This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-10-05 17:00:00 to 2018-10-09 01:00:00. View results

Open Jam 2018's theme was: SPAM TO WIN!

Here are the official results, with Open Source Karma points applied!  (they closely resemble itch's results ranking, with a few exceptions).


image by @clickercritter


Open Jam is a game jam with 🖤.  At Open Jam, you build an open-source video game over the weekend, rate other creators’ games, and compete for a chance to have your game featured at All Things Open, a premier open source conference.   We wanted to host a jam that promotes open source games and game creation tools. That's why we're teaming up with to bring you Open Jam, a game jam dedicated to doing just that.

Using open source tools is highly encouraged!

Last year's Open Jam 2017:

How is Open Jam Different?

What we want to do with Open Jam is promote not only open source games, but open source game creation tools as well.  This jam encourages use of open source game engines, authoring tools, and platforms, and Creative Common assets, and to link those tools in your submission.  Anything open source in your game creation process is encouraged! That is why we are hosted by and winners games will be featured All Things Open conference.  Open Jam is all about open games and open game development.

How does it work?

Open Jam will be a 80 hour Jam based on a theme.  It will run October 5-8th

Here are Open Jam’s guidelines:

  • You can use any tools to create your game and it can run on any platform, open source tools and platforms are encouraged.
  •  There is a new voting category for "Open Source Karma" based on open source friendly your game is i.e. how many open tools you used, if your game runs on an open platform,  and a nice github repo.  See table below.
  • It is very important to list all the open source tools you used and link to your git repo in your game entry, so you can get credit for your Open Source Karma
  • Games source should be available and licensed as open source.
  • You can create your own assets or use existing, openly licensed assets (e.g., Creative Commons).
  • You can work solo or on a team. 
  • The theme will be announced at 1:00 PM October 5th (US Eastern).
  • Judging will run October 8-15th and will be peer-based.
  • Games require a minimum of 10 ratings to place in the top 3
  • The top three games will be featured and playable at All Things Open.
  • Games must be original for Open Jam, they can't be entries submitted to other game jams or forks of other games.

If you’re looking for open source game creation tools to try, we have a list below.  We encourage any openly licensed game engine, framework, or library, but it is not a strict requirement.  For non-code assets like music and sprites, anything marked with Creative Commons is welcome, or you can create your own! Make the greatest game you can by bringing together the best of the open world.

At the end of the weekend, release your game and code to the world, play other participants' games, and rate them.

Open Source Game Creation Tools

There are too many amazing open source tools to list on this page, but here is a categorized list of many to get you started:

Calinou's "Awesome Gamedev" list of open tools

If you want to suggest an open source tool used in game creation email and I'll do my best to get it added to the list above.


Start or join a team, we even have our own crowdforge page for teams:


  1. Please stop by the community and introduce yourself or team and share your progress once the jam starts
  2. Join our discord channel if you want to keep in touch in real-time
  3. Follow these twitter accounts:  @openjamio@caramelcode@mwcz
  4. Use social hashtag:  #openjam2018

Judging and Prize

After judging has completed, the top three games combined score of Overall + Open Source Karma categories will be chosen and featured at All Things Open in Raleigh, N.C.  October 21-23.  Your game, your source code, and your contribution to open source are an even bigger prize.   There are no monetary or physical rewards in Open Jam.  

Open Source Karma

Open Source Karma will be awarded as points on each game by the Jam Hosts based on the following score table.  You will get a comment on your entry page with your Open Source Karma score from a Jam Host.  You can  get a max of 5 stars.   Judges reserve the right to add additional points for notable open source friendliness even if not in this table.


Rankings of three games based on Overall Score + Open Source Karma

Mega Fighting Game
Overall Score: 4.9
Open Source Karma: 3
Total score: 7.9

Super Awesome Game
Overall Score: 3.7
Open Source Karma: 5
Total score: 8.7

Craazy Insane Game
Overall Score: 2.1
Open Source Karma: 4
Total score: 6.1

#1 Super Awesome Game (8.7)
#2 Mega Fighting Game (7.9)
#3 Craazy Insane Game (6.1)


There are a number of ways to ask questions.  

  1.  Ask in the community
  2.   Email:
  3.   Tweet to us @caramelcode or @mwcz


Open Jam is a collaboration brought to you by,  Jared Sprague and Michael Clayton.


All submissions
Browser playable (18)
Windows (26)
macOS (13)
Linux (25)
Android (1)

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Button mashing is bad for you
Play in browser
Open source rhythm game with auto generated note maps.
Play in browser
An arcade shooter, where you spam to win!
A bullet hell shooter with meatballs - Open Jam 2018 Entry
Play in browser
Made for OpenJam2018!
Play in browser
Underwater rhythm-maze
Hit targets and activate MULTIBALL!
A game where you scape by spamming space
Play in browser
Live out humanity's darkest moment in this Mutually-Assured-Destruction'm'up
Play in browser
Destroy tomatoes! Eat the SPAM TO WIN!
Play in browser
​Work yourself away on meaningless pay.
Play in browser
A perfectly synced rhythm-based top-down shooter
Play in browser
SpamLands is a roguelike fantasy rpg with "spam" based combat.
Mash buttons to argue with people on the internet. #openjam2018
Move snake using commands
Nostalgic game of Nokia phones
Interactive Fiction
Game made for the Open Jam 2018
Play in browser
A clicker game for the original Gameboy.
GitHub OpenJam 2018 submission
Mash keys save Earth
Play in browser
Adventure of space reptiloid
Play in browser
A game for OpenJam 2018
Play in browser
Spamming platformer for open jam 2018
Play in browser
Hit the Spam Button!
Spam to win! But keep an eye on your zoom level.
Command-line game: four in a row
A game about closing compromising pop-up ads
Two player cooperative shooter
Play in browser
Open Game Jam 2018 - Major Amature attempt
PLAYER ONE- SMASH to accelerate
For OpenJam 2018
Well, It's pong, but not exactly
Play in browser
Let's accumulate more SPAM in the dishes. Is there anything other than SPAM? SPAM egg bacon SPAM has less SPAM!
Created for Open Jam 2018
You're a boat. Spam to shoot so you don't get shot.