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Thank you \o/
I'm glad you liked it.   I'm actually trying to update it to have music and new graphics!  Unfortunately, it'll have to wait until college wraps up for the semester :/

I figured it out, I left in some debug code

The letter M will tigger any valves on the screen instantly.

Freeze as in the game completely stops? or freezes as in the player won't respond to input?

hmmmm, I'm not sure what could be causing that bug.

Are you a member on the discord server?  If so (and if you're able and willing to) recorded a video of what's happening?  My username is CapitalEx#0673.

I want to make the crate jobs more rewarding since the crate and button can be far apart.

I was planning on adding special item crates.

There is a bug on the orb (?) level.  When I picked up the orb, I got knocked out of the level.

Really fun game.  It gets quite hectic.  However, the function keys might be hard to hit depending on keyboard design.   For example, I use a small 60% keyboard so I have to press a special FN key + a Number Row key.

I don't think the mouse events for the monsters are registered properly.

I managed to get one point but couldn't figure out how or why?

I'd recommend having a way to create a sense of depth perception.  Right now, it can be hard to tell if the player is lined up with an obstacle.  Overall it seems like it's a good concept.

You forgot to include the control for jumping (W) in the instruction.  So, it was quite confusing on how to make progress.

Not sure how the gun was suppost to come into play.

One thing I think could improve your game is making the blocks move fluidly across the screen.
Right now they kinda snap to the next position.

I always love a good incremental game.  Although at some point my money wouldn't increase and I almost couldn't buy RAM.

Made for an interesting experiance when I didn't read the description first.  Not much of a game, but I enjoyed my time.

"Fuck tomatoes"
-- My Boyfriend
10 / 10 on the humor content

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I might have uploaded some extra files by mistake :x
There should only be the web build...

Sorry for uploading that busted export.  I'll get a working one up after I get home from uni (sometime around 6:30 pm EST).

Edit: I don't think I'll be able to have a linux (and windows) build up until after the jam.  The web version is the only valid jam build I have.

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What web bowser are you use? And is there an error in the console?

I might have to check that the valve job is being properly unset as the touching job.

Edit: I can't seem to recreate the error in the latest Firefox and Google Chrome ;-;

Thank you!

I got the idea at work lol

I didn't have enough time to create audio :/
It's going to be the first thing I update post jam

Thank you uwu

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!  It was going to be a more traditional rhythm game, but I'm not very good at them :x

Well that was a wild ride!

I feel like a theme of "oh no" would yield some fun results.

Thank you!

I think when you pick up a quest item, the game teleports you to a different room that looks the same, but the enemy is now an item. 

I found out why it froze :x

I forgot to set the `next` property for World-04 to World-05  O~O  I'm not sure if I can fix it during judging...

Very unique way of telling a story.  It reminds me of a game called Sethian.

Well, that was weird.  The narrative is a little unclear here (and I think i glitch beat the last level?).  My big issue was how slide-y everything felt.

Yeah, I wish I had more time to introduce the abilities.

They key binding where hastily chosen.  Up probable would have a better choice for jump.

I'm glad you like the idea!  I only wish I thought of the shadow ability earlier in the jam.  I realized far too late I need something to force the player to plan ahead.

I just checked the source... in my rush I forgot to set the next level for World-04.tscn... whoops ( .~.)

The controls definitely need to be changed.  Originally the controls where [Z -- Jump], [X -- Place Warp], [C -- Goto Warp]... it was quite bad.

Sorry about the controls.  I just assumed Godot used scan code system like love2d.

Also, the level switching system is probably very frail.  My first attempt crashed both the game and the editor :x

I'm definitely going to work on this more.

I removed that google drive link and replaced it with a github link.

I like how Omnicorn will string together multiple descriptions. Additionally, I love the character descriptions for each miner. Very nice 👌

Was that you singing in the background?

GDevelop - Free and open source Construct 2 like engine.

Aesop Fables - Big list of fables with an old-school internet aesthetic.

That's likely an Out of Memory error...

I can fix it, but I don't know if I can upload the patch during judging :/

I'm sorry for not catching this before hand.

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Whoa, it did?

Did it just go caput, or was there a full error?

P.S: I only had time to do testing on Chrome ;-;


IE seems to give an out of memory error :/

I might have to reduce the memory the game allocates.

Dino Clicker By @Capital_EKS. Play >

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I managed to get a snake of 9!

I had to brutally punish looping to do it.