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This is really cool!

(ps. the mac build works if you were wondering)

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for what I expected, this is actually pretty good!



Dragons. Im telling you



Thank you for your reply. Your request number is #00001

Just imagine how awesome it would be!


I still can't wash the smell of silicon out of my favorite shorts! SMASH LIKE IF RELATABLE!!!

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I am playing on a Mac, and when I play another Unity game after playing Direct Ascent, it opens in the same aspect ratio as direct ascent. This can be solved by deleting a file in ~/Users/USER_NAME/Library/Preferences/Unity, but I would prefer not to have to delete that file every time I want to play Hollow Knight.

[EDIT]: After testing, I have determined that this bug only affects older versions of Unity

Ye olde haw!

Nice game! I like the explosions and particle effects. With some more updates, this will be awesome!

1/1 wou1d p1ay aga1n

Also 11111111111111

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark  / Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark

Is the airship supposed to self destruct when you touch it? Because it does, and leaves you flying in midair with nothing to do. Other than that, fantastic boss fight.

Soon followed by the announcement of the Prinplup Cinematic Universe

No problem. Thanks for playing!

Actually, I used to have little dashes separating lanes, but they didn't move at all and made the game look ugly. But I understand why you would want them. They make knowing the lanes a heck of a lot easier. Maybe I'll add that in as an option or something. But anyway, thanks for playing!

I fully expect this to become the major e-sport of 2019. Shut up and take my money.

I skipped half of the game by clipping into a wall. Unfortunately, I couldn't clip back out. I did it by jumping up towards the ceiling and placing a box down to push me in..

Nice game. The puzzles were very interesting, and the sounds were fun as well. Great work!

This is a nice prototype for a game! At first, I didn't get that you could jump off arrows, and control is a bit of an awkward fire button. Why not make the up arrow the jump button, and have space be the shooting button? Anyway, I enjoyed my time in the game, and the mechanics were solid.

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Thank you for the feedback! I feel the same way; the game does feel a lot like sonic, with a bit of Mario mixed in. Again, thanks for playing!

Yeah, I was playing it earlier and thought you might be talking about that. Ill fix they soon. BTW, I fixed bug number one. Literally as simple as moving an object a couple units to the right. :(