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Looks great! Can't wait

Great first game ... even in tutorial situations, things can go wrong! so, good job!

Thanks! we worked really hard on the Art!...  I am looking to "even out the curve" when I get a chance, because although bumping into things is one of the foundational mechanics, it should gradually increase a little more evenly than it does currently...

Thanks again for playing!   If you are interested, once i work on it more, i plan on releasing an update and posting about it, so anyone wanting it would know when it's available

it wasn't to avoid the pain... it was just fun as a space game.... once i got used to it all, the effect was totally fine, and the genius of having the "simulated gravity" work even when it was spinning was fun to work through...

  The "jumping out" was my personal version of an ending... something like "then they both flew out of a hole in the ship"... but seriously fun game (logged quite a bit into the game itself before i jumped ship)

I totally understand.. thanks So much for playing... our attempt was to create something with a beginning, middle, and end (complete with ending cutscene).

I also tried to dial down the blow sound quite a bit, but may have missed the mark some.  Thanks for the feedback, I do plan on submitting a POST-JAM with a few tweaks (level 2 was too hard for.... level 2) and I will be letting anyone know that'll listen!  Again, I super appreciate the feedback, and hope that, if you do get back to attempting level 7, that you see and appreciate the ending!

Thanks a bunch! I was pleased with yours too!

It was my first time, so i wasn't sure what was "normal" about game jams.... i tried to go for a full product, albeit a small game..  Thanks so much for playing and enjoying!

Hey, the tiles you used on the last half of the game were SO SO megaman... That is my FAVORITE platformer, i finished is and was very pleased with the tiles aesthetic! (a la metal man or crash man)

What an accomplishment! I love the graphics and the movement,   VERRRY SMOOTH movement!  Great job, Phil!

Hard to get the hang of, but some GREAT BONES here!  Good job!

really solid theme, I enjoyed it even with it's "quirks"

I especially like the color palette and the title/game over animation

i'm glad you liked it!  Your game was really fun!

I am happy with the exploration, but things are a bit far.   I am mostly WOW-ed by the scope of teh game you successfully took on and completed in a game jam.  Truly impressive!

unofficial best i can do for high score =o)  great job on the cuteness factor!

This was a JOY to play...  i had to learn the "est way" to handle the multiple launches ... posting in normal comments with you adorable little Dino =o) (score so far 1102m)

I think the sprite-ing was very good... crisp clouds are challenging (for me, at least).  good job!

I. Am. Astounded... by the soundtrack..  Also... i literally jumped back when i hit an asteroid...  if you wrote this music, then a HUGE kudos to your having a great mind for that stuff!

I just played it again... very funny and satisfying to see them float off

Great Job on the Coco2d... been interested in getting into that engine myself.  I like the classic feel.  Could work some on smoother controls, but overall GREAT

thanks so much for the feedback!  ... i cried at least once while making i

I like the "slam bam" of the whole thing.... makes it very fun!

I love the kiwi theme and the jumping down the hole was funny... the story elements were great motivation (Like Philip said)

I enjoy the theme and the music and the art. Its a pretty good game except that nothing hurts you...  I landed directly on a snake and hit the hawk without dying

Its fun and simple but you can never tell when you kill an enemy and when they're going to attack.  Love the music and unified theme though

I figured out the "Nonconflicting colors" thing... good feature, got a MUCH higher score after i figured that out!.. I like the idea a lot

Nice "Memory" wall effect... Spent quite a while trying to make something artistic out of it (which offered GREAT appeal to me)

thanks for the feedback!  I tried to even out the "difficulty curve", so it's GREAT to know from an outside source that this part still needs wor

yep! it was an accident

you can clip the edges of the screen on the right (it took me a second)

The camera work is REALLY smooth!

this aesthetic is Adorable! ... the last level "jumped" the difficulty for a bit.... but it was still a great experience

Fun little game!... i was mildly nauseated by the end!

Also... i LOVE (like a feature) that you can just jump out of the ship when you're "fed up"

This Game plays really smoothly!  Great job...  I love the theming adaptation, and the game is fairly difficult  (on second play-through)

I did forget to add that all pieces (other than the actual unity engine) were created by me in Compo fashion... I have kids, so the time was spaced out, but the game was made in 12 hours, with another 12 of research (first game necessity)