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Thank you for the feedback!

well then please update the jam details with what makes the birthday boys happy... else I will send all beaning your way.

see title

Thank you for the feedback and play!

I orriginally had it take 1 second off the timer, but when I got around to doing the music, I worked out the music in a way that synced up with the time left and had sound queues/ramps in it in time with the remaining time.  So I switched it for just locking input for the duration of the red flash (~1/4 second).

yes, clicking deny always nets points and clicking refund always nets points lots, even if the displayed image is clearly on the receipt.

  • 100 collections per level is painfully long given the game play.
  • the left/right is left/right + up was unintuitive
  • Enemies spawning in the middle of the map is troublesome
  • shy of the note at the bottom of the page, the objective wasn't clear.
  • Some of the enemies 'hid' behind some of the kelp and were very hard to see.
  • nice take on an endless runner
  • trail effect was nice
  • game got to a point were you weren't really paying attention to exactly what you were doing and more spamming up and left/right to 'push through' obstacles, not sure if that was intended or not.
  • some particle effects on collision and some squash/streach on the player character would really juice up the game-play.
  • really intresting mechanics
  • good scope for a game jam game
  • would have liked the camera zoomed out some, game was more of a memory game/restart retry focused.  You were basically expected to fail a few times at some of the later levels until you could learn enough of the map to actually get through.
  • Fairly original
  • Nice little story related to the situation
  • graphics worked ok, but were missing something.  Even some squash/stretch and some particle effects on the bounce/launches would have really taken the graphics up a notch.

It looks like a possible interesting concept, however there are lots of buttons and moving things to figure out/remember for a game jam.  Usually games with this much going on, teach it to you over a meaningful amount of play time, not front load it all inside of a minute or so (which is how long a game jam tutorial often is if there is one).

The game also felt like it was fighting between being some sort of flight simulator of which the physics were odd and a city planing/building system, which was hard to experience to its fullness given the flight simulator bit + the number of controls/systems going on.

It looks like you have some really interesting ideas, some play-testing and experimenting will take you a long way to getting an interesting game.

  • looks like some potentially interesting mechanics, however takes a few plays to figure them out and game was soft locking

not sure if this was a serious entry or a joke.

Nice simple space shooter, mechanics work well.

Not quite sure what the goal is here.  Apears that your orbiting a black hole, but can just fly away and off the screen.

  • Interesting gamplay, would be be nice if the player was at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top.  once you get going fast, you have almost 0 reaction time.
  • Wasn't really sure what value the missiles had, if your going fast, they will never get to something before you, and if your going slow your loosing points fast.

game mechanic seems broken, unless it is meant to be 'always click no' which takes away any game play.

Dragon on the 3rd or 4th wave? with no way to have more then 1 arrow and it takes multiple arrows to kill?  major difficulty spike.

Thank you.  That was actually a design choice to not have the looping (code difference is fairly trivial to do either).

I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • jump feels really floaty
  • found some platforms I couldn't make the jump on, but looked like I should be able to
  • went up to were the chest was, got stuck, tried dropping back down and the game basically soft locked (camera didn't come back down with me) - I couldn't get up any more platforms and the inability to go anywhere else.
  • I got to all 4 nodes on the space path and node 4 just kept repeating until I died... also didn't seem to have anything to do at node 4
  • graphics are top notch for a jam
  • game play look wasn't really clear going into the game, the play loop really changed between the first 'get off the station' bit and the node part, the node part didn't really make a whole lot of sense.
  • I loved the 'ugg lets try again' bit. would have liked one for getting hit also +1 for humor.
  • the 'press wasd to move around' bit is really long and painfully anoying on the 10th attempt while seeing what else you can do outside the cave
  • I got some really odd movement physics inside the cave.
  • graphics look nice.
  • RNG puts you in spots that it is basically impossible to catch 2 different people
  • took a while to understand that the 'box' looking stuff was stacks of money.
  • good and creative use of the theme.
  • music/sfx kicked in late and supprisingly.
  • wasn't clear from the UI that you had limited fuel, didn't see any reason to to back up until the game died on me.
  • the intro graphics were really nice.
  • player character looks like Ethan from the unity standard assets package. (very distinct silhouette)
  • why killing people by punching them would reset a poison to the death situation doesn't make much sense... but gameplay logic?
  • if you punch again while punching it just keeps resetting the animation causing the character to bug out.
  • how the score works isn't really clear at the start of things.
  • graphics look good.
  • character is oddly 'slippery' given the limited movement
  • musix/sfx worked well with the game
  • jump feels floaty
  • hitbox on the spikes feels to big (normally they are slightly smaller then the mesh to give some grace space on the hits)

graphics are basic but functional. gameplay loop is fully there.  was fairly easy to figure out the game play.

a good second jam game.

web version had some clipping issues were you couldn't see the whole level

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  • Escape, brings up the menu, but doesn't release the mouse
  • really bad z-fighting on meshes.
  • good job at making a game in almost no time.
  • music/gun sound balance is a bit off... the first shot startled me with how loud it was

Thank you, will not be joining

Does this exclude pre-existing library code that you have written for yourself?  The phrasing of the sentence isn't clear if "publicly available" applies to code or just non-code assets.

- All assets must be created from scratch for this jam EXCEPT any publicly available (free or open source) assets or code (like Kenny'sor stuff on OpenGameArt or stuff on the asset store)

Thank you for re-play clip of you playing the game!

Sorry,  I don't tend to post source code/game projects bases.   

Do the rules allow/disallow pre-existing Library code?

I have a bunch of scripts that I frequently re-use, is this allowed/disallowed by the rules?

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing!

The number of physics glitches you found was funny.  I did't realize the mountains were climbable like that. nor did I catch that the gem wasn't physics enabled to make it fall. 

Combat is a bit on the challenging - the character's attack distance + timing makes it really hard to hit the red chargers.  And the stun duration  prevents counter attacks.

Graphics style is really interesting - I would have like a bit of interest in the trees leaves, so they weren't quite so flat in color.

The blue rune kept disappearing on me, and if I got close it wouldn't come back.

Enemies took took long to explode to release their goodies.

Game does not have a Linux build in the downloadable.  Appears to have the Unity source files + a Windows build.

yes, I didn't think of the fact that people would try to drop the weeds in the bin instead of giving the weeds to the bin.  If I update the game, I will probably add a trigger above the bin that detects the weeds and puts them in the bin, so dropping the weeds also works.

  • I liked the mini games.
  • the art was nice
  • I wasn't sure what exactly I was doing... other then randomly moving around a map that I would have to map on paper to use.. Game could really use some sort of progress or better understanding of the goal.
  • Music is very thematic, but after a while it got on me some.  There was never a let up in the intensity in the 'combat' music.  There wasn't any release, it just felt like a constant build up of tension.

It was unclear that you had to spam jump to get up to the platforms at first (I only finally tried once it was clear you couldn't get up any other way).
Something in the level logic might be messed up... I killed the big goon 1x time, but only the robots on the time I finished the level.  not sure if I only had to kill the robots or if it remembered me killing the big goon from a prior round and made a mistake there.
Given the weakness of animation, I would have liked to see the combat character arena character to have a small amount of animation, even if it was only a few key frame poses to go along with their actions.

The cut scenes were longer then I would have liked given the amount of game play (It felt like there was more cut scene then gameplay). 

Music style is very unique and interesting.