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I'm stuck in the vertical level! I can make it to the top, but I can't seem to get the cat to move to the left so I can get it on the button. There is a wall in the way so i can't hit it from the right, and it won't follow me if I jump over it to the left. It's so frustrating! That said this game is awesome. I really dig the music, and the concept is great! Would love to see more!

One of my favorites so far. I don't think it's a problem that there's no goal/win condition. It's just neat.

Personal high score: 123

I dig it.

Yeah thanks for your feedback! I totally agree that the game is hard to understand. I intended to have an in-game explanation of what to do, along with multiple levels with increasing difficulty, but of course that took a back seat to finishing the actual game in the time we had.

One of my favorites so far haha. The progression was really fun for me! Rather than progressing mechanically, I felt like each night I learned something new about the zombie behavior to exploit in my next day's build. It was fun trying out different designs, especially trying to design differently based on each gun. My initial designs I tried to make a base to hide in but was quickly overwhelmed and had to kite them. Then I tried a tower but again they were able to jump up so I had to jump off and run away. Then I tried pitfalls to take them out with the shotgun. Finally I moved on to getting them to line up a certain way so I could take on waves with the sniper. Even as the game is, I could see myself spending a long time on this (I had to tell myself to stop so I could get back to rating all the games)

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah the character not being controllable is the problem in Chrome. I don't know why or how to fix it though haha. It worked fine for me when I tested in Edge and Firefox though. 

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Just added a browser version, but it doesn't actually work right now; tryin' to fix that.

EDIT: Fixed for browsers that aren't Chrome :P