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omg the atmosphere, great even though you got so little time! had a really hard time trying to get the atmosphere right. As previously said, the controls could be a little more snappy and clear

HAHAHA I love your reaction xD

great art style, hard as nails in the beginning, but eventually i figured out the controlls xD

the art is really the best! game was hard as nails in the beginning, but i managed xD

i really enjoyed it haha, pretty difficulty to get to 1000 faith tho xD tried it a few times, and just barley made it to 800

Why only 1 >:(

Great graphics, good sounds, good concept. A bit awkward sometimes to hit with the archer, but when you start spamming and they all die its satisfying.

Thank you so much! warms my heart

Responsive gameplay, very simple, easy to learn. Fun game!

i knew someone would make a game with the spam food rather than spamming keys xD

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Thank you so much! and yeah... probably loads more glitches xD

Amazing graphics and amazing sound, music. Would really like to see more games like this! However when i played the game i ended up standing in one place just firing in 1 direction... 

Simple, great mobile game. Really gets your brain involved

Very unique, impressed by the graphics. Fits the overall theme perfectly

I love the sound man, The music and effects are really good. It's a tough game!