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Work HorseView game page

​Work yourself away on meaningless pay.
Submitted by Capital Ex (@Capital_EKS)

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Tools used
Godot - Game Engine
Krita - Art tool

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Fun game! I included it in my Open Jam 2018 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you \o/
I'm glad you liked it.   I'm actually trying to update it to have music and new graphics!  Unfortunately, it'll have to wait until college wraps up for the semester :/

Jam Host(+1)

Congratulations you earned 5 Open Source Karma Stars!


It looks great!
Sometimes it freezes at the valve part when I reach the spin goal.
Great concept!


Freeze as in the game completely stops? or freezes as in the player won't respond to input?


I think it completely stopped. However I don't think I've been able to replicate it so it was probably something on my end. So it's all good!


I figured it out, I left in some debug code

The letter M will tigger any valves on the screen instantly.


Good game, simple but well executed. I think it would be a great addition if the cash you earn could be spend on something.

The only real con for me it was the lack of sound, but still it was funny.


I think it'd be cool if you could spend the money at the end of the day to hire coders or buy auto-cranking machines. Then it's kind of like Factorio or one of those Game Dev Studio games where everything snowballs. Good show for four day's work. :)


Very nice game. It's simple yet it has a good amount of variety considering the theme. I think it'd be cool to expand on this game by adding multiple rooms or obstacles.


I want to make the crate jobs more rewarding since the crate and button can be far apart.

I was planning on adding special item crates.


I'm unable to play the game, as it constantly opens a valve job when I don't request it and crashes when I spin the valve.

Developer (2 edits)

What web bowser are you use? And is there an error in the console?

I might have to check that the valve job is being properly unset as the touching job.

Edit: I can't seem to recreate the error in the latest Firefox and Google Chrome ;-;

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'm not playing in the browser, I am playing the Linux version of the game

Edit: also, this doesn't log any errors, the game just freezes

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I might have uploaded some extra files by mistake :x
There should only be the web build...

Sorry for uploading that busted export.  I'll get a working one up after I get home from uni (sometime around 6:30 pm EST).

Edit: I don't think I'll be able to have a linux (and windows) build up until after the jam.  The web version is the only valid jam build I have.


I just tried playing in the browser, the glitch is still here :(


hmmmm, I'm not sure what could be causing that bug.

Are you a member on the discord server?  If so (and if you're able and willing to) recorded a video of what's happening?  My username is CapitalEx#0673.


Sure, will do that tommorow (it's pretty late here in Poland rn and I'm going to sleep soon)


Alright, I just tried to play this game, and it seems to work perfectly now. Dunno what could be happening here


Responsive gameplay, very simple, easy to learn. Fun game!


Thank you!

I got the idea at work lol


Too bad it doesnt have audio, still, its is really fun to play. Great work :)


I didn't have enough time to create audio :/
It's going to be the first thing I update post jam


Good to hear, and also great to see that you were able to upload it :)

Good Luck :)