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[Open Jam 2020] Dinos throwing dinos, how far will you land ?
Submitted by Rouli (@Rouliboudin), Drarig29, rubidium37 — 6 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Source code repository

Tools used
MonoGame with Nez open source framework
Aseprite for visuals
Visual Studio Code
Paint dot net to edit png

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I enjoyed the animation of the legs changing perspective between rising and falling. It looks really nice even though it's only a few frames.


That's a really specific thing to like about the game, it makes me happy that someone noticed, thanks!


I've been getting really into animation this year, so it stood out as something awesome that no one else had mentioned yet. I probably should have also mentioned it's super fun and I spent a long time playing over and over haha.


It says there is a Linux build but I can't seem find it or any compile instructions.


Sorry, the game works on Linux using Mono or Wine. If you can't get it to work we'll remove the tag. I don't have linux personnally so I can't test, but people have reported that it worked for them.


People said it could be run on Linux so we’ve added the tag. Apparently it works using Wine… So you must download the Windows build and use it on Linux 😊


just launch

mono ThrowThrowDinoDino.exe

While the game was largely luck based, I felt got enough of a feel for the it to finesse my throws to improve my odds. At first, I thought I saw everything, but then I got past 1200m for the first time. That really hooked me in and I ended up getting to 2190m. I really love these long throw games. So, this is an around solid game for me. The music choice was also a good fit for the game. If you all ever think of continuing this project, adding power-ups and upgrades would definitely be the way to go.


2190 is a solid score, congrats  And thanks for the review ; power-ups were definitely on our to do list and the game would probably have some if we had a bit more time.


For anyone else like me, the threshold seems to be closer to 1300m. I was stubbornly trying to get that far and getting stuck around 1100m and felt lied to when I finally got past 1200 and nothing changed. I'm glad I kept going to see that next area.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Nicely done. I like how the first dino points to the sky when launched and the concept of multiple launches.

I managed once to bounce on multiple shrooms and headed straight to space! It would have been nice to have more of those moments instead of the more frustrating ones like hitting the balloons from the bottom and get smashed back into the ground.

Oh, and the game runs fine on linux using mono, I didn't check it earlier because it was marked as windows only, but I tried and it worked :)


Thank you for the review! We've added the linux tag avec reading your comment, we didn't expect it to work so that' definitely a bonus I'll take.


This was a JOY to play...  i had to learn the "est way" to handle the multiple launches ... posting in normal comments with you adorable little Dino =o) (score so far 1102m)


Thanks <3 Glad you enjoyed it

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Really cute aesthetics and a good camera controller.

The gameplay seems mostly luck-based to me. Is there some way to control anything while the egg is in flight.


Yes, you can't control the egg and the gameplay is indeed mostly luck based, but we tought it was still fun. Thank your for the feedback and please don't forget to rate the game now that ratings are open!