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I'm not playing in the browser, I am playing the Linux version of the game

Edit: also, this doesn't log any errors, the game just freezes

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I might have uploaded some extra files by mistake :x
There should only be the web build...

Sorry for uploading that busted export.  I'll get a working one up after I get home from uni (sometime around 6:30 pm EST).

Edit: I don't think I'll be able to have a linux (and windows) build up until after the jam.  The web version is the only valid jam build I have.


I just tried playing in the browser, the glitch is still here :(

hmmmm, I'm not sure what could be causing that bug.

Are you a member on the discord server?  If so (and if you're able and willing to) recorded a video of what's happening?  My username is CapitalEx#0673.


Sure, will do that tommorow (it's pretty late here in Poland rn and I'm going to sleep soon)


Alright, I just tried to play this game, and it seems to work perfectly now. Dunno what could be happening here