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12 hours??? Thats so little time. Its impressive what you acomplished in 12 hours.

The idea is good. The music isnt as good but its still pretty on point. Yet the frustraition of not knowing what to do.

I started the game and i inmidiatly died because an elf got me. Then i suddently turned into a meth david. 

But i mean, the idea of it is still good, and given that you did everything, makes it all the more impressive.

Congratulations and merry christmas.

Yeah...i dont blame you, it is tricky to get it, even for me. I didnt got time to upload the version of it where it worked. But if you really want to, i can provide a link to a working version.

He will, just you wait till  im able to edit the file. 

Thanks for checking it out, merry christmas :D

Alright then

There is a tool to change the color pallet used in certain levels. You could have the world get progressivly dartker as you approach the lady, representing time passing and christmas approaching.

You click on the plus icon here (red) and then you can edit the pallet. Using the arrows you can change betwen each pallet to edit them.

You simply presss the plus icon located at the bottom of your color window to add a new color pallet. You can edit each individually by pressing the arrows.

Once you are happy with your pallet, you can continue to change it on the bottom of your room window, click on the onlty button to show the tools for the room, then at the very bottom you will be given the chance to change the color pallet of the especific room.

Cool, i'll have a look.

Did you interact with the lamp post? It is kind of glitchy but if ypou press e just as you approach the lamp post you can continue a little bit more.

Oh and also, the health doesnt reset once you die. if you die and re-start, you just gewt one hitted.

Welp, i couldnt get past the first part, the sleight controls awful, it feels floaty and unresponsive. Was it desingned that way or is it just because the small time you had to develop it?

Not to say it is a terrible game, the graphics are quite enjoyable. I laughted a bit the first time i read the story, but it is a shame the audio got corrupted.

Im looking foward to play the audio version.

Congratulations to the three of you, and merry christmas.

Holy shit. i couldnt stop laughting while playing this. The quarky movement and the awful camera sum up to an awful experience. and i loved every second of it.

Its like taking the frustration of golf with your friends with the quarky movement of surgeon simulator, it was so good.

I had some friends play it, and we took turns. We were all laughting our asses out from the horrible creations we created.

Great work, would love to see this game be like some kind of wario ware, with mini games changing the gameplay a bit.

Congratulations and merry christmas.

This wasa lovely game, loved it. Of course it has some issues trying to play the music and the game both at the same time. But you nailed the story.

You could try and fix some grammar mistakes and sentence breaking and what not, because sometimes the chat box was empty, because you spaced everything in a single bubble.

Also you could have used another pallet for some parts of the game, it wasa bit bland to use the sameone all the time.

Still, i loved the story. Congratulations and merry christmas.

First of all, congratulations for finishing your game. Second of all, WTF. Altought it was simplystic, it was super creeppy, with all the music and sound effects. But it was lacking some challenge. 

Also the art you used for the promotional image is horrific.

Good game, you really tried and it showed.

Merry christmas.

Perhaps the creator of the game jam has some gold heart and will grant you the chance to upload it a little late, after all, its christmas.

Hi, i uploaded my game, and i notieced that some graphics didnt work correctly, so i fixed them, but i couldnt upload them because i was seconds late. Can i get a chance to fix them?

Reallt? Thanks! But i wish i had updated the Game so It was more presentable. Thanks anyways.

It is really fun. At first i was like: "Oh god, what is this?" but after playing some levels, i realized this had future. It needs polish and some other stuff, but it is really good. Sadly, it did not go well with the theme of the jam. 

Gret job overall!

Ah! Gotcha. Torta get ready for Next tear then. Thanks ;)

I only got 3 karma stars, and i know why. I was thinking on doing the linux build since the start, but since i didnt have it on my version of unity, i had to re-download the whole engine. Now im able to build i for linux ..but, i am kind of worried this will be considered cheating and then get de-qualified. so, is it ok if i add a late linux build? It is the same as all the other builds on the page rn, its just for linux.

(2 edits)

Also, sorry i added a bit of stuff to my gamne, all i did was add like 3 buttons, thats all, is it ok or do i get de-qualified? i still have the original version, without the 3 buttons. If it is a problem, perhaps i can upload the original one?

If i add the linux build and and some other stuff, can i get better karma points?

Ok, my original idea for the game was different at first. It was gonna be a platafformer where you had to spam space to jump and you had to land on enemies on the other side. But i couldnt do it so i scraped that and made this new idea.

In the first version you were able to run around an overworld area and collect things. But i quickly began to get worried as i couldnt make the game save your progress when the monster catched you, so i scraped that and only used the part that filled the theme. That is this demo.

I am planning on making a full version of it, and if i win, i might even do it for the conference. But if i dont...i will do it anyways. And no, the mechanic will completly change, and the whole scene will change too. Most things will change in the final version.

Also i cutted the animations cause teey looked silly, i have to make some new ones. And also, the games tittle references how in the original version, the monster will catch you and transport you to its pocket dimmension, and thats why this is called "The pocket dimmension", cause i only used that part.

Alright, i think i said everything, thanks for cheking out my game, beware that the final version might be a bit more spooky.

Aw thanks, it means a lot to hear it. I tried to make the characters move, but it looked silly. So i decied to cut it.  But in the main game ,i  asure you that there will be animations.

Thanks for checking my game and giving it a rating, it helps me a lot. :)

I loved this, it is so much fun. Me and some classmates were playing it to test it and we all had a dandy candy time. Great work!

Wished it worked with keyboard and not just controller.

This is so caothic, i love it!

I started laughting once i got the multiball thingy. And i love it.

Some things to take in mind: The balls are kind of glitchy, but i dont think it is your fault, theres like a hundred in the screen every frame. But a minor tweak here and there could make it feel a lot better. Also the flippers felt wierd, the didnt respond on time.

Overall, great game. Congrats!

Cool idea, i liekd it a lot. Its just something that bother me: how the mouse control works, all the cannons go to the position og the mouse and explode, and thats really annoying and not fun. What i want my bullet to do it to go to the direction of my mouse and continue until it hits something and explodes. Not just go to the position of the mouese to explode. 

Also the music doesnt loop and when you die the money stays the same...those can be fixed really fast.

There, it is now a thing. I updated all the user interface so it is easier to navigate...not that you can anvigate a lot, but its a bit better.

It may not be pretty, or not the best working game, but the message is strong and it really works well...great work!

At this current time, no, but...i can add it...It shouldnt be too hard to add. I can probably add it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the idea! Also, thanks for checking my game, it means a lot.

P.S. Aw you, dont be so polite, I know the game can be a lot better, but reading some alse saying it makes me blush. Thanks, its really encouraging :3

Thanks, it is really encouraging to hear such words....or read them rather :p

Thanks for checking my game and giving it a try! It does mean a lot to me. Also i think your game was fun!

More on that in a comment i just left on your profile.

This game was fun, i already said in a reply to the coment on my game (i really appreciatted trhat :), but i had a few complaints and ran into a few bugs.

Fisrt: the bugs: The only bug i encountered during my play time, was that if you go up the stairs and went backwards in the Z axis, you will fall behing the stairs, and there is no possible way to go back since you paced an invisible wall... you can either make me lose a life and respanw, just make me respanw or make the invisible wall bigger so it doesnt happen.

Now the complaints: The character is way too small. i read all the comments bellow me and almost all complaint about the same thing. But thats a minor thing and doesnt affect the overall experience (maybe it does a little, but i didnt feel it, so....)

I have no idea how to win or if there is even a way to do so. Perhaps adding a character as the king, and if you killed it, you won. That could make the player want to archive that objective, and make the game a bit more fun. Correting myself now after reading all the new versions addings, and i think thats a fine solution, but perhaps a bit too cheap. Still, good to know you already adressed it :)

And lastly, i want to try online. So lets meet up on discord sometime tomorrow and play it together, im intriged by the nature of that claim.

I think this is a pretty good casual game and you archived to follow the theme of the jam. i dont think you expand this game much further, but it doesnt hurt to polish it here and there. Perhaps adding missions and other cool stuff.

Oh! I got an idea with the kings: having a king mode where two players combat ech other by deploying soldiers and archers to defend themselves and attack the other. That can be a thing, and if it does become a thing, make sure to add some more different characters to make some variety.

Welp...thats bassically it for me to say about this game. I liked it for real and want to help you polish it as much as you can, so that was all my advice. 

Thanks for checking my game, and congrats on completing the jam with a cool game. Hope to see youy soon :)

Oh...i didnt realized it until now, yes, indeed there is a how to play screen in the title screen, my bad. Tho it doesnt say all the sceneraios, i had several different winning messages, and i didnt know what they ment until i keept getting them. Also sometimes i won without doing anything, perhaps a glitch of some sort?

You can maybe expand this game a bit more if you find something interesting to implement, i would love to see it. I cant think of something, but perhaps your brilliant minds can come up with something.

Hey mr, you forgot to set the html build to be played in the browser, just go to edit game and scroll to the part where all your download links are, and for the html one select play in browser.

Im actually going to fix it in a moment, im just exporting the new build, i made some changes to the camera positioning and to ensure that everyone can play it without having the graphics broken.

But thanks for the suggestion, many people have told the same, and im aware of it.

I didnt get the ga,e at first, all those pretty colours and the flishing triangles made me dishorientated, but after a while i kind of got the hang of it. I just wished there was some more to this game. Great work overall!

I mean, for the most part, you made some solid level desing. You showed the player a mechanic and then experimented with so, just like the big ´ol N.  And thats what level d esing is about. :)

This is sooo hard, i cant beat it. Also there is one ammo pack that cannot be obtained. And the parkour is kind of a pain in the arse sometimes.

Also, during the fase where a plataform falls and you ride it downwards, my character couldnt jump because it was falling, so i rage quitted xD

This game was so much fun, also made me rage like three time. It is brutaly difficult.

I liked the whole concept of it, but i have a few complains:

I need a tutorial, there is so much to this game that at first glance i didnt even notieced. 

Some monsters in the first level are impossible to beat, and tghat makes me rage because i cant progress.

And lastly, the way the gems are sorted in your inventory, and the way they are in the places where you sacrifice them. The order is either Red Gree and Blue, or Red BLue and Green. It triggered my OCD.

I would buy this game from the app store, or something, this is truly fun and enjoyment. SO great work with this master piece ;)

It was fine, it wasnt good nor it was bad. So good job on completing this :)

This game is too much fun, i loved it!

You should port it to the app store, it would work really really well.