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I didn't even think it was unintended. Once I got the timing down, doing it became a fun mechanic.

This game is a good initial concept. I'm personally biased for super monkey ball inspired games.  However, one thing that's very important for these games is the camera. The fan stage was far to difficult to complete due to the fixed camera.  Also, resizing the ball need to be seamless.  As the ball shrunk and grew, the player would bounce around.  Consider finding a way to keep the balls contact point stable. But, I do find the idea of adding a size mechanic to the SMB formula. It is worth exploring. 

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I was having a blast with this game building up my base. However, that fun was swiftly ended at night five. I was suddenly swapped with powerful enemies I never saw on the previous nights. There was no warning that that night would be more dangerous. Additionally, as I had earlier mentioned, these enemies were never shown. I felt unfairly killed when this happened. This game we very well made, but this sudden death hurt my final opinion of the game. And finally, I don't feel the them was truely utilized when making this game.

This was a pretty good game. Using the scroll wheel to control player size was a good choice. However, some segments felt too tight. Additionally, the ability to jump higher by shrinking didn't feel obvious.  Overall, I'd love to see this idea expanded on. Nice work.

I couldn't really wrap my head around this one.  I found the controlls too awkward to keep up with the AI.  And, I'd recommend removing the RNG on complete defeat.  It can be really confusing and fustrating to lose 8 to 1.  Losing troops would be understandable, but losing the whole square feels unfun. I do, however, like the idea of a fast past army management game.

I liked the idea.  And, the bird tucking in to accelerate when diving was a nice touch. However, without anything to indicate which way is up, it is easy to be disoriented.  I liked the graphics and flying around as a bird is a fun concept.

I liked the idea of a multiplayer puzzle, and it's enjoyable to play alone, too.  The restart button didn't work.  I tried every button on my keyboard to see if it was misbound. The level design is clever. The only thing I'd strongly recommend is double-checking if the restart button works and maybe adding some audio.

I think this is a pretty good concept. I like the art. It reminds me of the early flash.  However, the gameplay was pretty lacking.  I found it easier to just walk past everything. Additionally, the lack of variable height jumping made hitting flying enemies hard.  It's jarring tapping the jump button to have the player go flying. Also, the sound effects were playing even if the enemies were far away. Furthermore, the theme wasn't well used. I didn't use the grow button for anything in my playthrough. Finally, the boss at the end was pretty easy to beat when I realized I could spam a single cannon.

Improving the level design and controls will provide a better experience for the player. This project shows potential, and I enjoyed the little story accompanying it.

This isn't the most original idea; however, the music and art was good.  Additionally, I couldn't help but be disappointed about the lack of a win state. Got to a little over 100 points without a new size being introduced.  I definitely recommend a win state.  If you plan on extending this game, consider adding features to mix up the gameplay. 

I'm definitely going to expand the hit box. I still want to keep over the head so it's more like your feeding them. AIso, I was going to make background music for the gameplay, but I get distracted easily. I had to stop the music I was playing during testing because it would distract me, and then I'd do badly. So, I opted for no background music.

Also, yeah, I was struggling with the theme. And, I've had a couple *way* better ideas over the past few days. I'm terrible at coming up with something on the post.

However, thank you for playing and for your feedback!

Wow, I think you the first person that said they never missed anything.  However, you said that the worm didn't stop the timer once you feed them everything?  I can't seem to recreate that issue on my end.  When you feed the grub, did you drag the food to his head?

This game was quite challenging. However, some jumps felt a little too tight and were extremely hard to avoid popping the balloon.  Additionally, you should consider letting the player control the balloon to some extent. My initial thought about the string was "I wonder if I can make it shorter". Also, consider adding a bit of story to the game. It would help make it more engaging.  It doesn't have to be some big over arching story, just something to give a reason to be this robot with a balloon. But, I think expanding on this is definitely worth the time. It was quite satisfying finally getting to the end.

Thank ya! I quickly recorded it to give my game a hook once it starts.

This was an interesting little game. The graphics and music could use some work. But, in such a short jam without a musician or artist, it can be super tough, especially if it's your first! Also, I think you could keep the player tumbling if you let the player jump while on their head. I got stuck on my head a couple of times. However, I was able to get off it due to a glitch with the tile collisions. It seemed like the tiles had tiny gaps between their collisions that the player would hit. Did each tile have a collision box?

With that said, I feel like you could build some nice puzzles and exploration by having the player switching between multiple animals. Additionally, congratulation on completing your first game jam! You made a good effort and present an interesting idea. Keep up the good work!

This was a fun and spooky little game to play. I managed to beat the game once I figured out the mechanics.  However, I thought I could recharge from the runes. So, I was confused on my first few playthroughs. This project could definitely be strengthened through the usage of audio. Overall, a petty nice project.

This was really good, I loved using the slider to manipulate the level. I'd love to see this get some audio and more levels! Good work!

This is an interesting idea. However, the usage of the theme felt a little weak. And, using the shrinking was awkward with the WASD movement. I think rebinding it to a mouse button would be a better idea.  That one change would definitely make the game much easier to play.

With that aside, this game reminds me about the time I spent playing impossible cursor maze games. I liked the x-ray ability of the cursor, and I feel there is a lot you can do with that in conjunction with the shrinking. 

The graphics were good, and the customization was cool. However, the slow motion effect made the game feel sluggish. I actually thought the game had performance issues! I also couldn't help but be disappointed every time I bounced off an invisible wall. Making the wall visible would be an improvement. Also, it seems like the ball can get stuck in the hit state for a prolonged about of time after stopping.  I think if you tighten up the controls and pacing, you'd have an excellent game.

I'm a bit lost in the game, I'm not sure how to find other plants?  And landing on earth gives a score of -Infinity, and then I can't do anything else.  Not quite sure how to play.

Nice little project! Definitely should consider adding a score and sound effects. Also, it would help to have a visual of what ammo I'm using. Additionally, the game could use some challenge.  Maybe make it so the ammo types have to reload after X rounds.  Finally, I like that bullets can pass through enemies letting you chain kills.

Hey, I think you forgot to package the rest of the files with your game.

My only complaint is that some puzzles felt a little over fine-tuned in terms of fitting through gaps.  The one with the two fires and a tree see-saw took me awhile to land the jump. But, overall, this was quite a lovely experience.

Good idea, but the rules were a bit hard to understand.  They needed some proofreading.  Also, graying something out is usually used to convey "this item is not active".  So, I'd recommend reversing the colors of the check mark. However, this game makes me nostalgic for those old Adobe Flash card games. Add some art, sound, and animation along with a win/lose state, and you'd have a pretty solid way to kill some time. Additionally, I like the alternative strategy of trying to score low. And, adding the chance for a win through matching a sum was a good idea.

I definitely agree about using pixel perfect clicking. It probably would have also been easier to implement if I thought of it. I'll definitely add that when the voting is over. Also, a short grace period after the timer runs up would definitely be a good addition. Finally, the feeding hit box is only over the head, but I forgot to mention that. Thank you for the feedback; it is appreciated.

Thank you!  I voiced or recorded everything which was a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to anybody that needs quick sound effects. Also, based on feedback from previous jams, I made audio and the feeling a completed game a priority.

As for the narrative, I wanted to leave it vague on purpose.  Enough information to give a sense of reason to be doing this, while leaving it open to interpretation.  

I liked the idea of the game; however, some points could be improved. The game required very precise movements, but the character was difficult to control. I felt like I missed a strategy to navigate those tighter areas. Adding to the difficulty, the player's body was ammo. You needed ammo to defend yourself but having ammo makes you harder to control. When you have a lot of segments you can see you surrounding better, which makes shooting detrimental. The more you shoot, the less you can see.

If you could make movement more manageable, it would greatly improve this game. Also, consider keeping the camera at a fixed zoom. Especially, if the player becomes more agile with fewer segments. Visibility is important with fast motion.

However, with that said, I think this game was nice. I managed to find the end. Also, controlling a flailing worm is quite fun. And the effect for adding segments had a nice punch to it.

Thank you, I'll be sure to check out yours this afternoon/evening!

Oh, it was a blast.  And, I think I'll be doing it  for future jams, too.  It was just so much easier to pick up the mic and record a few sounds.

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What browser and version are you using? I only tested in Chrome and Firefox.

Edit: It looks like the build I made use WebGl 2 which is not supported by Edge and Safari.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked my game!

Thank you!  I'm really glad I switch to this idea.  My original game was nowhere near as creative with the theme of "The Future".

I wanted a tutorial, but I didn't have enough time to make one 😅. However, It's on the top of my post jam updates.

Also, I did (attept) to make the earily levels show how the boxes interected. But, I'm not sure how effective it was?

The game errors on Windows saying libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is miss?

Very nice game. Although, I did notice that getting to mars paid less than almost getting to mars, lol.  But, still lots of good work.

Very nice game. Although, I did notice that getting to mars paid less than almost getting to mars, lol.  But, still lots of good work.

Thank you \o/
I'm glad you liked it.   I'm actually trying to update it to have music and new graphics!  Unfortunately, it'll have to wait until college wraps up for the semester :/

I figured it out, I left in some debug code

The letter M will tigger any valves on the screen instantly.

Freeze as in the game completely stops? or freezes as in the player won't respond to input?

hmmmm, I'm not sure what could be causing that bug.

Are you a member on the discord server?  If so (and if you're able and willing to) recorded a video of what's happening?  My username is CapitalEx#0673.