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im supriced you didnt call it binky and the brain

this looks fantastic, looking forward to the english translation.

im glad to hear that. i hadnt really decided on what kinda artstyle i should go for when i started this project, but its good to hear it looks nice regardless.

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fun consept, not sure what the bats do, so i just kept bying cheese untill my guy died of cheese overdose.

Edit:nvm i didnt see the instructions on the main game page.

looks like its a mac build? i couldnt run it on windows

this was fun, im a sucker for ps1 looking games. maybe a starfox style barrel roll could help so you can take shots at the enemies and then quickly move out of the way to avoid incoming fire.

pretty fun, i like the abilities even if i didnt end up needing them much its fun to hop around with the "dash"

random ue4 tip, if you run "r.TonemapperFilm 0" with execute console command node for example you can keep the colour in glowing materials. its personal preference, but i generally prefer having it off myself.

sounds fun, if you do continue the project id love to check it out one day

it definedly has the spectacle of an arcade game, i like that about arcade style games myself. maybe speed up the explosions, it looks a little bit like its in slow motion.

i think its possible to have both spectacle and visual clarity, for example if you somehow layer all the explosions and "less important" visuals low and important visuals like enemy bullets to the top they should always stick out.

the plane models look exellent, i thought it was part of some premade asset pack untill i checked the game page where you mention it.

i dont know if its intentional you cant go to the edges of the screen, but it would be nice to either have a visual showing how far you can go or be possible to go all the way to the edge of the screen.

im not sure if the game is working as intented, after the intro i get to a screen where the smiley face attacks me and the game doesnt progress anywhere from that.

the movement was super satisfying in this game, the way it zooms out gives you a great sense of speed. nice visuals and atmoshpere too, combat is very straight forward and not too bullet hell like, but its satisfying shooting down ships.

id be down to play some sort of time trial mode with these controls.

thanks! i care a lot about core gameplay being good so its nice to hear it plays well. ive listed all the music i used in the credits.txt, if i wanted to try to make my own music for the game i dont think i wouldve had enough time.

is it after youve made a potion you get to know what it does? i like the idea of experimenting with differend ingridients and just seeing what you get but i dont know what your vision for the game is

it seems like a cool consept. as far as i can tell getting ingridiends and mixing potions currently doesnt do anything? but it sounds like it could be a fun gameplay loop.

the animation on the character is great.

i didnt know what to expect, but im glad i checked out this game. reminds me a lot of something youd see on newground/flash games, it was oddly nostalgic.

i like how the theme ties into the gameplay with your hitbox getting bigger if you get hit, and the dark comedy of hiding behind people for cover.

suprisingly fun to speedrun with the roll move. i like that you gave all the ui buttons an unique look that fits the theme.

i closed the game and i still hear the music in my head.

jokes aside, fun little shmup survival, but i feel like its pretty easy to survive with the amount of hp and armor youve given.

pretty fun, i like the music and visuals here.

it would be nice if you could see the time you survived, and if there was a fast way to restart.

i imagine the platforms was there for testing reasons since you could just go up and hide from the enemies, but it was a fun side thing to do go climb up and see whats up there.

thanks! im glad to hear that

yeah i agree, the sawblade spawning ontop of you feels cheap. id make enemies spawn a minimum distance from you if i end up continuing this project.

the last screen was definedly hexagon influenced. i wanted the ending to feel rewarding to reach but i think the difficulty ended up pretty tame for anyone whos already familiar with bullet hells. i had a few friends playtest the game and they got to the end pretty quickly.

thanks for checking out the game!

this is great, simple artstyle but it looks very clean and it makes it easy to see the patterns and since you move with mouse it feels very precice. definedly a challenge, i havent finished triangle yet. ive got to the part where it starts throwing big purple arrows at you.

this was fantastic, definedly has a touhou vibe to it. it became a lot easier to survive once i figured out how to use the beam. i feel like the patterns vary a lot between easy and "how do i not get hit here", but im impressed how much variation, differend patterns and enemies there was.

ive been looking forward to this

sweet, im exited to see it once its ready

hi, late reply. is that a sequel to binky9? that was my 2nd favourite. either way im exited for anything in the series, i honestly just checked it out because i thought "how does this game have so many sequels" and ended up binge playing all of them just to find out what its about.

best one in the series (imo)

i dig it, great atmoshpere and visuals and the movement system feels good all around once you take some time to learn it.

and now i will rant about game design, this stuff might be subjective to what i like, so take it more like a suggestion instead of critisism.

i like the difficulty and "arcade" lives system once i got used to the controls and figured the game has a very forgiving coyote jump and its all good for a demo, but id consider this like "middle of the game" difficult. you might wanna have some easy sections to begin with simply to get the player used to general movement (introduce coyote jumping, neutral jumping off wall), so it doesnt feel like you are thrown into a hard section that you need to trial and error to learn especially considering youre using a lives system that throws you back to the start of the game. when you make a game and playtest it yourself, its hard to get an idea how difficult something really is for a blind player.

for a short demo i think the "arcade mode" is a fair challenge cuz the games very short but id personally maybe make it a hard mode, and the regular difficulty of the game basically gives you infinite lives to restart from latest checkpoint.

1 last gripe, spike hitboxes. generally i felt the spikes were fair and i didnt have an issue with it but a specific spot in the last room before "snakes room" you got some spikes at the top of the wall you need to walljump off of but you can die by touching the side of the spikes. that one didnt feel good imo.

aight thats it, i would love to see a full game one day, good luck on the project!

theres not that much platforming yet, but the controls feel pretty good and i like the character design. it has that 3d mascot platformers era vibe to it

this looks really cool, cant wait to try it out!

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oh man, its refreshing to play a game this fast paced. i dig the core gameplay of risk vs reward where you gotta keep moving, but the combat can be a little akward with how you move forward with your melee swings

great to see you put the game up online

i like how game over is becoming an art critic. a fate worse than death

suprisingly long game, there was a few annying jumps (blind drops) but i liked it. the collission can be a bit weird but its possible to do a "doublejump" off a block so thats a plus in my book.

theres no real ending? i got to a part where its just a dead end. a simple message to let the player know its over is enough.

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that was tough, mainly cuz the movement system (im not a fan of the unity default fpscontroller) and the flat colours + black bg makes it hard to tell the distance but i enjoy a challenge. you really gotta learn when to sprint and when not to on those jumps.

i didnt expect the game to turn into a completely differend one at the 1st checkpoint, that was really cool.

at the end you mentioned you wanna continue the game, i think itd help to have some easier platforming at the start. if youve never played a game with the unity fps movement it can be hard to get into

ye i was trying to make a puzzle game at first, but i didnt have any ideas. thanks for playing!

pretty surreal, i dig it! i like how the character comments on being able to see tru walls

love it, my kinda dialogue and the art looks good.

i love the terrible assistant bot that distracts you, but my sceen gets shifted every time and i couldnt press the green button anymore

i dunno, i had no trouble figuring out what every colour does. i think the way the levels are designed naturally teaches you that so in a way i prefer its not explained.

1 thing that bothered me is that the spikes are red so i assumed it follows the same logic as red platforms, you should have them in a colour you cant change to. 

i like this mechanic a lot, you can do stuff like jump with the red and then swap to yellow to move faster.

i love the music