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Thanks! I'm sorry, but there is no plan to port it to Mac at the moment, though updated Windows and Linux ports are coming soon. May I ask how you discovered the game? I've been getting more view than usual lately.


I thing you guys make a killer team as visuals, audio and writing fit perfectly together. Unfortunately I was stuck and couldn't make the hot air balloon. I feel like giving clues to the player or just plainly giving them the solution at a certain point could help with keeping the player engaged. I wanted to know what happened at the end!

That's a really specific thing to like about the game, it makes me happy that someone noticed, thanks!

2190 is a solid score, congrats  And thanks for the review ; power-ups were definitely on our to do list and the game would probably have some if we had a bit more time.

Sorry, the game works on Linux using Mono or Wine. If you can't get it to work we'll remove the tag. I don't have linux personnally so I can't test, but people have reported that it worked for them.

Thank you for the review! We've added the linux tag avec reading your comment, we didn't expect it to work so that' definitely a bonus I'll take.

this game is SMOOTH. I love seing your past paint scrolling faster. Really cool concept.

It's nice to see some 1v1 games on a jam! Great job on making it accessible

I LOVE the graphisms and animation in this game. Unfortunately it was really hard for me to get past the first few enemy waves. Really great job overall (also I couldn't play on the web version for some reason)

Fun mecanic, I like how you took the time to explain the controls and the aim of the game with cute illustration at the beginning.

One of the bests game of the jam hands down. Graphisms are really cool, the concept is simple yet fun. Just wish the controls were indicated when launching the game because I was a bit confused at first.

The controls are good with this one and the theme is 100% respected. But poor penguins!

Fun, but the controls were a bit confusing at first! I like that we both went for a dino theme for no apparent reason

Thanks <3 Glad you enjoyed it

Good job! There's a third zone beyond 1300m btw ;)

Thanks for playing

I like the "cutscenes" :) But coudn't understand what the power ups were. Cool game!

Yes, you can't control the egg and the gameplay is indeed mostly luck based, but we tought it was still fun. Thank your for the feedback and please don't forget to rate the game now that ratings are open!

I love 2D shooter and rocket jumps so this definitely scratch an itch for me. Also, fits the theme perfectly. Great job!

I like the camera work on this one!

Thanks for the review! We noticed that the helmet was able to hit accross the walls during testing, and while it wasn't our first intention with this mecanic, we think it definitely allows for some interesting moves. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the review! I would rate your game back but simple contributors (not project uploader) can't rate game outside their queue until after they rated 25 games :(

x32 works fine!

Could launch the x64 version crashes when trying to launch (error windows) :(

Same issue as @Kchortu and @gungancrab

got bored, here's another:


Really neat game, I'm loving the theme, writing and atmosphere on this one. Unfortunately laggy in fullscreen on my computer.

Really original controls, that feels great! Cool ideas

Insanely cool cute game.

Juicy stuff!

Thanks for playing!! Yeah we had a bug with the camera that we couldn't fix before the end. Glad you still enjoyed it.

Mask Up is an action plateformer roguelike designed for mobile that I made alone in the span of 6 month. The initial idea was to make a plateformer with only two button, which would fit mobile really well. After prototyping the idea, I decided to expand on it and add several "forms" that the player can control -the trailer explains it better than words. I hope you'll give it a try.

My BGE. Would recommend playing it on mobile.

Cute game !

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Here's an extra bonus level for you folks (triple click on it then copy):


I would be pleased to try your levels !

Fun, but quite hard, I didn't manage to exit the house. Thanks for sharing!