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The Pocket DimmensionView game page

A game where you scape by spamming space
Submitted by ThisIsOfficial — 36 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline

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Unity Engien
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Tricky game! I included it in my Open Jam 2018 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Reallt? Thanks! But i wish i had updated the Game so It was more presentable. Thanks anyways.

Jam Host (1 edit)

Congratulations you earned 3 Open Source Karma stars!


If i add the linux build and and some other stuff, can i get better karma points?

Jam Host

Hey!  Actually you did have a web build that worked that I forgot to add a star for so thanks for pointing that out!  Here is what you got stars for:

1 for github repo with good README

1 for blender

1 for game playable in browser

Developer (2 edits)

Also, sorry i added a bit of stuff to my gamne, all i did was add like 3 buttons, thats all, is it ok or do i get de-qualified? i still have the original version, without the 3 buttons. If it is a problem, perhaps i can upload the original one?


I can't play scary games (because they're scary), so I was hesitant to try this one. Luckily, this wasn't that bad, probably since the characters are not animated yet. Spooky music though. I am curious though how you plan to do the escape in your upcoming development? Still press Space to run? Or was that just for the jam and you have something else in mind for later?


Ok, my original idea for the game was different at first. It was gonna be a platafformer where you had to spam space to jump and you had to land on enemies on the other side. But i couldnt do it so i scraped that and made this new idea.

In the first version you were able to run around an overworld area and collect things. But i quickly began to get worried as i couldnt make the game save your progress when the monster catched you, so i scraped that and only used the part that filled the theme. That is this demo.

I am planning on making a full version of it, and if i win, i might even do it for the conference. But if i dont...i will do it anyways. And no, the mechanic will completly change, and the whole scene will change too. Most things will change in the final version.

Also i cutted the animations cause teey looked silly, i have to make some new ones. And also, the games tittle references how in the original version, the monster will catch you and transport you to its pocket dimmension, and thats why this is called "The pocket dimmension", cause i only used that part.

Alright, i think i said everything, thanks for cheking out my game, beware that the final version might be a bit more spooky.


Great game, i love the concept and the music really gets you in the mood. I have to smash the button and the only cons for me are that the level is too short and animation of the player moving.

Still it's a great concept and i think it would be an amazing game in the future.


Aw thanks, it means a lot to hear it. I tried to make the characters move, but it looked silly. So i decied to cut it.  But in the main game ,i  asure you that there will be animations.

Thanks for checking my game and giving it a rating, it helps me a lot. :)


I think that thinking of a good theme is the hardest, and you have done it, and it is doing very well!


Thanks, it is really encouraging to hear such words....or read them rather :p

Thanks for checking my game and giving it a try! It does mean a lot to me. Also i think your game was fun!

More on that in a comment i just left on your profile.


It took me 18 hours to decide the theme (and it was not a good enough theme, just use because to reserve development time)
So I understand that this topic is very difficult to decide a good theme. (Not just suitable, but good enough)


Great presentation. Good job making things feel spooky, I don't know what your friends are talking about, I bet you can make this game work in the future, including the camera angle. You just need to get creative with lighting or somehow alerting the player to obstacles. Is there a way to get back to the main menu after you win?


At this current time, no, but...i can add it...It shouldnt be too hard to add. I can probably add it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the idea! Also, thanks for checking my game, it means a lot.

P.S. Aw you, dont be so polite, I know the game can be a lot better, but reading some alse saying it makes me blush. Thanks, its really encouraging :3


There, it is now a thing. I updated all the user interface so it is easier to navigate...not that you can anvigate a lot, but its a bit better.


I'd recommend having a way to create a sense of depth perception.  Right now, it can be hard to tell if the player is lined up with an obstacle.  Overall it seems like it's a good concept.


Im actually going to fix it in a moment, im just exporting the new build, i made some changes to the camera positioning and to ensure that everyone can play it without having the graphics broken.

But thanks for the suggestion, many people have told the same, and im aware of it.


I really like your interpretation for a clicker game. The art is simple and the space seems empty but the overall dark tone of the scene helps to conceal those. The spooky music adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, and I actually would like the music to get more intense as I approach the door. As first I thought the boulders feel out of place in the game, but then when I move forward they serve as landmarks to let me now Im moving so that's a nice touch. The levels are also of proper length; I beat the hard mode in first try and even got really far away from the shadow, and winning feels very satisfying after a great deal of button mashing. There is a lot to add in term of graphics but even without the graphics you have successfully created the urgency/urge to button mashing, instead of doing it just for the scoring. Great work!


Thanks! I appreciate it. 

I will add a whole lot more to the game once the jam is finished. So yeah, expect a bit more out of this jumble :p

Few funny things: The boulders are actually enemies i intended to follow you, but i ran out of time and when i decided to make it point based, i made them get rind of some of your points. And...the medium and hard diffuculty are the same, i also ran out of time to implement any difficulty :p

And the idea of making the music more intense is great, i will surely implement it in the final realese of this game. So thanks for that.

Thanks for rating and taking a look at my game, it really means a lot to me :)


Urr, creepy... I'd love to see what the rest of the game will be. Nice work


Thanks...but i still think this game was crap. Most of my friends told me that the camera angle and the whole vive that the game had was cancerous. I plabn on fixing that firts. Thanks for the comment and review :)