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Thanks for your feedback! I planned that the time will go down in later levels.. but then the deadline passed almost unexpectedly. Time goes so fast in game jams :) It's a question of ballancing though.. thats always hard in game jams - for some people it's too easy, for others too hard

Thanks! I actually thought about procedural generation of levels.. I had a simple perlin noise based level generator in there but had no time to polish it to generate nice and playable levels.. I agree though! If I manage to polish level generator I could make a small mobile game from it.

Nice mechanics, also the gun feels great. I bet you added cheaty auto aiming to feel more satisfying  :) But it's great idea, it's more fun when I can shoot enemies easily. Great entry man..

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Awesome idea! Also visuals are very clean and nice! As for the feedback - I'd chose different symbol for showing available moves. I was a little confused at first, a cross associates something forbidden. But that's only nitpicking, great game!

Awesome! Clever level design, great use of theme, cool mechanics. Cute graphics, very compact and polished experience! Nice entry man!

Great atmosphere and I also like the artstyle.  There's nothing much to do, I'd like to have at least a little puzzle or something there but I guess it's a story/atmosphere game not a puzzle game.. anyway, great job for 2 days!

Animations and graphics are pretty good! It's a pitty you ran out of the time and didn't finish at least one level to the end. But no worries, end of a jam is not necessary end of the game development :)

I've accidentaly found a glitch in the matrix. I didn't read description, so I just ran forward. After a while I just holded arrow up and the game played itself. After about two minutes I ran to a place without walls and agends were spawned somewhere beneath me so I ran out of the excitement and died.. after about 132 seconds. I think I was supposed to fight them.. well.. today was their happy day I guess :)

Awesome graphics guys! It's a shame it's not one of rating categories. Overall great jam entry, fun to play with a lot of of content (for jam game). The car gets  a bit slippery very soon and it's hard to control but it's probably on purpose - I guess I shouldn't  accelerate nonstop and slow down somtimes :)

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Cool! I'm glad someone except me has patience to beat the AI. AI is simple but defeating it needs a little practice, congratz!  I've recorded my 5:0 AI defeat (I know how it works + I gained some skills during testing :)  Check it out

My strategy is to shot a bullet clockwise near him to deplete his shields and after he's without a shield I shoot multiple bullets counter-clockwise.

Anyway, playing with human is much more fun, try it if you can :).

Thanks! Yeah, sometimes it could be a little hectic :) You don't have to shoot a lot though. It should be possible to win only with a few (or even one) shots. But it's more likely when you play agains a human.

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Kickass graphics, great atmosphere, cool voiceovers. It would be such a waste if you won't use it in bigger or another game. Yeah, mechanics could be better but one  cannot  make everything in a two days. Overall a plesure experience. 

Thanks for trying it out! I'm glad the game worked (which is the the most important milestone of a great game :) Get a friend and try local multiplayer mode! :)

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it. To be honest I like this simple graphics style, it's very intentional and I'm quit happy with it :) 

As for the theme - I thought that use of theme is so obvious it doesn't need explanation. You are trapped in a gravity field of the black hole - you have passed the point of no return and you will be killed or crushed by the blackhole. Anyway thanks for info, I added it to the description (yeah, nobody reads it, I know :D )

Cool game, killing enemies by spinning is so satisfiing! :D

Really nice game with cool story. I was little confused with controls (i'm used to jump with UP or W) but I got used to it after a while.  Impressive mount of work for two days.

wow thanks! i'm really happy how the game turned out and how you guys like it :) I'm actually considering making more levels and maybe a small game from this.

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Thanks a lof for kind words, I'm happy you like it. Credit for the art and music belongs to great artists from the (I've  just inserted links to the description).

Okay, it should be fixed! Because i can't upload new files, I've added links to the description. I you want to enjoy the game without this annoying bug, there are the links:

Windows version
Mac version
Linux version

Cool, I'm glad you like it :)

Yeah, that's anoying bug.. unfortuantely I had no time to figure it out and fix it :-/ You need to press 'R' for restarting a game, that's only solution at this point. I'm going to fix it but I didn't get to it so far.

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first of all I'd like to thank you all for your ratings and comments! 

I'm eager to participate in Ludum Dare 41, so I'd like to figure out, what should I do better next time. What was the most important thing that made my game less fun? 

My guess is that the game is too frustrating. Because of difficulty? And it was difficult because of...  controls? player movement?  level design? or lack of checkpoints? Or something completely different? 

I'd be happy to hear your feedback! The game I'm talking about:

Thanks a lot!

(btw. I uploaded post-jam version, with checkpoints a little more tuned movement and jumping and a few level design changes to make game less frustrating)

Thanks a lot! I believe your game will be awesome!

Nice! I really like simple snake-idea twisted into a challenging puzzle game!

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Thanks again! I saw your stream morning after the deadline. It was difficult but you finished it a pretty good time, so after all it cannot be as difficult as others say :) 

Thanks for playing and I'm happy you made it to the end!

Thanks! I'm happy to hear that..  yeah, It misses some checkpoints I guess

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

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Sorry man! :D I have always problem with balancing difficulty in game jams.. i just put time into making more content or features and it ends like this :) Too bad you didn't make it to the boss though ;)

It's a great psychedelic piece of art! I love the music and aesthetic of this game.. playing this game is so relaxing.

Cool, thanks a lot! I'll check it out.

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Yeah, I guess it's the same problem as with windows version. One file is missing, I believe Godot 2 exported to single file and now I'm using Godot 3 and there is separated file for data..  Fixed version is here:

You can put it to google drive and post a link here maybe?

Amazing music and visuals.. any chance you make a mac (or web) build?

Congratulations on finishing a game! It could use some audio, polishing and more "standard" controls. But you've made it and it counts.

Congratulations :) Thanks for playing, I'm glad you like it! 

Hi, I've submitted windows version without data file so it's not working. After adding file it works fine, so I just added a link into a description. But it's confusing, is there a chance to replace corrupted build with the working one after deadline?

Oh, I didn't include .pck file... please try this one:

Yeah, you are right about the timer.  I just needed to add some kind of game ending. There is an explosion animation and after that the Deep Blue is gone. Since picking timer is a precondition to reach the end I added 10s timeout to show the timer was useful for something.. Could be  better but I was running out of time and this ending is probably better than no ending.

About enemies - I was actually thinking about add some pawn guards which won't let the pawn pass. And our pawn could jump diagonally over one of them as in chess. It could bring more different puzzle situations. 

Thank you for feedback!