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Great game, i liked the game art and the controls were very good. The lack of music was a con for me, but i still enjoyed it.

Cool idea, but the controls did not feel great, also the hitboxes feel a little strange sometimes. Good game overall.

Good game, simple but well executed. I think it would be a great addition if the cash you earn could be spend on something.

The only real con for me it was the lack of sound, but still it was funny.

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I liked the graphics and the game overall, it was well done. A con for me is that i could not jump in diagonal direction, i think it would be a great addition. 

Great game still, it was a simple idea very well executed. Also, was the pickle a reference to Rick and Morty? It was hilarious.

I think it would be great if you could hold the flippers, but i liked the game overall.  I think a HUD would be great and a section for the instructions, also the board cold have more additions.

Fun game overall.

Fun game, the music and the art were great. The only con for me it was that on windows i could not move the window or resize it.

The music was great, but i didn't understand what to do in both modes, and in inifinity mode if you fall the level does not restart, the only way to start again is closing the game. 

Still i liked the art and the doggo.

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I think a tutorial is needed because i didn't understand how to properly play it and also the music would help to set the mood.

Great game, i love the concept and the music really gets you in the mood. I have to smash the button and the only cons for me are that the level is too short and animation of the player moving.

Still it's a great concept and i think it would be an amazing game in the future.

I think the game is fun and hits the theme, i really enjoyed it. The controls are clear and responsive, and the only con is that i feel it was a little easy and i am not sure if you could die or just the cops increase your level of awareness so you collect less money.

Really great game overall, i really hope it gets more attention.

Thanks for the feedback, the alternative strategy was not intended, but i think it's some sort of a feature i guess, we are not very sure if to keep or try to fix it. Yes, the movement of the character and the controls is one of our main flaws and we are looking forward to improve it.

This game is not bad, but is also not very good because mainly i think it's too simple and not very funny for me at least. A great addition would be some music and a tutorial is need to understand why you lose, i could not get it to be honest.

Great game, i really enjoyed playing it, though it can be a little hard at first, but i think is fine. A con would be that i did not quite understood how the blue gem worked and a tutorial is need.

Still a solid game and i liked the game art and the sound really fits mood. It would be nice if you could export it to linux.

Thanks for your feedback, we know the controls are not really comfortable and we are looking forward to fix that. and yes, the lack of sound effects is a con and we will add them on the future, with some improvements overall. Again thanks for your feedback.

It does not work properly on chrome, please use other browser if you want to play the game.