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Ouroboros: The Spinning BladeView game page

Spin and slash your enemies to shreds!
Submitted by sachosdev (@sachoslks) — 23 minutes, 53 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#93.6213.621

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is a really awesome game, and I'm glad I woke up in time to play it before the ratings were over. My favorite is the attack mechanic being a dash mechanic at the same time. It can be a little tricky to tame it at first, but you really put a lot of effort into putting good control over everything in this game including the jump!!


Thank you so much for playing and voting! In the end i got some pretty good results, super happy about it.


This is an amazing game, I really love it,  it is one of the best games in this jam, the art is great, the gameplay is great, the music is great, everything is awesome :D


Wow thank you so much, that is such a high compliment, im so happy dude! Thanks for playing! i need to keep working in a metroidvania like game it is super fun, but i will need to rework a lot of stuff from the code of this game, a lot of it is really "hacky"


Cool game, killing enemies by spinning is so satisfiing! :D


Thanks for playing Jiri! Im glad it felt good, that is the most important thing to me.

Submitted (1 edit)


really fun game. 

upgrades to gain new action give a nice sens of progression.

Slicing the enemies is so good :D

and the one with their shield a nice variation ;) and of cause too many spikes for me to not die many times XD


Thanks for playing dude, im glad the slicing felt good, i spent a lot of time with that hehe.

Ohh so happy you liked the Shield dude, it was my favourite too, i spent quite some time with him too, trying to get the bounce back just right.


really glad you added controller support that made the game much easier to control. I had fun blasting around. I didn't make it to the end b/c I kept trying to speed run. I loved the risk of using your attack b/c of the spikes and hazards so it wasn't like you could just spin through all the enemies that was a really cool design. 


Thanks so much for playing dude, and yes adding controller support is not hard with Construct 3, pretty easy actually. So, to spoil the ending: At the end you fight the Alchemist Master and use the Philosopher Stone to get your tail back but the stone curses you to grow in size, the size of a planet, and curses you to live for eternity trying to eat your own tail.

Glad you understand the purpose of the traps, i feel it was kinda risky design choice, as one shot kill traps are super infuriating lol


Very cool to slice through enemies, violent and fun action xD

I enjoyed playing your game on-stream.  Peace!


Thanks for playing and thanks for streaming the gameplay! Your game has some fine action too hehe


This is probably my favorite of the games submitted so far or at least my favorite platformer (seems way better than mine lol XD) I never found the double jump power but I beat the final boss by cheesing him (spamming roll at the bottom of his hitbox and dodging the pink projectiles) Anyway amazing game, you should be real proud!


Wow thank you very much dude! Haha everyone found that spot in the Final Boss and cheesed the hell out of him, im not mad tho, he is evil! I though the Double Jump power up would be the first thing the player sees after entering the second room as you can see it at the top of the screen, seems i need to better refine that stuff! And yes im proud of the game hehe, thanks for playing! I liked your game too, your idea was way more original thats for sure hehe


I smoked the final boss when I realized you can just spam rolling attack at the bottom of his little area while tanking out any hits you might take.

5/5 Nice submission.


Thank you very much dude and yes i did not playtest the Final Boss enough time to find that spot! haha Thanks for playing!


My god a metroidvania really? This is such an amazing achievement having this pulled off in 2 days. Congrats! I saw that you rushed out the powerful near the end game in a way that I become ridiculously powerful with many hearts, and so regular enemies and even the final boss felt less of a challenge than it could have been. That is probably due to the time constraint of the jam, and would be quickly balanced out post-jam. All in all, great great work!


Thank you so much for playing my game. Yeah for sure, honestly i spammed the hell out of those HP upgrades just to have an excuse to explore more haha, and for sure with more time i would have added more things to collect, like gems or something, but oh well. Thanks dude!


Really cool little game! Really impressed on the work you managed to do in 48 hours! Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much dude! This makes me so happy hehe


great game! quite challenging, or maybe i just need to gitgud haha


Thank you very much! Yeah i was afraid people would find the controls too hard?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

maybe yea but its part of the game. its responsive and thats whats important. maybe a bit of feedback from the terrain and enemies would help too to get that feel. all in all great game :D

Edit: also when i go in the portal thing i face the wrong side after i get out. sometimes when im timing my spin after i got out of the door/portal i instantly went back in instead of spinning into the enemy


Yeah i got the "facing the right side after a portal" thing working but somehow it stoped working in the last few hours but i was too busy doing the levels and final boss and could not work it out =S


In game instructions are good.

Graphics acceptable.

Decent Music and sound effects.

A story exists.  I did not get too far to see it play out.

Solid game.


Thank you very much! Yeah there is a story, in case you did not find the final boss, at then end after you beat him you find the Philosophers Stone and use it to grant you your tail back but the Stone curses you to grow in size and chase your tail to eat it, for eternity.


I really enjoyed playing this one, good job!


Wow im so glad, thank you for playing!


This is a great game! Impressive too, for the amount of time we had to complete it!


Thank you dude! Yeah, im quite happy with what i got in the amount of time given hehe, that final boss was a 1 hour job!