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Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed.

I will definitely look into GDWC, thanks for the recommendation!

I love this image you have made. Thank you 😂 

Hey, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed!

I agree, Calm Mind is a bit strong defensively, but it was the only way to make it winnable :( Something to change when I get the balance better. 

I think I'll consider being more ambiguous with buffs and debuts in the future, thanks for the advice!

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed! I have some ideas on expansion that I hope to implement soon!

Hi! Thanks for playing! I’m a DnD guy myself and am familiar with “Action Economy”. But it wasn’t on my mind when I made this, so I agree that the balance is very, very off.

This was first. This fight was supposed to be a failure and was actually far more unbalanced than what it is now. I had plans to make a few smaller fights after to have the player gain health and earn new powers.

I’m not sure if that would have helped the balance all that much, but it got set aside due to time :(.

So I tried to make it at least somewhat feasible to win,  still not taking “ActionEconomy” into consideration. 

Thanks again for playing! I really appreciate the advice and criticism! 

Very fun to play, though I am very terrible at it haha. 

I think what would make it better is if there was more input on the jump, like holding it longer makes a higher jump or quick taps equals quick hops etc. Over all though for a jam game it's well done!

I had a lot of fun with this one. The music is very atmospheric and it fits the theme very well. 

I love how the them is not only incorporated into the story, but also into the game play.

The last level I felt tested the player's understanding of the mechanics pretty well. 

Interesting concept. The art style is pretty cool, kinda reminds me of Ape Out. The guys dropping from the ceiling was a nice touch.

I found hitting things pretty difficult, especially since the player needs to finish his punch animation to actually hit anything(which I suppose prevents spamming if that was the intent).

Very smooth movement for fast dodging.  I can see this being a mobile app.

Hmm that is odd. Something to figure out later.

And Yes!  I did notice that. I had to shortcut the dialogue codes a bit, but it's something I can easily fix in later editions. Thanks for letting me know!

Hey! Thanks for playing!:)

Yes! I have played “Papers, Please”. In my short dev log I mention how it was a part of my inspiration for the game. 

As for the shrub, that is very strange.  Was the Shrubery green or was it just branches? The image of the branches was supposed to imply it was dead, lol. 

I do intend to further this idea with more challenges and an actual goal.  

Thank you very much for your critique, and thank you for playing! 

I see. That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve played it again and it seems to be working as intended.

What I think might be the issue is the difference between Good items and Broken items is not very distinct. 

For example, they might have a Rubber Duck in their receipt, but the item itself is dirty and used, so you would have to deny that refund. Each item has a broken or used image that needs to be denied if shown.

This is my bad. I neglected to put any kind of instruction in my game, or even an image index for reference. 

Thank you for playing despite its flaws. Your input has been very useful! 

I'm not sure what you mean by broken. Are you saying that clicking Deny nets you points no matter what?

Haha! Any customer service job really.

Hey Jupiter! Thanks for taking a look!

I’m sorry that it bugged out like that; I thought I’d fixed that particular glitch. The right arrow key was supposed to advanced dialogue, but looking at it now I realize it wasn’t very clear.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the Web build! 

The art style is very adorable, and the core gameplay is pretty  unique and solid.  Burnt puppies make me sad. :(

It feels like a game I'd find on Kongregate or ArmorGames, and it's very engaging.

One issue I had that someone else pointed out is the scaling of UI. Most of the buttons were partially off screen, and I had to put it in full screen to play the game.

Another odd thing was I received this error that crashed the game for me:

Unty 2017.1.0f3 WebGL error: Uncaught RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds

I have no idea what that means, or whether or not that's a problem on my end, but I thought I would let you know.

Maybe some music during actual play would be a great addition. 

It downloads a .rar file, and clicking it doesn’t open anything.  :( 

Interesting mechanics, but difficult to control. I couldn't make it past dodging the blue things.  I didn't care for the fights very much, as it required a lot of precision, but I think that the puzzle elements were very strong. I feel you have something unique here. 

Also, I feel that the first level needs a reset button. I kept getting the block/ mugger stuck in the corner with no way to get em out. 

I enjoyed this game. The art style really takes advantage of positive and negative space. The music is really creepy in some of the more dangerous parts, and it really adds to the experience.

The light mechanic was interesting and it made jumping around hazards much more difficult. For me, the jumps might have been a bit precise.

Over all an interesting game. 

Can't seem to get it to run on my Windows PC. Is there something I need to do to have it work?

Thanks fo playing! I’m glad you enjoyed the puzzles in this game! 

Hey! Thanks for playing! :) I’m glad you enjoyed.

And I completely agree. This is what I get for putting off SFX till the last minute ><.

Doors!I actually finally getting mine to work!

Further progress has been made! I have yet to incorporate a Street Lamp, but I'm sure I'll find a way!

Still Trapped though...

This one requires some thought🤔! But I’ll work it in somehow!

I think I got the first theme down with what I have so far!  I find it turning into a puzzle based escape game so far, but let's see where the next theme takes it!

Hey thanks for playing! :) I admit the physics can get kinda buggy. Still learning how to fine tune the physics engine. Thanks for the feedback, and I hope to make more games like this soon!

Hope you enjoy it if you do! :)

Hey! Thanks for taking a look! There was a bit of instruction on the bottom left that told you how to shoot the enemies. My bad though, the instructions are kinda all over the place >< But thanks for playing! :)

As in it's not working? If that's the case I'm not sure how to fix that :( so sorry!

Hey! Thanks for giving my game a look! :) I've considered using some of my own art for games, but I'm still focused on learning to code and finding stock images is a bit quicker.

But thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely consider it once I get better with coding!

Hey! I just wanted to say that this was a lot of fun to play.  It was simple but a real challenge to play. I also really love the art work. That is a terrifying sun.