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Is the theme is going to be Wind Fire Water Gro und or is it going to be revealed when the jam starts??

Everyone did what they could in the time given, and thats something all should be proud off.

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Since theres no depth of view to this, or no real sence of it. Perhaps have the door be broken in pieces of different sizes and have the playr try and position themselves to create the door. That would be really cool to see.

Oh that wierd, it usually doesnt happen that way. I might have to check that out.

Thanks for playing my game!

Ah yeah, i see where you come from. Yet theres a reason why everything has black outlines. I was intending on making amechanic where you could combine colors, so the ones with no lining could be consumed to create new colors.

I might make it a bit more clear once i implement that mechanic.

Actully, no, thats  not how it works, theres a trigger aroudn the red thing, its just the frame rate that makes dying a bit wierd

Still, thanks for giving my game a try.

Ooooh, that makes a whole lot of sense.

This is so dumb, that it is actually good. Good job for a 48 hours game jam.

Keep that up!

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This is a walking simulator. I hate walking simulators. But, this one, like stanley parable, gave a fun twist to this genere and made a wonderful game with it.

I liked how simple it is, yet so efective at making me say: huh, cool. There isnt much else to it, its really good.

I would've loved to have some puzzles in this, perhaps something to do with perspective and stuff. But overall, Amazing job!

8/10 would get my gf to play.

Yeah i do too, but i doubted anyone would have the patience to learn the janky mechanics and finish all the levels. Im saying this knowing how much it took me to finish level 6 and ho wi still havent completed your game xd.

Perhaps im just bad at videogames lmao.

That thing you saw at the end, it was my attempt to do some voice acting, and also to introduce the main mechanic of the game. But since i ran out of time, its just a jpeg for now.

Oh wait, you finished it?

in fact, let me do that now

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Thank you, yeah the air movement works differently than the groudn movement. This was because i used an old script i made for another game i never finished. I might change this to have more tight controls, that way it is easier to make tricky jumps like in level 3, 6 and 9.

But either way, thanks you for playing and thanks again for the feedback.

Oh that jump, level 6, i made that jump rally hard for some reason. I might update it to make it a tad more easier.  But still, thanks for giving it a try!

Im still learning so this s as good as it is gonna get for a while xd

No, its a double jump. It is quite hard. But the longer you press space bar, the more you will go up. A lot of mechanics arent properly explained, like the wall hop or the air movement.

But thanks for playing it.

oh, thats isnt the game, it is steam vr itself. It has a wierd bug where if you boot any game, even outside of steam, or even just press a single button, it boots steam vr too.

That used to happen to me too

Try my game, i also playtested it myself, so its kind of nasty too xd.

How many levels does this have? Mine has 9

Nice controls, art and music. Just a bit difficult to leap 4 times blindly.

Only 6 hours for this, good job!

Not much for me to say.

Wow, i cant belive you made all this in just 48 hours, this is really good. The lighting was my faourite part, but also the art is really nice. HArd t think you made all this in paint. Also the movement was surprisingly good, it had a lot more mechanics than it needed.

Wheres he tableua 1 tho?

Still, amazin work you guys! 9/10

This was a cool little game, I liked the art a lot, yet trying to paint was really difficult. Perhaps if it were a really floaty flying thng then perhaps it might work a bit better.

Good job still.

Mark my words: I will finish this, level 4 is killing me, but i will finish this game lol

I mean, for your first jam game this is really good. For my very first jam game and first game overall i made a character sneeze to break the movement of another character xd. I think i still have a build somewhere if you want to see what i mean.

This is really good, i relly like being challenged, so his is perfect for me. I wished i had some calming music haunting me while i raged xd.

I also really liked the little character, and how if you click them, they react, i really liked that.

Good job!

8/10 needs a name and more medium levels

This was really neat, I liked the mechanic of painting paths as you go, perhaps it need abit more polish, but hey, good job!

Danm, what a sad thing that happened. Hope you fix it soon.

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God this is extremly hard. I wish I had more life or the enemies died faster.

Still, it looks really polished.

Holy moly, this game is amazing. If only it had sound. It has everything else really nailed down.

Good job man, for 48 hours this is some good shit.

9/10, would play a longer version.

Just please change the wasd to asd and space bar. Im not used to jump with w.

This was fun! A really good way to improve typing speed. Perhaps add a mode where the player can choose difficulty (how many and how fast people move) and what word should they write, perhaps some centered around a certain theme.

Still, i got to 98 points before losing. Good work!


Thanks, I really wished i had a bit more time to refine some mechanics like the wall jump. But im pretty happy that I kind of finished this one, unlike my  previous jam games where I just shipped a working product.

Same tbh lol.

Thanks. This was intentionally made hard, so dont worry if you didnt finish it Also the wall jump is kind of broken, but I hope to fix it when te jam is over.

Thanks again for playing!

This is a fun little game, i liked the concept and its pretty acurrate with the current situation. Yet i dont really see the connection to the tableau 1. Still, really fun.

Good job!

Wow. this is really good for your first jam game. I liked it a lot, its really tricky.

Good job!

After 8 months, I finally came back to this game, and oh boy how i regret not comming back sooner. This is fun, its really creppy with its ambiance, and I really enjoyed it. You should totally finish this one. At least give it a bit of story.

Oh yeah, thats ok, i made it extremly hard to understand how to play. Sorry about that.

Once the jam is over, update it with sounds.

THIS IS SO GOOD. God how I wished it had sounds. It is trippy as hell, and the message is really deep, and Im 14 and thats deep.

If theres more to this, I would gadly play it, this was so good.

10/10 Really fun and interesting.

This is really hard. But I like the concept. And the story is funny too.

Good job! really good! Before I knew it i had done 10 puzzles. I would find myself playing this on my tablet while pooping, its a really good time waster.

9/10 Would poop with it again.

P.D. If only you could, like, implement som sort of tycoon feature, where you had to actually sell your paintings, and then buy more stuff. That would be really fun to play, and perhaps a really good opportunity for a mobile game with adds.