool music and sound effects. I'm not a big fan of the character controller yet, but everything else was really nice! good stuff. 

Nice to hear that, it is always encouraging to hear something positive about your games :)

Thank you for giving it a try :D

I don't know if you are trolling or not (sounds like it), but leafo already provided me the answer, so the issue was resolved already. 

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Game really has potential, I really dig the art style and background music. 

Minor issues: 

- no possibility to exit the game or get back to the main menu when already inside the game 

- it is hard to get through doors positioned at the left and right of the rooms

- sometimes enemy spawns can feel too overpowered (3-4 turrets in the same room)

Here is my gameplay video of it: 

very minimalistic but the puzzle design is just so great! 

That's awesome, thanks for the info! I guess I have to edit my dev log then. 

Thanks for the quick answer!

I have fixed the issue, it seems like it was a problem with the path resolution, although it should have worked in my opinion. The problem was that was not able to resolve 


 paths even if you are already one hierarchy level down your top level. I have made a dev log about it here:

There is always to possibility to continue working on it, it seems like a good base. 

Added now!

top notch presentation and menus. awesome game considering it was for a jam

clever use of text, enjoyable game. 

cool little story! liked the amount of possible choices

slightly addicting, but the thought of playing longer than the developer spent for making the game is unbearable ^^

it's cool, though I have the feeling there are balancing issues, but for a 30 minute effort, great. 

Minimalistic game, but really atmospheric music and intuitive controls. cool. 

The dungeon layout is really confusing, but the graphics are awesome for this kind of game. 

and I appreciate the options menu and the amazing tutorial that gave a proper introduction that the start. 

really interesting concept, but it was hard for me to figure out what I have to do. 
the minigame on the PC was nice too. 

quite impressive making games only using batch scripts. unlocking new games is a cool idea. you might want to remove the message that there "is a virus" though :-)

very cute little game. I missed the sounds or music a little. really liked the art. the color palette is very minimalistic but fits the theme. 

sweet, especially love the imagery of the town. very pokemon like. 


I just wanted to clarify a major issue I encountered when hosting my html game on I uploaded web builds from Unity games in the past and it worked just fine. This time I used a regular html5 project with Phaser.js as engine. 

There was the problem that the game was unable to load resources necessary for playing the game. requests returned an 403 error. 

I described the problem in a dev log:

Here is the dev log I used for describing he solution to the problem, which was rather annoying to find:

I still don't know the reason of why the path resolution behaves like that, but at least the issue is fixed now. The only thing I have changed since the jam submission deadline is the resolution of the game (someone mentioned the game was too big for the canvas to display it) and the structure of the files. I hope the game can still be a valid entry. If not, I can provide the project files I uploaded before the deadline, in this instance the game has to be played on a local server as exhibits the behaviour described above. 


(2 edits)

Edit: everything is working now, I reported my problems and the solutions to it in my dev log  :-)


When I try to load my resources from a javascript file in my HTML5 game project (made with Phaser), I get a 403 error message. 

here is the link to the game:

I'm sorry to bother someone with this problem again. I have checked other threads and there was often the suggestion to check if the upper-and lowercase characters are correct, since resolves paths case sensitive and that only relative paths are used. As far as I can tell, I considered both suggestions but still get the error. I will check if I can find a solution in the meantime, but I'd be grateful for any helpful suggestions. 

here is the error stack: 

GET 403 ()
xhrLoad @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
loadFile @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
processLoadQueue @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
start @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
preUpdate @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
updateLogic @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
update @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
updateRAF @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
requestAnimationFrame (async)
start @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
(anonymous) @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
execute @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
dispatch @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
_ready @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
_checkReady @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
_removePending @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
n.onload @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
load (async)
addImageAsync @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
addMissingImage @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
_addImages @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
e.Cache @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
boot @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
e.Device._readyCheck @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
setTimeout (async)
e.Device.whenReady @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
e.Game @ phaser-2-ce.min.js:3
FloppyGame @ floppy-jam.js:1849
window.onload @ floppy-jam.js:2604
load (async)
(anonymous) @ floppy-jam.js:2603
phaser-2-ce.min.js:3 Phaser.Loader - text[backgroundTxtAsset]: error loading asset from URL ../assets/texts/imgs/background.txt (403)


(1 edit)

Sorry about that, as it turns out, 1 hour to upload the project was not enough since I still have major issues with resolving paths for loading resources too. I checked other threads and suggestions are to check if paths to other files are written correctly ( resolves them case sensitive) and if they are relative and not absolute. Both of those considerations didn't fix the problem for me. 

Edit: the problem is fixed, you can read about the issue in my dev logs  :-)

Very relaxing experience. Liked the color palette chosen for the game. 

I love the idea behind this game: "Try to avoid being awkward in social situations". Nice little game

Very cute and charming art, and while there is not much gameplay behind it, I appreciate the message and thoughts that went into this game. Sometimes you really need reminders like these. 

I liked the art and the world seems to have some interesting secrets, but I didn't quite got the gameplay.