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likely abandoned. Time to to get this to what I want of it hasn’t been working out well.

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  • graphics look ok, for what I can see of them
  • level layout appears to be something you need to memorize
  • unclear what the gun can do for you
  • the very narrow vertical clamp is odd to me
  • really hard to figure out the intended gameplay
  • camera doesn’t keep the player in the center or lead the player (so you can’t really look ahead much)

thank you for the play and feedback

  • controls -> sounds like you were on keyboard and I wasn’t sure what the typically ‘face’ key layout was for keyboard, so I picked a set of keys that worked for both qwerty and azerty keyboards that were laid out in in roughly the same pattern as the face keys on a controller. Some play-testing/research here is definitely needed
  • no pre-tutoral -> not having a tutorial before the start of the game is a design choice. The one spot were I felt tutoralization was possibly needed, the companion does offer to talk to you and explain it (I think I should increase the zone were the companion offers this conversation, some people might go through it so fast as to miss the dialog offer) but generally I prefer in game ‘hidden’ tutorials to up front ones.
  • bland fighting - I can see this, I am curious how prior game experiences play into this (I started out on NES/SNES games, so this was about the extent of the attack combos/speed, so this feels ‘normal’ for me)
  • puzzles/ending - yah, I hit creative burn out before getting to this part and couldn’t come up with anything interesting during the jam.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Also sound like you didn’t get through all of the death dialogs, the tone does eventually change a bit.

on the AI feels like an ability statement.

would you consider Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time a character ability or companion?

if companion, what is different about this companion vs Navi that makes it feel like an ability?

  • graphics looked good
  • music was acceptable
  • levels were really empty and uninteresting…
  • if the block is in a wall when the bot drops it, the block disappears and soft-locks the game, and with how empty the levels are, it isn’t enjoyable to restart a level to see.
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  • keyboard controls - I wasn’t sure what the convention was for keyboard layout of the face keys of a controller, so I picked a set of keys that were the same spot for both qwerty and azerty keyboards and in roughly the same layout as the on screen indicators. I agree this is something that could have used some playtesting (with people who normally use keyboard) and/or research.

  • slimes immediately hitting you - yah, they are just randomly moving damage areas. The harm box of the player is actually quite a bit bigger then the animation - about as much better as didn’t feel weird) - if I had more time, I would go in and modify the animations to make the attack path visually bigger.

  • functional graphics
  • the fact that the prey are slow and group up (and don’t ever try to flee) make it so that when 1 predator gets near the group, the prey are all gone in moments as more predators spawn
  • I don’t really feel like I was working with the AI, more like fighting with dumb AI
  • It feels like the game could use some balancing to make it playable - for example, if the predators went still for 5 seconds after eating and then spawned a new predator or something like that.

from were the NPC talks to you, you can do directly south and bridge a gap that you could not before. It sounds like some sort of setup so that you walk near it for some other reason to make sure it is visible is needed.

thank you for the feedback.

I think this game’s quality speaks for itself.

here you go. Looking for feedback on how the game play feels

thanks for the feedback.

I can see how the AI seems like a skill, it is a companion character and is completely driven by AI (it happens to have commands that it responds to that mostly drive its behavior)

more content - yah, I wanted to do more also, but between everything else taking longer then expected and creativity burn out, I ran out of ideas to work with to actually make more content to fill out the game play after the end of the first ‘quest’.

I have been thinking about undertaking a 3-6 month project as a ‘first try at something commercial [that gets finished… I had started one other project with that idea, but the scope was going to put it at a 5+ years to finish situation]’.

I have ideas that could account for a handful of bosses, a few more mechanics to add, an over world type idea and a few other things that could work well with the game play I have so far.

  • appears game missed the deadline, should have contacted Jonas to open up a late submission (looks like the linked upload was uploaded a day late - file was uploaded and updated the day after submissions closed)
  • the art looks good
  • music works for a game jam, just enough, not annoying to listen to for a while
  • the ‘really long climb/walk’ to get the double spring feels poor, there isn’t much other then just time burning going on there
  • good to have the restart option as that same level you could soft lock the level
  • said level sucks if you do because of the long ‘walk’ to that first spring to collect.
  • I think the jam game was long enough to fully explore the mechanic
  • the collision to spring was bigger then I was expecting, making it hard to collect the spring without accidentally jumping on it.
  • enemies can hurt you even when not attacking
  • it was really hard to get the enemies on screen in a way that you were near the bot and not ‘in’ the enemies
  • graphics were consistent
  • game play looks like it has some potential - just needs some polish

I don’t think I am the target for VNs… especially dating sims.

  • the graphics look good
  • there was some issues with dialog advancing multiple times on a single mouse click.
  • getting to the ending, it seems like there was a clear ‘correct’ set of choices and wrong choices
  • interesting use of collaborating with AI
  • slight plot whole of how the red AI, who is part of the player’s brain, was able to hack a social media profile…. given that it appears that they are effectively hallucinations of player (or is the implication that the player has some level of Dissociative Identity Disorder and did actually hack the social media account)?

better to detect what input method is being used and swap appropriately then just lock out mouse movement because a controller is connected.

Also, the in game UI told me to use WASD, so I didn’t have any reason to think I could have used a controller (had it told me to use buttons on my controller, I would have figured out to do so)

Tried to play your game, but it appears that it was missing some libraries that wouldn’t install under wine separately.

  • I couldn’t rotate the screen - mouse look didn’t work
  • physics was a bit glitchy
  • It would have looked better using a material that wasn’t the pro-builder default
  • playing a ‘blip’ when adjusting sound levels is useful to help work out the balances while on that screen
  • overall, it looks like a good first pass prototype that could be an interesting game with some clean up and polish.

Thank you for the play and comment.

thank you for the play and comment.

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There was no game submitted.

  • graphics are wonderful
  • needs some sensitivity adjustments on the camera (or a sensitivity input)
  • it was hard to aim the spells
  • spell #2, gives targeting icon, but only fires in front of the facing of the character - the UI and ability don’t match
  • the cooldowns on the spells/dash left me wondering what the intended play behavior was to avoid damage
  • the walking running audio would randomly not stop - using a trigger for each foot fall to play 1 foot step works really well to keep this well synced with the animations
  • the animations look fairly good
  • with a bit more gameplay design/focus you could get a rather impressive game here.

Yah on the kids-situations, it looks like some messed up AI generated image, that could just be taken the wrong way really easy.

the logic was hard to figure out what it would do… I eventually realized that you could reload and shoot at the same time by having a reload condition and a shoot condition separate from each other. so on and so forth.

it appears that you might also be able to setup multiple heal triggers and get a constant flow of healing

there appears to be some potential here, but it needs some refinement

I doubt any specific feedback is needed… this game speaks for itself.

  • the cover image looks NSFW - at least at a glance, I was scrolling the games to be rated and one my my older kids was “what is that” then to one of the younger kids “stay out for a moment” until I got it off screen.
  • I was going to say no way to skip the into scene, but then saw this on the game page: “Skip in the intro cutscene - delete / q” - not a key I would have expected, nor does the jam send you to the game - putting a ‘skip -> q’ in the corner would have been better
  • My game locked up when I tried to interact with the people with ! symbols over their head multiple times, never got to see what they had to say
  • interesting use of the theme
  • yaen’s voice acting had some really good inflection
  • graphics were fancy
  • really need a drop shadow when doing 3D platforming so you know were your actually at
  • I didn’t like the need to wall glitch jump to climb things - that is normally a bug when you can do that, so it wasn’t something I would assume I could do - only guessed to try it as there was no other clear way
  • the ‘in/out’ directions appeared to be artificially constrained for movement - there were things that visually I should have been able to go around, yet I hit invisible walls preventing it.
  • the ‘bridge’ over the first pit moved in such a way that it made it very hard to land on it - maybe there was some sort of glitched jump I was meant to do to get on it.

thank you for the play and comments

I generally give feedback based on my perception of the game and give the same type of feedback that I would want to get. I want to get feedback that makes me a better developer not feedback to stroke my ego or consider were I might or might not be as a developer as my goal is to become the best developer I can be. I generally assume others would want the same, so that is what I give them.

(1 edit)
  • interesting puzzle game
  • not the type of game I would normally play, so I don’t have any good feedback on the gameplay itself
  • the UI/etc was all rather seamless and functional.

yes I figured out the camera rotate before movement, I would still want the spikes to be visible from different directions.

  • capsule player
  • AI seems to be more of an opponent then an ‘work with’ situation
  • some of the jumps/etc are rather finicky making it hard to judge the jump from the edge of the island to the ‘AI’
  • could use some sounds
  • the AI animation and islands look good, makes the player capsule stand out quite a bit.
  • I think you have some potential here with a bit of work on it to polish up some of the rough edges.
  • level complete sound is really loud (ouchie)
  • idea is good
  • rotating walls isn’t supper clear from the top down
  • it would be nice to be able to better idea what items were from the top down
  • audio balance could be improved (the bot ‘beep’ is loud and the level complete sound is very loud)
  • graphics look good, but could use some clarity for the top down version
  • seems to be some interesting game play opportunities here
  • from the name of the game, I expected the bot to only turn right, but it appears that it follows the path (first rotating wall, I expected to have to open/close it at the correct times so that the right turns only would keep it going the correct way.
  • with a few tweaks, this would be a really good jam entry.
(1 edit)
  • stunned enemies can still kill you if you hit them from the front
  • control is hard as it appears that you can only start a drag after the player stops moving
  • some UI showing the drag distance would be useful or the likely path you would go
  • the wall spikes are not clearly visible from different camera angles, they should be made to be visible at all times some how.
  • the health doesn’t seem to do much as if you get hit, you always need to restart anyways.
  • I don’t see were “collaborate with AI” is in the game

Do you mean the side panel buttons that have a gradient sprite instead of the battery like menu icons?


(1 edit)
  • credits menu doesn’t appear to have a ‘back’ option
  • I think the boxes should have their rotation locked, the free rotation makes it really hard to drop them in pits
  • the graphics all look really nice
  • I would suggest introducing the different mechanics one by one in a level by themself instead of a tutorial level up front - it will increase retention of information
  • I got stuck because of the box rotation issue, but it seems like there is plenty of opportunity for a very interesting game
  • Also - be careful with using color with IDing different behaviors - some people are colorblind and won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

  • given that you can have -9 energy tiles and a max of 9 energy stored without the drain kicking in meaning that you end up in a situation were you need to plan out and rapidly inputs
  • based on the ‘you can reload if you get a bad generation’ it seems that the game doesn’t make sure a generation is solvable, I think this would be a quality update to the game, so that you don’t have to guess if a level is solvable (or just keep reloading until your sure it is).
  • menus are reasonably well done
  • instead of putting the instructions in the menu, having them be part of the game play would be a great improvement.
  • the style of the buttons in the game play window clash with the style of art for the game itself.
  • the need to only clear 1/2 the tiles, while in the instructions, isn’t very clear in game - some sort of ‘you have cleared 50% and can continue’ UI event would be useful… IE the ‘next level’ button going from grey to clickable with a pulse effect or something to draw the eye to it.
  • not sure if it was an intended strat, but enemies only move if your on their tile, so you can move them to an edge and attack from a different tile with no danger
  • art looked good
  • the missing audio did really take away from the gameplay
  • the AI made it so that it mostly felt like RNG drove the outcomes, given that I only get 1 choice of tile and the AI’s very random placement of stuff, limits the ability to try to setup combos.
  • I would have liked to be have mouse over tool tips, so I could refresh my memory for how tiles that are on the board act.
  • I think there is some potential here, a bit of UI showing the result of playing a tile when you mouse over a position, etc would really level up the game.

Thank you for the play and comment.

I would have to test it, but I think making it impossible to fall off the islands would remove much of the free flowing movement and most of the challenge around the translocation function.