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this looks really cool, cant wait to try it out!

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oh man, its refreshing to play a game this fast paced. i dig the core gameplay of risk vs reward where you gotta keep moving, but the combat can be a little akward with how you move forward with your melee swings

great to see you put the game up online

i like how game over is becoming an art critic. a fate worse than death

suprisingly long game, there was a few annying jumps (blind drops) but i liked it. the collission can be a bit weird but its possible to do a "doublejump" off a block so thats a plus in my book.

theres no real ending? i got to a part where its just a dead end. a simple message to let the player know its over is enough.

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that was tough, mainly cuz the movement system (im not a fan of the unity default fpscontroller) and the flat colours + black bg makes it hard to tell the distance but i enjoy a challenge. you really gotta learn when to sprint and when not to on those jumps.

i didnt expect the game to turn into a completely differend one at the 1st checkpoint, that was really cool.

at the end you mentioned you wanna continue the game, i think itd help to have some easier platforming at the start. if youve never played a game with the unity fps movement it can be hard to get into

ye i was trying to make a puzzle game at first, but i didnt have any ideas. thanks for playing!

pretty surreal, i dig it! i like how the character comments on being able to see tru walls

love it, my kinda dialogue and the art looks good.

i love the terrible assistant bot that distracts you, but my sceen gets shifted every time and i couldnt press the green button anymore

i dunno, i had no trouble figuring out what every colour does. i think the way the levels are designed naturally teaches you that so in a way i prefer its not explained.

1 thing that bothered me is that the spikes are red so i assumed it follows the same logic as red platforms, you should have them in a colour you cant change to. 

i like this mechanic a lot, you can do stuff like jump with the red and then swap to yellow to move faster.

i love the music

the last level had some jumps that seem to high to reach, i had to drop down from above.

pretty cool platformer

fun to play and i love the story

it plays like a sonic game but i did like the art and how flying up gives a game over too

yea quality over quanity, especially with the strict timelimit. you did a good job showcasing the prototype/consept with the current levels

i like it but theres some technical issues on my side atleast, the game starts spazzing out and it crashes every time i die

thats some intense bloom, but cool idea and atmosphere!

this is a great consept, its simple once you figure out how the game works, but theres a lotta depth you can have with the puzzles.

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the "haha you won" made me crack up for some reason. cool game! great audio and the soft static works well for the visuals

oh right also i appriciate you didnt put any jumpscares in

you had a bigger idea for the game originally but ran outta time? 

good point on the controls, ive played a bunch of rpgmaker games in the past so i just naturally knew the controls myself but its something thats easy to forget about

thanks for checking out the game! yea i agree on the difficulty it goes from 1 to 10 fast but its what i like playing myself

ey, congrats on beatin the game! i didn notice that earlier. i generally play challenging games so i end up doing that myself too, but i think lotta indie gamers like a challenge

i like the setting, could use faster bullets and something to show that the bullets are hurting the enemies. the checkerboard level is where it got interesting, theres a part you gotta jump over some bullets and fire back, i wish there was more of that

this is a cool idea but its hard to tell how the dash works. also the windowed resolutions too big for my screen so the bottom gets cut off. i dig how the music changes the further you play

really fun but like other people said the walljump can be weird. i wish you could jumpcancel outta slides to keep the flow

this consept is really cool and theres some movement tech you can pull off, but with the minium box size, camera moving the cursor and the player spinning around it can be frustrating at times. and yea i know doublejumping with the boxes propably wasnt the intented way to play

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i cant figure out the intented way to do the up and down red elevator part in extra stage

aight i got it somehow

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i love everything about this

well for a legit review, i dig piet the V design and the dystopian future setting, you coulda had some phoenix wright style moment where you gotta come up with compelling arguements to defend piet

i like a challenge and theres a checkpoint at the start of every level so i dont mind retrying a buncha times till i get it

wow this was really cool, intersting mechanics. i feel like theres a lotta more that could be done with this idea like making a big weapon but the trade off is you also have a big hitbox

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yea there was a nice message at the end. i try to play the jam games i check out to the completion

yea the final level had some jumps you had to control your jump height that was good

pretty cool! i think i had the hardest time with the very 1st jump with the red blocks. was there a double jump too or am i just mistaking that for the wall jump

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yea ill go check out your game, ive been checking out the jam games via "take me to a random game" button, i wanna atleast briefly check them all out

oh right its 6 levels in this one, ive a vid that showcases the whole game

i had a 7th final level orignally but i didnt like it so i just cut it

yea music woulda been cool but my experience with flstudio is pretty low, and risk of rain 2 was free this weekend and i wanted to play that with a friend. glad you dig the challenge! i try to keep it fair but since i playtest it myself its proly a bit on the nasty side

love the way this game looks. i hope to see the full version one day

surreal experience

its a nice consept but i wish the bullets were faster