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Capital Ex

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I found out why it froze :x

I forgot to set the `next` property for World-04 to World-05  O~O  I'm not sure if I can fix it during judging...

Very unique way of telling a story.  It reminds me of a game called Sethian.

Well, that was weird.  The narrative is a little unclear here (and I think i glitch beat the last level?).  My big issue was how slide-y everything felt.

Yeah, I wish I had more time to introduce the abilities.

They key binding where hastily chosen.  Up probable would have a better choice for jump.

I'm glad you like the idea!  I only wish I thought of the shadow ability earlier in the jam.  I realized far too late I need something to force the player to plan ahead.

I just checked the source... in my rush I forgot to set the next level for World-04.tscn... whoops ( .~.)

The controls definitely need to be changed.  Originally the controls where [Z -- Jump], [X -- Place Warp], [C -- Goto Warp]... it was quite bad.

Sorry about the controls.  I just assumed Godot used scan code system like love2d.

Also, the level switching system is probably very frail.  My first attempt crashed both the game and the editor :x

I'm definitely going to work on this more.

I removed that google drive link and replaced it with a github link.

I like how Omnicorn will string together multiple descriptions. Additionally, I love the character descriptions for each miner. Very nice 👌

Was that you singing in the background?

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GDevelop - Free and open source Construct 2 like engine.

Aesop Fables - Big list of fables with an old-school internet aesthetic.

That's likely an Out of Memory error...

I can fix it, but I don't know if I can upload the patch during judging :/

I'm sorry for not catching this before hand.

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Whoa, it did?

Did it just go caput, or was there a full error?

P.S: I only had time to do testing on Chrome ;-;


IE seems to give an out of memory error :/

I might have to reduce the memory the game allocates.

Dino Clicker By @Capital_EKS. Play > https://capitalex.itch.io/dino-clicker


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I managed to get a snake of 9!

I had to brutally punish looping to do it.