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given that the game is basically 2d, the character should only face forward or back... had a case where the character was shooting toward the camera.

Game is really well done and the levels were impressive. 

 I ran into a few spots where I couldn't toggle back in forth to see what was in both time zones and died multiple times at that spot trying to figure out hot to move forward.  (trees/pillars jumping downwards part).

perhaps fading through black would be less intense on the eyes. I appreciate the seizure warning at the start of the game given the flashes.

Also, is there a reason the gun has such a long 'warm up' time on firing? I couldn't see any reasons myself and that it is 'unfun'  in its current setting.

yup that was it.

web version attack input doesn't appear to work

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Thank you for the feedback!

I am guessing you mean that the character turns with the camera and A/D do a side step type movement and S does a walk/run backwards animation?

I did some looking on 3rd person cameras and found some did it the same way I did and some did it the way above.  I would have to try both to see which worked better for the game.  The way above seems to match 3rd person shooters.  The way I did it matched things like Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero dawn.  I do think the later two do do something like the above when aiming a ranged weapon.  

Definitely something I would try out and compare for any future game like this and see which plays better.

Thank you.   I would have liked to have had time to put more content in.

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nice menu with the pan-around the levels.
I liked the models
pause menu leaves the cursor hidden so hard to impossible to interact with it
game needs some instructions on how to play
couldn't figure out the first puzzle or why pressing e (found that by pressing stuff at random) spawned a copy of yourself and that right click cause you to 'look at your self?' from its point of view or what that even did beyond making it hard to control yourself.
there was music on the menu screen but not once you were playing the game.

The Linux build there is the 32bit version.  You would want to do the x86 + x86x_64 (Universal) build from Unity.   

I believe you had issues with your archiving.  Only thing in that file looks like some json data describing the files needed for the game.

Most people running Linux are going to need the 64bit version not the 32bit version.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Really nice pixel art
Interesting Mechanic, Liked the Jump one way to get a 'jump' the other way because of how the physics worked.
Could have used some sounds.

interesting platforming idea where you have your character and the mirror below.
took multiple retries just to get to the end of the tutorial level.
music was reasonable,  A jump sound would have been nice.
I managed to glitch into the side of of some of the platforms and get stuck.
would be nice if the hit box on the spikes was the same size as the spikes (or something - character was getting damaged by the spikes with out actually hitting them)

Got stuck on the second level - block against wall and couldn't pull it off of it.

Graphics/models look nice
good use of theme
good puzzles (other then the got stuck issue)
could have used some sounds/music
had a few cases there the animation state of the character appears that it was not correctly updating.  Character was walking around in the 'pushing' animation when not pushing.  Also had a few cases of the opposite.

I see the explanation about the two files, but I didn't see any instructions.  Are they perhaps in the video?

Looks like you are using unity and did the Linux export for 32bit only.  there is a x86 & x86_64 (Universal) option that will build both the 32bit and 64bit versions.  (personal computers hardware has been 64bit for ~10 years).

Interesting world flip mechanic.  
good pixel graphics.
would be significantly helped by some audio/music and animations on the corgis.
The one level, while short was sufficient to get a good feel for the game. 

Hall of the Dwarven Demo -> I am not sure how this is a game.  It seems like a flythrough that you can turn the camera some.  This seems to be the one that matches the screenshots.

Mechanics Prototype -> needs some sort of tutorial/controls window to ID how to play. I got stuck in a whole in the world almost immediately. Tried again, and ended up in the same spot

only had windows executable in file

nice pixel graphics
reasonable sound
interesting interpretation of the mirror theme.  I was expecting that 'seeing yourself' not touching the mirrors was going to be the trigger.
I ran into some issues with the jump where at times I couldn't jump. 

nice use of mirrors related to the theme.
would have been nice to have less glow on the walls (in at least the last zone), made for some really intense contrast between the light and dark, started to hurt the eyes and was hard to see where everything was going.
sounds were good. music felt a little to fast beat for for my liking give the 'there is a time limit' feeling.

nice use of mirror theme.  
graphics were descent, but oddly low performance given the detail level of the models, etc.
nice character models.
I was slightly jarred by the turrets in the office space, they seemed out of place.
Level design was nice. Puzzles were interesting. 

Got stuck 3rd? level, couldn't figure out a way to get the door to open.

That did it, it is running with reasonable framerate now.

you shouldn't us copyrighted materials. That would normally include music or any assets from another game.

i did some research. It looks like the 32bit libraries may be able to be installed on a 64bit version. But aren't by default as the are not needed. Since this isn't installed via a package manager, dependencies are not auto installed (which in this case is the 32 bit libraries). 

32bit comes with some significant memory limitations and what not. I believe the only reason to have 32bit binaries for any OS would be for backwards compatibility with old computers that don't have 64bit processors.

i was trying that, but the platforming area was getting annoying given that for some of the jumps, if not timed exactly right, you fall.  They got to frustrating to keep trying.

It appears to have built, but had some serious performance issues. Not sure why, but game was only in windowed mode (couldn't change any graphics settings) and had a frame rate around 1fps, but only pushed my CPU usage to 50% of one core.

Good music/sound.
nice use of theme with the whole only your mirrored version can interact.  Ran into what might be an issue, could't jump over the wall in the platforming room with the block... manage to push the block into the mirror and take it out from the other side.  Couldn't figure out the intended solution for room 3? were it appears that you need to set blocks on both switches... however it seems to not have enough blocks.

nice game, good mechanics.
good use of sound.  nice puzzles. 

I found the the change from being able to plan to having to time multiple teleports & jumps in a short time to jarring and unexpected. 

The random level/level maker was a nice touch.

not bad.  Interesting platforming mechanic.  The fast level restart is nice given that there is a few spots  that were basically trial an error (or at least I did't figure out how to know where to land with out falling a few times to see what was below).  Was confused on the last level where all the enemies were 'locked up' and just needed to platform to the end, no enemies in a location that were a danger.  Somethings that would be a nice addition would be a 'look around' ability so you can plan your jumps that are 'off screen' and even some really basic 8-bit sounds for the jumping and shots (ie http://www.bfxr.net/).  the controls felt responsive and tight, level design was decent.

I couldn't figure out how to get out of the first location.  I think I tried all the combinations of mirror colors and movement available.

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Linux build runs... but has an abysmal and unplayable frame rate on my computer.  Couldn't find a graphics quality setting to change the resolution or quality to see if that would help.  What was odd is that CPU usage was only at about 50% of one core, so it wasn't CPU bound and the graphics don't look like something that should make my GPU choke (maybe there is, I just have the integrated intel graphics that is part of my 7th gen i5).

Thanks for trying on the Linux build!

Linux version only has the 32-bit Unity executable in it. :( 
If you choose x86 + x86_64 (Universal) you will provide both the 32 and 64 bit versions.
I may have time to see if I can get 32bit programs to run on my 64 bit machine.

Game file is incorrectly labeled and only has a windows executable in it.

Download only has a windows executable

thanks for trying. I will let you know how it works when I get home and can test it.

Pay attention to the comments.
It takes at least 2 play-throughs to experience everything.

Game is tagged as having IOS/Linux versions but only has a windows version inside the download.

Really? interesting I wonder why if the have the tools, the would make it that hard.

Unity can build all 3 with just a few clicks. 

It looks like unity has a prebuilt core player module and is only compiling the support scripts so it can get around the limitations for targeting created by Microsoft and Apple.

If anyone has questions on how to export for other platforms via Unity, let me know I can answer.

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Final devlog. Looking forward to helpful feedback.  Two endings.

Sorry about all the 'hmmms'.