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Tableau on Tablet!View game page

Submitted by enricortinovis, OgradG, Eduardo Bellon — 33 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

that was tough, mainly cuz the movement system (im not a fan of the unity default fpscontroller) and the flat colours + black bg makes it hard to tell the distance but i enjoy a challenge. you really gotta learn when to sprint and when not to on those jumps.

i didnt expect the game to turn into a completely differend one at the 1st checkpoint, that was really cool.

at the end you mentioned you wanna continue the game, i think itd help to have some easier platforming at the start. if youve never played a game with the unity fps movement it can be hard to get into

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

cool and fun, but the controls don't feel very good, they should a bit more responsive ;)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I ragequit after getting to the first white platform. The music is BEAUTIFUL and the art fits, but oh my heckling god, the movement made me want to cry

If this is made with Unity, I'm betting that your code looks something like this:

    if(Input.GetAxis("Vertical") > 0){

    //move forward


This is unwieldly, because it means there is a delay between when you let go of the forward key and when your character actually stops. Instead, it would be better to use Input.GetAxisRaw() which instantly goes back to zero when the axis is let go.

Additionally, the narrow field of view meant I always had to look down to see the platforms, which felt clunky. If you changed these two bits, you would have a truly well made game! If I had the patience, I probably could have beat it. Not before I would have been in danger of tilting so bad that I fell over, though. Good job on this!


I cant reach the second platform? Am I missing something? Looks cool tho


Hold shift to run!


Game is just the classic parkour jump game, Mechanics is just the default unity standard assets, music is not bad, art is perfect, overall 3/5, and the main menu is kinda hard to read


Very hard, but I loved the music!