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Reminds me of Super Mario Bros with some twists and an adorable art style, really well done!

For a one week long game jam.. this is an absolute master piece! Visuals and art direction look stunning, the theme feels somewhat unique as well as the enemies, there is content for a few minutes of play which is not easy to make for such a short time span, and the challenge level for me felt adequate. It wasn't too easy but also not too difficult. 
The only thing that took me some attempts to figure out is that you can hit plants near the cliffs to make a rank path you can walk on. 

Congrats to your team! What an experience

Looks great!

What a wonderful experience. It was longer than expected and had a charming atmosphere and art. I also like how the backgrounds of the characters were revealed bit by bit. 

Simple game, but the animations and especially the movement mechanics are pretty satisfying, I also like the background music and the overall atmosphere. Had fun playing it!

What a surprising combination of ideas, was an interesting play!

fun game and good level design!

Meowventure community · Created a new topic Nice small game

I wanted to leave a regular comment but looks like I have to make a thread? This game felt quite charming, took me some time to figure certain things out though. good job on it!

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I am currently browsing through the assets section on itch. I found this and your other tilesets and those are super impressive too! I'll grab some of those

The use case for the tool itself is great. I have been using online services before to extract individual frames from a sprite sheet. It's also nice that there is an option for image filters like greyscale. 

Some suggestions for improvement: I have only see the option to adjust grid size settings with mouse drag and drop. It would be great if there were the following options to have a more accurate/faster way of getting the right grid size: 
1. textfield inputs for defining the x and y cell count of the sprite sheet. for example 4 on x and 6 on y would split the texture into 4 columns and 6 rows. 

2. textfield to define the pixel size for an individual cell. 

3. Optionally include a textfield to define pixel padding. each sprite cell will have this amount of pixels removed from its borders. I don't think it's necessary but I have seen that some sheets are set up for some padding too. Usually uncommon though. 

Wow, this was a fascinating experience, can't believe how much playtime there actually was. I also liked the simplicity of the controls + it was moderately challenging, nothing too easy, but also nothing too rage-inducing, just right for my taste. 

Dreamlo is what I had in my first implementation which only uses HTTP iirc, but then I switched to Firebase. Maybe there are other game hosting sites that allow it though. 

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

Yes! It's a very simple Firebase database that just accepts a name and a score (with some encryption checks). I tried something else before but there was the problem that does not allow http requests, so I had to look for something that works with https.  

Nice to hear and good to hear from you too! Currently taking a break from discord, but I'll be back in a few days. Let's have a chat then. 

I don't know why, but the completely different out of sync timings for clapping were super funny. Simple but cute pixel art. 


Good idea, we'll consider it

Very nice one button game. I think this concept would be great as mobile game too. One technical hiccup I noticed was that the sound effect volume level suddenly changed. Another positive is that it didn't really seem random, with consistent mechanics, so having it as game to speedrun definitely offers itself

I really like the game aesthetics and the core idea -> move navigate the ship just be rotating it and shooting. It would have been more fun if there wasn't this occasional engine twist, but I guess then it wouldn't really have matched with the GMTK jam theme. Nice small game though

I think you have an interesting concept there. At first I thought the objective is to move the player with the gun too, instead of with the arrow keys, because character movement is a bit wonky. Maybe more enemies, a tighter character movement and a bigger area to explore would have been nice, but cool idea. 

Fantastic visuals and presentation! I have never seen seen a game quite like this before, so points for originality too. It took me a little while to figure out how the core systems behave, but the way happiness combos are chained while unleashed is certainly interesting. Good job! 

Hollywood movie hacker simulator! Interesting concept, it is like a typing game with some twists. some prompts were a bit too hectic for me to keep up with, but it was a very unique idea an experience. The UI and prompts also were very convincing. 

Thanks for the feeback! There were a few levels planned where the mechanics made more sense, but we sadly didn't have time for it

Thanks! We might make a post jam version where we try to expand on concepts for high scores and more challenges

I had a lot of fun with the voices, and I think it was a nice meta game idea. 

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It is nothing short of incredible that this game was done in such a short time frame. It looks polished and has plenty of content + I really liked the gameplay. Special compliment to the engaging soundtrack too. Great experience! 

That game was great!

Hello! I just came here from reddit. I am not sure how the V8 engine does it specifically, but JavaScript is part compiled, part interpreted from what I know, some parts of the code will be JIT compiled, I think that is true for some predictable sections that will be called often, but maybe you will find a proper source on that (I read one a few months ago, but don't remember the source anymore).  

That was a very cute story, the atmosphere (graphics, animations, music) was very well crafted and nostalgic, was a nice small game ^~^

Good choice of music but I am also very impressed by the graphics you managed to make. The mechanics are decent, but the difficulty level was way too hard for me, I liked that the boss had a variety of attacks though. 

Love the mechanics, something original as far as I'm concerned

Nice little arcade game. The sound effects were working for me in the webGL build. controls directly translate and feel responsive. With the player speed and the fact that the bullet travels as fast as the regular player, it can also be quite challenging. And good to see that you did all the graphics alone. 

thanks for trying out the game! I will probably add the hud in a future version, along with some things to make the game more fun hopefully. 

The game freezes for me after one minutes or so, I couldn't make the first jump even. Not sure what the reason is. The attack animation could have been a bit more obvious too. You did an amazing job for the time given and your age though, good job. 

I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game (pumping up movement, the breaking asteroids and the ammo replenish), it also has a retro atmosphere to it, with charming pixel graphics, as well as bitish sound effects. 

Reminds me a bit of my game, but this one is much better executed. 

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Hellish hack n slash game, a huge horde of orange red men coming after you. The mechanics were explained at the start and I also appreciate the title screen animation. Difficulty scaling wasn't really good though, you get drowned by the masses, but it doesn't really add difficulty in execution in battle. Good job for such a short time. 

digging the art, the music and the way the text is presented in the box. Good job! The character animations are minimalistic, but make them really feel alive. Interesting narrative and presentation.