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A little mistake in a really expensive painting. Really hard platformer
Submitted by official — 3 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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A pretty nice platformer but the movement didn't feel too good. I sometimes got stuck on walls and had to wait until I reached the ground to free myself. with a bit of polish it could become a very fun game.


Oh that wierd, it usually doesnt happen that way. I might have to check that out.

Thanks for playing my game!


Wow, a good amount of content for a game jam. I found myself dying quite a bit because of the thick outlines around red blocks, where elsewhere you can  stand on black lines just fine - it made the levels a bit harder to read. A very nice uplifting story too!


Actully, no, thats  not how it works, theres a trigger aroudn the red thing, its just the frame rate that makes dying a bit wierd

Still, thanks for giving my game a try.


Yeah, sorry, that was a bit unclear - I meant that because black lines elsewhere were safe, it was difficult for me to parse the red blocks as dangerous since they were surrounded by "safe" black lines. It was more a visual thing than anything mechanical. On reflection though, I did get used to it about halfway into the game, so I guess it's not such a big issue.

Thanks for making it!


Ah yeah, i see where you come from. Yet theres a reason why everything has black outlines. I was intending on making amechanic where you could combine colors, so the ones with no lining could be consumed to create new colors.

I might make it a bit more clear once i implement that mechanic.


I thought the platforming was really difficult at times, and the player's mobility was really janky. Sometimes I would be able to move almost immediately, where other times I had to slowly build up speed. I think this might've been happening most while trying to move in the air or while standing by a ledge, which made it way harder to precisely move.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty good and interesting to play. Nice job ^^

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you, yeah the air movement works differently than the groudn movement. This was because i used an old script i made for another game i never finished. I might change this to have more tight controls, that way it is easier to make tricky jumps like in level 3, 6 and 9.

But either way, thanks you for playing and thanks again for the feedback.


in fact, let me do that now


pretty cool! i think i had the hardest time with the very 1st jump with the red blocks. was there a double jump too or am i just mistaking that for the wall jump


No, its a double jump. It is quite hard. But the longer you press space bar, the more you will go up. A lot of mechanics arent properly explained, like the wall hop or the air movement.

But thanks for playing it.


yea the final level had some jumps you had to control your jump height that was good


Oh wait, you finished it?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

yea there was a nice message at the end. i try to play the jam games i check out to the completion


Yeah i do too, but i doubted anyone would have the patience to learn the janky mechanics and finish all the levels. Im saying this knowing how much it took me to finish level 6 and ho wi still havent completed your game xd.

Perhaps im just bad at videogames lmao.

That thing you saw at the end, it was my attempt to do some voice acting, and also to introduce the main mechanic of the game. But since i ran out of time, its just a jpeg for now.


i like a challenge and theres a checkpoint at the start of every level so i dont mind retrying a buncha times till i get it


Well it's a platformer. There was one very tricky jump where you had to wall jump and double jump through a tight space between two red tiles. I would say it's an alright game considering we only had 48 hours and most people had less because they need sleep.


Oh that jump, level 6, i made that jump rally hard for some reason. I might update it to make it a tad more easier.  But still, thanks for giving it a try!

Im still learning so this s as good as it is gonna get for a while xd


This game is pretty hard lmao. But it's still fun and interesting to play so overall great job!


Thanks, I really wished i had a bit more time to refine some mechanics like the wall jump. But im pretty happy that I kind of finished this one, unlike my  previous jam games where I just shipped a working product.


Really cute platformer! I suck at platformers, but I loved the little scribble and the level layouts! The wall jump mechanic was really cool as well.


Thanks. This was intentionally made hard, so dont worry if you didnt finish it Also the wall jump is kind of broken, but I hope to fix it when te jam is over.

Thanks again for playing!