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Submitted by DocMcCoy — 21 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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Muito legal. Adoro esse estilo de jogo, pois joguei muito na infância.

Adorei os SFX de tiro e dano, porém o SFX do pé poderia ter sido criado da mesma forma.

Os tiros travam as vezes, não sei se é tempo de recarregamento ou outra coisa. Se for recarregamento seria legal uma mensagem de "recharge" aparecendo na tela.

Talvez uma trilha sonora "a capela" seria legal também, mas uma trilha sombria - é fácil fazer.



I love the sounds, they are so satisfying lol


Thank you so much!  :D


This game was a goddam masterpiece. Doom clone Schmoom clone, who cares.


-Enemies violently enact social distancing, attacking if you enter a radius of ~6 feet. 

-Sound effects made me crack up whenever I got hit

-Art fits the theme and captures the ms paint aesthetic wonderfully


-Making it playable in web browser would be convenient

-Getting stuck on enemy hitboxes kind of sucked

-A minimap would have been nice

I rate overall 5/5. One of the most enjoyable games yet


Wow, I was not expecting that! HAHA

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback and for the suggestions too!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Ok, as this is your first game. I wont be as harsh. The mechanics are at least working. The spawners are a nice touch but I think you should add a limit to spawned enemies or add a zone in which the player has to be in order for enemies to spawn. I think the level is a little too big, but that's just personal preference. For your first game that's great ! Mine was really bad ! Good luck on your journey. 4/5. Also sorry for being so critical/harsh before


Yeah! This is my first JAM, and my first 3D game in Godot, so miziziz"s tutorials help me a LOT :D

I tried to increase some things, like the reload system and a HUD (this is the first time I build a HUD too), little things, but I am very proud to have succeeded in 48 hours  <3

Thank you for you feedback!


Wow actually for your first game that's pretty good. I couldn't care less to even add ui to my first game. Good luck on your game dev journey


Thaaaaanks  :D


The game is overall pretty good, but it has two flaws in my opinion: It dosnt really use the theme that much, its simply that the ennemies are made out of colored rectangles, and it gets somewhat repetitive. However the game is graphically good, it has a really great feel to it and so on. Although i think the game is good, i think you will get a lot of not that great reviews because your game doesnt have one really great thing, wheras a lot of them have either a great concept, a great art style, great gameplay... wheras yours is good in every domain, but it doesnt have that one defining quality.  A good game nontheless

Also, I'd love it if you would consider playing my game  and giving me feedback.


We tried to use the theme in enemies, and the map itself have a Tableau I format

Thank you for your feedback! <3
And I played your game! And it's amazing! Really good!


Game is fun, mechanics is good, sounds is not bad, art is good, overall 3/5 because it gets boring pretty fast to me

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for you feedback  :D