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You're jailed in someone else's house!
Submitted by IEP_Esy — 2 seconds before the deadline
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I jumped off the roof the first time I played the game because I was so confused XD





Won't let me grab the wire for the computer, the drawer gets in the way, I ask you to move the cord more the front of the drawer.


I ask you to close that drawer and crouch


5/5 amazing game.


:o just saw that this was submitted 2 seconds before the deadline


Yeah, so intense! I thought for a moment that it was late. But I guess my luck did its job…

I’m glad that you enjoyed it :)


SPOILERS AHEAD ! IT'S A GREAT GAME DON'T SPOIL IT FOR YOUSELF. The game is incredible, funny, and interesting. I played it 4 times but I could not complete it. First time I died of virus lol. Second time the screwdriver disappeared for some reason and I could not turn on the AC. (I had everything done before and I just finished the bear puzzle and when I went to sleep the screwdriver completelly disappeared. Then on the 4th one I could not enter the password from the posters to the pc. It said wrong every time (I tried every possible combination). 4th time there was no screwdriver again : / I really enjoyed it and I'm very curious of the ending. I will give it a go again later.


Thanks for posting. I’m really happy that you enjoyed Bit Jail!

I haven’t seen anyone lost the screwdriver! Can you tell me where did you sleep? Try sleeping with empty inventory next time.

Computer had a bug in the first build, so I uploaded a patch yesterday. Go to main menu and see if there is a version text at the left bottom saying 1.0 1. If there wasn’t any text then download the game again and see if it’s fixed.

Every passcode in game is randomly generated so replaying might fix some bugs!


how do you clear your inventory ? So I think I slept on the closest sofa/chair to the stairs. I slept a couple of times in a short amount of time and I haven't even realized I lost the screwdriver. When I went to the screwdriver converter it would tell me that the screwdriver changed to minus (just like if I had it) but there was no icon for it and opening the AC didn't work. I will give it a try again. Also a cool easter egg you can add is when you wait for a couple days the owner comes home.


You can’t clear your inventory, I meant to sleep without anything in inventory. However, I can’t lose the screwdriver or anything when I sleep (I even slept multiple times just like you said).

Did you lose the screwdriver after you converted it? If yes, that message from the converter was normal because all converter items send the same message after converting (like the oven or waters).

I say that you download the game again (to have the new patch) and try again, I’m sure you’ll like the ending :>

Your easter egg idea is very good! I might put it in next update…

Developer (1 edit)

First of all, thanks for jam reviews and 15+ downloads on the first day! I’m really honored. I’ve uploaded a patch for game’s current bugs.

Detailed change log:

  • You can now suicide by jumping off the roof.
  • Computer password bug is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where pause menu blocks other UI from functioning.
  • Blank space between Bears now send correct messages.
  • First key is now discovered more easily.
  • Consumable items now show ‘Eat Burger’ instead of ‘Use Burger’ to avoid confusion.
  • Added a burger on boy’s table.
  • Changed “Me and the boys” picture with the actual picture, instead of the picture placeholder.
  • Balanced TV and Cat sounds so it’s less annoying.
  • Added a version text in main menu.

Update Bit Jail here; Enjoy!


my fav game of the jam so far but i got stuck and my next logical step was jumping off the roof


Lmao thank you even though I screwed up at the last and didn’t put the lose menu for suicide but there was a rage quit button just for these cases :D

I’ll make a patch in a few hours to fix those bugs along with a linux build…

By the way, where are you stucked? I won’t spoil the puzzles but I’ll give you indirect help.


yea i wanna give it another go later, i couldnt figure out how to power up the pc. i got one of the 2 keys for the main door


I’ve uploaded the patch; I suggest that you update. If you need computer password watch news more carefully! and If you can’t find the power cable, search more and use left ctrl to crouch.

Developer (2 edits)

Here’s a list of known bugs so that you don’t have to repeat:

  • [FIXED in 1.0.1] It’s impossible to suicide by jumping off the roof (Please quit the game if you did it because it will go to infinity and will break your computer)
  • [FIXED in 1.0.1] Blank space between Bears send wrong messages. Doesn’t affect game play though.
  • [FIXED in 1.0.1] Sometimes Computer generate wrong codes to oven. Fixable by restarting. (Codes are randomly generated so there’s a 1 to 10 chance that this will happen)
  • [FIXED in 1.0.1] UI will be stuck if resumed game while another UI element is active.

This post will be updated with new bugs which you report or I’ll discover.


Nice game !