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Hi, I am a full time game dev who loves writing and is looking to try branching narrative. 

I have completed the professional program for video games writing on EdX, so I know the basics of it and have some exposure to Twine and other narrative/world buidling tools. I can help out with programing if needed, but ideally I want to focus on the story until it's fully fleshed out. Programming wise, I am most familiar with Unity and Pixi.js. For any other simple engines, I can learn before the jam starts and contribute if needed during crunch time.

Thks for checking out, I'm so excited to do a game jam again! I used to make games for fun a while back, they still exist in my profile as evidence xD. 

Ive stopped making games for a while and didnt expect anything out of this so seeing your feedback means a lot to me and encourages me to get back to it. Thank you for playing!

I spent most of the time navigating through the map, and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game given by the lighting and the echoing sound effects. Though both the movable light source and the bouncing floor are very interesting mechanics, I think this game didn't make the most of their combination. I would have liked to jump a lot to play with the bounciness but the lighting somewhat limited that. That said, great work for a 3-day game!

Whow you have some very cool elements for a great puzzle game. Everything was wonderful, I only wished the game was a bit longer and offer some more challenging puzzles. Great work!!

I barely passed level 2 and that's how far I went :joy:

Yeah that is definitely the delay in audio file. I had that problem before too, and when it comes to things that you do a lot, like jumping or shooting, the smallest delay could throw players off. Yeah I noticed the dancing flames, it was cool. Otherwise you can just have the image sort of wiggle its way out instead of putting on an animation. That'd add a bit extra life to it :D.

A common game idea that is executed very well with a designed-for-speedrun twist. There are small subtle details that you put in the game that I appreciate, such as map design (almost in a metroidvania spirit, revealing where items are and making you remember the map), or enemies being stunt after getting shot at. Overall, the game has clear goals and it is fully equipped for that (optional secondary goal, dashing, no need to kill all enemies). It also feels very well-balanced and the levels' difficulty is thoughout. I think you've already accomplished a lot in 2 days with this game, great work!

In the heat of the combat, I most of the time shoot whatever I have :joy:

Really interesting mechanic. It helps tremendously that sometimes the kid accidentally falls into the monsters' mouth and they eat them right away, saves a lot of time for shooting. The children AI is fantastic, as a programmer I really appreciate that. A setback in this game for me personally is that while the platforming is of great help in combat, it doesnt add value for the navigation in the game (in the beginning, or sometimes you just have to platform for no obvious reason). I also wished that there was an indication for how long the monster eats the kid, also I think they eat the kids too fast. If you think about it, each monster needs 2 consecutive shots to kill, and the kids are not always around, maybe a longer digesting time would be a great tweak. Otherwise, characters are animated, all the feedback are there, sound effects are on point, there is a narrative in the game, that's a lot to accomplish in 3 days. Great work!

Amazing artwork (especially the idle animation), lots of different enemies, responsible controls, fitting music and sound effects and a great hook at the beginning. I run out of nice things to say about this game :D. I got to the end but I couldnt see my mom still. Where are you mom?? :joy:

Haha did you seriously write a song for this game? haha. It wasn't bad at all, I wish there was some music to go with it man haha. Also I listened to the guy in the comment section and die at the final boss fight LOL.

So for some serious feedback, I think this is a form of shared resources game, where you have initially 140 points to distribute to your skills, and you have pre-distributed them in a way that is not optimal, so players need to find a way to find that optimality. Great interpretation. and great effort on bringing the game to life, I appreciate it! On the flip side, although I don't mind the art, there could be some animation to add more humor.  The importance of the stats are not explained, such as the difference between attack and damage. Last but not least, the sound effect for the bullet has a long delay before played, so the shoot sound plays when the bullet is half way, this really bugs me for some reason :joy:. But as I said, I appreciate the quirkiness of the game and congratulations on making another LD jam.  I couldn't finish and opted out so.. :D

A great twist on tower defense. The randomization makes the game replayable and also hinders the optimal way to play this game. Every battle is different. Sound effects and particle effects are on point. My only nitpicking comment is that I wish there was a time indication to how long will the turret explode. Because I didn't read the tutorial, it took me several games where I madly overcharge all the turrets to learn that turrets explode after they are overcharged for a while, and the time indication would prevent this mistake for players. Based on the time I spent on passing levels, I think the game is well-balanced. Overall, a very solid entry. Good luck with the results, Jonas!

Wonderful game, I got really hooked with the story and really tried to figure out who is lying. Music and sound effects are on point, there is nothing to add to this game. Great work!

A straight-forward interpretation of the theme with an excellent execution. All the feedback are there and it feels very polished. However, I think forcing players to sacrifice may put them off, especially if your deals don't cover the expectation of players. For example, I want less enemies for lower running speed, and that is not an option. Tradition top-down shooter makes the player feel powerful and players are used to that way. I think some of the deals you offer make the player feel less powerful in general (one that introduces a new type of enemy), and winning the round doesn't feel as rewarding because now I have to make a sacrifice as the game tells me so. I personally like the upgrade in bullet size, and the sacrifice is worth it. Regardless of my nitpicking feedback, you two definitely did a wonderful job this jam. Good luck with the results!

Whow. Powerful message. This game reminds me of your entry for the music game jam, short, funny, straight to the point. This is really a fun game to get a break from all the serious games in the jam. I also sensed that you had a lot of fun making this :P.

Pretty interesting take on the theme, it hits me when the guy standing outside said my grandma's place is on fire or something. I reckon you can expand on the story and make the sacrifice be known before the player make it, so they can feel the weight of their decision. Refusing to come to my grandma rarely suggests me that she might be in trouble. Again, you have all the elements there, with some hints about the consequences of my decisions, it would make for a really haunting experience. Great work!

Great idea, alternating the health and damage. The character design is spot on, death animation is excellent. However, I think the game is buggy, many times I press C/X and nothing happens. You should fix this as it is allowed in LD rules to fix a bug that leads to unintended gameplay. Also I think the implementation could be more thoughtful. 1, it seems that I can only attack when stand nearby a block. 2, even though it looks like I'm shooting, the bullets can't travel far and just disappear. 3, I can't attack while walking. I can't pass the 5 blue thingy right in the beginning so I can't see much of the game sadly.

This is such a cool concept!

Great art and on-point sound effects as usual. Extremely playful environment when I get feedback for "touching" basically anything (extra kudos for that). On the flip side, I would love to have either some heart containers lying around in some corners or a checkpoint system, because I take damage a lot even with the help of the dash and so basically every run I try to explore a new direction from the first main room. Some more feedback on how long the big brush lasts would be helpful too. Overall, a very interesting interpretation of a game about game dev but the game could be more generous with heart containers. I can't wait to see a good run of the game to witness the ending! Good job Noa!

I see, maybe an outline to show it is currently selected would be awesome. Still, supporting both keyboard and mouse input for button is such a well-thoughout design!

Amazingly done, pressing the button really feel like doing something meaningful here rather than a chore. My only nitpicking suggestion is to allow starting the game with keyboard as well, which is as fast as setting the default selection to start and allowing options switching with navigational keys. Otherwise, the level of polishing is over the top, I really want to give more feedback but I don't know what more to add to this game. Very well done!

Hey Landyard. Thank you for the feedback. I don't think that your eyes should be looking at the circle at the bottom left all the time because it's not the intended gameplay, but putting it on the avatar itself as you suggested is a great idea. Regarding the development on the music, I agree there should be more to it after the drum and snare, I wasn't able to find something that matches with the rest of the track so it stops after the snare sound. "Unity popup mentioned that mouse presses should fire" the game does not have mouse control, may I have more info of where that popup is from? Also, hear you on the alt-f4 thingy, should have let players quit with ESC or something, but the powerups appearing faintly is very strange and shouldn't happen, I need to look more into that.

That is not at all discouraging, I only feel bad because I rush out a game that has so many flaws and no gameplay. But the feedback I get here is incredible, everyone is super constructive. Again, thanks you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it!!

It sure made me laugh lol. You could use a more funny spawning sound too ;D

Got you! I will look more into that, thanks a lot for the insights!!!

Hey thanks for giving the game a try! I was checking your games too but it seems that you are new on itch? Welcome!

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Oh my god, this is such a fun twist on pin ball! Right off the bat, the transition from main menu to the game is excellent. My only concern with the game is that pressing buttons at times feels a bit mindless. I think you should either spawn fewer balls or create more difficult challenge to spawn a new batch of balls to really create the sense of urgency and the urge to spam the arrow keys. Otherwise, I like everything else about the game. Great graphics done in 3 days, music and sound effects fit the game and make me pumped. Well done!

Thanks for playing FigyTuna! I had a webGL version but it has performance issue so unfortunately that is off for now. 

Regarding your suggestion, it is the solution in the game, pulling time from the music to trigger the beat animation and all. May I ask how long did it take to get the animation significantly delayed that you miss even when pressing on beat?

Oh thanks for giving it a try, that's very encouraging to hear! 

The game needs a lot more work but I might come back to it in the future.

I really like your interpretation for a clicker game. The art is simple and the space seems empty but the overall dark tone of the scene helps to conceal those. The spooky music adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, and I actually would like the music to get more intense as I approach the door. As first I thought the boulders feel out of place in the game, but then when I move forward they serve as landmarks to let me now Im moving so that's a nice touch. The levels are also of proper length; I beat the hard mode in first try and even got really far away from the shadow, and winning feels very satisfying after a great deal of button mashing. There is a lot to add in term of graphics but even without the graphics you have successfully created the urgency/urge to button mashing, instead of doing it just for the scoring. Great work!

Hey thanks for the feedback, that is very constructive! I hear you on everything, the off-beat problem appears very significant on web build perhaps due to performance issue of my bullet hell. I agree the guitar loop does get obnoxious when played constantly, I will try to work with a real music track next time. Anyhow, I really appreciate your feedback! It's unlikely that I work more on this project but Im very happy to hear your encouragement!

Fantastic sound effects and interesting gameplay. It is very straightforward which ship does what and there is also a subtle depth in the way too ships work together. I was thinking if you want to encourage coop to the maximum, two players could be sharing the same health bar, because now players can aim at outlasting the other player, drifting away from the game's purpose. Besides that and a restart button, there is not much I could add to this, great work!

Hey thank you for playing and leaving very constructive feedback. There is a bit of silent in the beginning of the sound played when pressing the button, you are spot on with that. I played the game too many times so I did not see that at all. You are also right about everything else, the movement is not that important, I just encourage movements by having the white dots. I would love to have more substance in the game but I've done everything I could given the time :D. Im glad you played long enough to hear the drum and snare, and again, really appreciated your feedback!

Love the progression, there was some time in the middle of the run that I thought the game would not become more challenging but it did. Love the permanent corpses of dead people on the floor, constantly reminding me how powerful I am. What I think could make this game even better is more of the dialogue like the one you already had, it could add some dark humor to the game. Great work!

You can be a loser, but you can't lose this game, there is no way you can lose this game..

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Thank you very much for playing!! I had less than a day for everything so the graphics for sure could use some more work.

As I read the comments, it seems that you won't be working with this game anymore so I'll give feedback in that direction. First of all, unlike other comments, I think the mechanic here is very self explanatory, and I really like the stretchy effect on the snake when I jump. I also appreciate the fact that the hit box of the spikes seem smaller than they look, which allow some room for mistakes - unless I jump almost directly to the spike, I wont lose health. As for the improvement, level design quickly becomes very repeated, probably due to the lack of time. I get that you want to create an infinite game, but leaving the levels looking identical should be avoided. The end screen increasing number every frame is pretty cool, but only for low score. I believe I spent about 10 seconds waiting for all the scores to go up when I got 300+ overall. You can specify a maximum time spent for this, such as increasing from 0 to [score] in 1 second, then the effect appears the same but faster. Last but not least, visual feedback to when you lose health, it it almost the key to having a polished game, and I  believe I don't need to elaborate much on this point. Overall, the mechanic in your game reminds me of the jump in Ori, and it is very mobile friendly, you could actually make a mobile game out of this. There are bits and pieces that need work, but this is a good attempt. Keep it up!

Congratulations, I thought your game would place higher tho, but it still made it to top 20! Well done.

thank you!!