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  • I like the target retinal shake when attacking

  • graphics look great

  • music is nice

  • liked running into enemies that were fighting each other

  • no apparent controller support

  • full screen doesn’t appear to work quite right on Linux

  • had a skeli attack when its hit animation

  • The ‘out of stamina’ sound seems to be out of place (not match other sounds)

  • needs an eat animation/sound

  • sword attacks 1x per click, bow repeats as long as the button is held down - I also expected the bow to charge when held down and shoot on release

  • wasn’t exactly clear if there were any specific goals/etc

  • the z/x key ability - I would like to see them in some sort of on screen UI

  • would be nice to have a close button when in a shop, had to guess at esc to close it

  • it wasn’t unclear to go to the village elder’s house to continue the quest(s)… I just found it by wandering and was about to quit thinking I hit the end of the demo

  • would be nice if spells targeted at the end of the cast instead of the start, so moving targets were easier to hit

Linux build?

sorry, you will need to download it from the page.

Sorry to hear that, if downloads are working, you might want to check out if something is happening on the website or on your computer. Unfortunately I can’t control download issues outside of making sure the files are there (which they are, multiple people have downloaded them).

Thanks for the Play! sorry about the slightly confusing bits. Yes the game length doesn’t match well with a game jam playing schedule (seems to take most people 30-45 minutes to play through).

The glitching screen got to be quite the eye pain after a while, which really took away from the game play.

could have used some better contrast between the foreground elements and the background elements.

the jumping physics were ok, if a bit annoying in places (check out the better jump in 3 lines of code video).

  • last level I think I was duping power ups (not that it helps much).
  • graphics, gameplay, etc all work really well for a game jam
  • I didn’t see a hint for -space- to jump… but managed to figure it out.

Game is incorrectly labeled. it is only a Windows build (it will not run natively on any of the other flagged OSes).

seems to be a very basic platformer.

there was some visual confusion in that some objects that were dangerous and some that were checkpoints both looked almost exactly the same.

The time mechanic seems to be to force triggers of the checkpoint/etc system… some of the paths needed to be taken seem way to long for the time given.

Yes, I didn’t get around to making code to update the UI controls based on what input types you were using.

Glad you figured out all the puzzles!

  • needs some sound
  • would probably play better if you could just shoot by pressing the arrow keys
  • having the gun info in the upper corner, with the speed of the gameplay doesn’t play well… as you need to be very focused on the gameplay… but also need to read the details on the gun info… putting it as a hud right over your player would work much better
  • the proc gen levels mostly worked… had a few were there was basically no level.
  • the concept looks like something that could be interesting with some polish/etc.
  • I would like to see the gameplay slowed down a touch… taping a WASD key would often move me 2-3 ‘character’ lengths… making fine movement almost impossible.

I did some digging… rar requires downloading a custom extractor. .zip (windows) and .tar.gz (Linux/Mac) are more common compression formats.

Thank you for the feedback. I have a larger project that something related to this companion AI is going to be part of.

ok… thanks for the follow up.

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.

could you expound on this “overall WTF atmostphere”? not sure exactly what this means in context of the game.

Yes, the keyboard/Mouse controls are listed on the game page. WASD, R, Space, Mouse, Left mouse button.

The game was shorter then I expected.

I understand that the ‘bug’ was the swap of abilities. but in the end, it felt like the game played out basically like any other player vs boss fight.

It wasn’t really clear at first that the heart pickups were for the ‘boss’ and you just had zones were you could attack from. (I felt like I had to hunt for spots I could attack from)… had I not accidentally ran into one of them, I wouldn’t have been able to kill the boss. at first I thought it was ‘if I was close to a heart I could attack’ which was just a side effect of how the first one I hit ended up.

game full screened ok for me.

Thanks for the play. Sorry about the on stream controller sensitivity issue. The game does have keyboard & mouse controls, I just didn’t get the UI to auto update between them and KB/Mouse was only on the game page.

got stuck multiple times and no way to restart the level without.

I loved the models/art.

.app is going to be a MacOS build not a Linux build.

Windows version just crashes repetitively under Wine.

rar format is failing to extract.

explaining the goal up front would have been helpful… it wasn’t clear what the goal was other then spending lots of points to upgrade various things (most of which probably are not worth spending points on… beyond typing speed multiplier)

art style was consistent camera could have used a small amount of lerp music was ok. background could use some parallax scrolling.

The second area looks like I should be able to re-power the one block to get back up. however that doesn’t seem to be the case.

looks like an interesting premise for a 2.5D platformer. Could become something with some polish and expansion.

One of the biggest things I would suggest adding is some sort of hover highlight to show what items you can interact with with the gun.

I liked the music and most of the graphics… bloom or something made it hard to distinguish some of the foreground from background elements.

could have used a ‘look down’ option.. a few of the locations had blind drops that needed to avoid dangers. (common 2D platformer issue).

Thanks. My current plans is to expand on it some and bring it into my larger project.

i was able to walk off screen, not sure if that was an intentional bug or not. character’s animation didn’t account for the direction he was moving (but everything was crazy fast…)

art looks good, music was a bit loud.

ran into some collision issues with walls/etc. probably need to check your physics material on some things so that the player slides on object instead of sticking.

the game appears to have issues in the web version, you have disabled full screen, and game doesn’t scale well.

spent a few minutes messing around with the html to try to get it in frame, but couldn’t make it happen.

the mechanics were very interesting… eventually got stuck (couldn’t find any solution to a spot). the graphics were a bit of an eyes strain when it was ‘glitching’ out.

that last coin is collectable… the trick is figuring out why it disappears when you go close. There are actually 2 coins with similar but different behavior.. which ever one you had issues with, and one other. Sounds like you solved the other one.

Sorry to hear about glitching out of bounds. Apparently there is still at least one wall clip glitch still in the controller.

We may have found a winner here… great scope, good use of the theme. interesting narration/story. good use of audio/music/visual/FXs. The biggest downside here was the game ended to soon ;)

graphics look great, music is good… missing sfx is bad. Is a bit hard to control the character, but I suppose that was flagged as part of the bugs.

I feel a bit over sold with the play on The Witcher: the Wild Hunt. But that is ok I guess… it is a game jam game.

I expected to be able to fight the enemies (see above reference) and felt let down from it.

the game play was interesting.. however it took a few times of running into glitches to ID that the glitches were actually causing the game ‘crashes’. Sometimes things like this need some better communication.

art style was consistent, music was ok. The puzzles/bugs felt more like random pixel bashing then getting that ‘ah ha’ moment that really makes puzzles/problem solving fun.

both convenient and troublesome that moving over something interacts with it (making it a bit of a moving puzzle at the same time).

The instructions/tutorial page was to busy to easily read.

Game played fairly ok after figuring out how the game worked.

I liked how getting the item would cause a background screen to come up which basically let you edit the level. Had a few spots were it seemed like you had to know what changes to make… or the exact moment to trigger the editor to come up to actually get through the level.

with some polish, this could be expanded into a more complicated game.

interesting mechanic of shooting yourself to propel yourself around.

Game doesn’t fit well on smaller monitors

the 10 seconds ‘rebooting’ on falling/other death is really annoying for the game style… this should really have a ‘boom’ your back playing again.. minimal downtime (after a few of these… it became a punishment for playing).

really needs some music/sounds

some of the gameplay/mechanics were rather interesting. came across as a story in platformer format.

Took me a moment to realize that I was even glitching stuff through walls, as the initially looked like paths.

The puzzles were enjoyable and sufficiently complex to feel like I was solving something, but not so over the top to scare people away while jamming.

Some background music, level select, and a short tutorial would round this game out nicely.


When Unity says windows/mac/Linux, that means it is in the appropriate editor mode for that, but you still have to do a separate export for all 3. what you have in the download is only the windows version.

Web version doesn’t appear to handle non 1920x1080 monitors at all (or at least not smaller ones). and takes a long time to open.

I can see the glitchy graphic design.

Gameplay was rather basic and hard to experience due to the above mentioned size issue. Would love to see a version that supports more monitor types.