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Random hat event

Random hat event

This was such a fun game to play. I wish there was more to it or maybe even a part 2. I love the artstyle (even though it looks like it was all drawn in paint). I also really enjoyed the voice lines and the progression even though it was pretty linear. Some feedback on the game: In some parts you have too much freedom during the dialogue and you can walk into the person talking. Another things is the movement. It feels alright but the moment you let go off the key you are still walking forward for about half a second and then stop. It feels pretty unresponsive because of that. Anyway, it was a fun experience and I will definitely follow your future work.

Cool Game. I haven't seen anything like this before. Well except "there is no game"

Well the game is very interesting.

Well that was interesting



The game is really cool but I was not able to jump (maybe that was intended). Anyway, I glitched my way through the levels and finished the game. Pretty cool

Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to add portal like puzzles where you had to find a cube and use it as a stair of you had to place it on a button. Unfortunately, I did not have time to add vertical camera movement and these puzzles. I'm very glad you liked it : )

thank you for the comment :) I'm very glad you enjoyed it

Well it's a platformer. There was one very tricky jump where you had to wall jump and double jump through a tight space between two red tiles. I would say it's an alright game considering we only had 48 hours and most people had less because they need sleep.

Yes. I realized by looking in the comments.

I didn't expect anyone to put this much effort into their paint art. Also for a jam game, the controls are very well made and feel great 90% of the time. The only issue with the controls is the wall jump which sometimes feels a bit weird. The game would feel even better if there was some music. Overall I liked it a lot

thank you for updating it :) I will definitelly play it again

What a phantasmical ending

Well it's a top down shooter. Pretty cool idea. The movement feels very weird since you cannot move up or down at the same time that you are going left or right. (you can change that by changing your movement code from else if to just if for every direction.

Very easy game but nice

Well it's an another platformer.

I feel like playing chrome dinosaur with asmr sounds and paint graphics (which is not a bad thing) I think make it a little bit harder and maybe adding a difficulty curve would be nice too. Try adding increasing speed.

I think the game is pretty original. I like the mechanics, the sound of opening and closing tiles is nice to listen to over and over again, the jumpscares are not too loud and overdone, everything works, there is no lag. However it's pretty hard to survive for the 5 minutes. I got it on my 7th try and 5th and 6th were really close. I enjoyed this game. I would give it an overall of 4/5.

how do you clear your inventory ? So I think I slept on the closest sofa/chair to the stairs. I slept a couple of times in a short amount of time and I haven't even realized I lost the screwdriver. When I went to the screwdriver converter it would tell me that the screwdriver changed to minus (just like if I had it) but there was no icon for it and opening the AC didn't work. I will give it a try again. Also a cool easter egg you can add is when you wait for a couple days the owner comes home.

thank you ! I spent a good amount of time on the audio for the game.

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Well actually I just have cube meshes with unshaded textures. It's a very very simple concept but is really cool. (It's also really difficult to make levels when everything blends with each other with no sense of depth.

Edit: I used GLES3 but there is no shaders so I will make a html5 version. I just wanted people to play fullscreen for the best experience

hmm I was trying to make it as low on graphics as possible. If you tell me what platform you are using I will turn down the resolution and remove all light sources to make it playable on any low tier pc.

Wow actually for your first game that's pretty good. I couldn't care less to even add ui to my first game. Good luck on your game dev journey

I like how the dev uploaded the project files. The concept of the game seems very cool and it's hard to believe this game was made in 48 hours. It was pretty hard identifying the paintings.

Lol I make my own music

well It's just a regular platformer. Cool music/art I guess.

If you touch a wall and don't move you can spam the jump button and go into insane speeds. Just a little thing I found. I recommend adding something like 

if is_on_wall():

y velocity = 0

Great job for a first game!

well cool game I guess

Well how original. A platformer. There is a lot of unnecessary post processing. The face on the cube looks kinda weird. 

Well this game is pretty much an fps shitpost/meme. I kinda like it.

I think this game has a very unique and interesting mechanic. I like the difficulty.

hey can you check out my game ?


I really enjoyed playing it. The only thing I would improve is reversing the controls when you are upside down. However you can get used to it.